The Lips
by Michelle Johnson

Lips are generally the last touch. I sometimes wait until I get my clothes on so I don't get lipstick on anything. Here are some things you might try if you haven't already.

Step 1: - Select the right colors.

Select a lipstick and liner that match. The lip liner should be just very slightly darker but it's okay if it's the same color. The purpose of the liner is not to outline the lips but to create a defined lip. Lipstick by itself tends to bleed and not go on in a straight line. Your lipstick and liner should also match the blush you use. Sometimes I will use the lipstick color as blush. I save lipstick for the last step after everything else is on, including: hair, clothes, nails etc. This way you can make sure that the lipstick color you select works. If you're not sure and have a variety, experiement. I have several different color wigs ranging from brunette to brown to red to blond. Each hair color requires different shades of lipstick.

Step 2: - Line your lip

Smile real wide, as wide as you can to stretch your lip out. Line the outside of your lips all the way around. The goal is to get a straight line. Start lightly and then go back over darker if you need to. If you make a mistake take a cotton swab (q-tip) and erase the damage.

Step 3: - Apply lipstick

Go ahead an put on your lipstick. Initially I just put it on directly to get the color there. Then I take a lipstick brush and spread it around blending it into the lip line that's already there.

Step 4: - Blot

Press your lips together and then blot with a tissue. The goal is to tone it down a bit. If you want a dramatic look don't worry about it.

Step 5: - Soften

Sometimes I'll take powder and cover my lips very lightly. This gives a softer look. Again if you're going for a dramatic look it ignore this step.

Step 6: - Smile

If you've followed my first 3 tips and finished here then you should be done. You should see the subtleties of all the tips have given you. Each step adds a little more. Remember don't over do any one step. Now you can go back and add color or tone down where you need to.


If you have large lips you can make them smaller by lip-lining within your lip and covering the outer portions with foundation. Vice Versa with small lips.

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