Make-up Fun

By Bekah

Hi all!

When TLC first asked me if I wanted to write this make-up piece for the home page, I wondered if I would have anything to say to make it worthwhile. Well, this is my 4th time cutting out chunks of information trying to make the thing manigable, so I guess you could say I found enough to talk about! *grin*

The first and most important thing to consider when you start looking at cosmetics, is making sure that you chose the appropriate type of product for your skin. That means the first thing to do is to find out what type skin you have; dry, oily, or combination…and whether or not you are sensitive to the ingrediants used in a variety of products. The best way to do this is to have a makeover done by a TG friendly cosmetics professional; this should include typing your skin, establishing the range of colors that best match your skin tone, instructions on skin care, and instructions on how to apply your makeup correctly. A Mary Kay or Avon representative would probably be best because they do their makeovers in the privacy of your home…you could even invite a few friends and have a makeover party…but most of the larger department stores have skin type and color analysis sessions available as well.

Okay, now that you know which type of product and what range of colors is best for you, it’s time to actually purchase some cosmetics and accessories. My personal recommendation, and my own personal system, is to purchase the Mary Kay skin care starter kit (which may set you back a little financially, but they’re excellent products and they last forever) and then go to a local department store for cosmetics since both Mary Kay and Avon tend to be quite expensive. Basically (unless it’s the really, really cheap stuff, which tends to fade quickly) once you know your range of color an eyeshadow is an eyeshadow and a blush is a blush!

How many actual products you need to purchase will differ depending upon personal tastes. Some people will find that they don’t need the concealer, and others will choose to pluck and shape their eyebrows instead of shaving them and using the eyebrow pencil to draw them in again. Others who have been blessed with a set of full, thick eyelashes will be able to skip the use of mascara; and still others will decide that they do not like the way eyeliner makes their eyes look.
If you want to go for the entire cosmetics line you’ll need:
concealer…to cover blemishes, small birthmarks, etc.
foundation (base)…to even out your skin tone
eyebrow pencil
lip liner
lipstick sealer

Most people prefer to buy individual products because it’s easier to pick and choose only the colors you really like, but in the beginning it might be wise, and even a bit cheaper, to go to one f the larger department store chains and purchase an all inclusive set. These are usually gift sets that combine small amounts of each of the products listed above in colors and shades that can be mixed and matched.

Cosmetic accessories is a category ruled entirely by personal choice. I use my fingers and the applicators included in the packages to apply my make-up, while some of my friends are more comfortable using disposable cotton swabs and cotton puffs, but there are also a range of sponges, brushes, and applicators that can be purchased separately or as a set if you find that preferable. Other accessories that many people find helpful, but not really necessary, are items such as eyelash curlers (these are especially helpful if you have nice full lashes and choose not to wear mascara), tweezers, a makeup pencil sharpener, and makup organizers and carrying bags.

As far as the actual application of your make-up, there are many styles and methods, and while this should be a part of your makeover, in the end you will settle into a style that best fits you and your individual needs. Hints and general instructions are great, but when everything else is said and done you will, with practice, create your own personal routine for applying your make-up in the way you feel most comfortable with and that you feel is the most flattering for you.

*smile* This has been fun for me to write, but I’m in no way, shape or form and expert, and there was no way to go into tremendous detail and still keep the information general. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free! If not, then just have fun ladies!!

Love ya,


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