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The Tender Art of Making Boys Into Girls EMAIL
Makeup General:
Makeup for Facial Types
The Eyes
The Lips
Makeup Tool Kit
Eurika it Works Beard Cover .
Beard Cover
Skin care and hair removal
Makeup Artistry
Make-up Fun
Make your own Nails.
Male to Female makeup
Face Shading & Sculpting
DD on Shaving
DD on Makeup 1
DD on Makeup 2
DD on Body
Hair Removal:
Opps Those Little things:
Body & Clothing:
Body Numerics Male & Female No.1
Body Numerics Male & Female No.2
Breast Form FAQ
Cristina's Digest
A CD's Shopping Guide
Sizing Feminine Attire to the Male Body
High Heels by Tina
Getting a Job After a Sex Change
Wigs & Wig Care:
Tighten Up your Wig
Fem-Voice by Melany Ann Phillips
Accustic Corelates of Sexual Idedtification
Misc. Tricks:
Stocking Runs (NOT)
Some Wisdom on Passing
How to Handle a read
The Critical Eye
Some Interesting Links:
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Fresh Ideas from Cover Girl!
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Natural Skin-Care Products
Cellex-C America Inc.
Ben NYE Makeup - On-Line Product Directory
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