Defining Your Body Line



Part of actually really looking femme is having the right body shape. I don't mean we all have to have the Betty Grable perfection but what ever our size and weight we should at least curve where we should curve. If you take a close look at the pics below you'll notice that the actual female waistline is almost exactly where the crook of the elbow lands when the arms are held straight down at the side. You'll notice, by doing your own "arm hanging" experiment that the male waistline is significantly lower. In order to improve our "front view" curves one should "move" the waistline to the proper point of our body trunk (up about three to five inches). The easiest and surest way to get that "look" is by using a "waist nipper" or a "waist corset". One should settle on no less than 4 inches off the waist but no more than 6 inches (lest the lady gets a case of the vapors i.e. passes out from not being able to breathe!) Once you have established the correct waistline curve you will notice that your skirts and blouses will fit much better! The hang of your skirt will fall at just the perfect point on your legs and pants will not droop at the crotch. Oh yeah...the crotch.


You G.I.R.L.S. ever notice one has that annoying bulge at the front of our pubis? Well there are two things that will make it go away and one of them isn't surgery. The first thing one must do is to tuck that thing, ever so gently, out of the way. It usually goes straight back and under (you know yourself better so do what you have to). It can be restrained using an assundry of items but probably the most practical is a pair of control or body shaper briefs plus your panty hose. This will restrain that beast rather well. The second part of the vanishing trick happens when we take a ladylike posture. One doesn't stand like a gorilla with our shoulders slouched forward and bent slightly forward at the waist. The proper way of standing will cause one's pelvis to tilt back, the rear to stick out, the shoulders back, and your chest out with your head able to balance a book as you walk (how many times have we done that?). The natural pelvic tilt of a proper stance will have the beautifying effect of having your clothing hang more from your tummy than from your pelvis. Try it and see what I mean.


The female anatomy is such a wonderful thing! To sit and study tushes...hmmm what a task! One of the things you notice about Genuine Girls is there tush "rides" up slightly (not like the waistline) higher than their male counterparts. The major reason is their posture. One doesn't have to have a "big ol butt" to look femme (I certainly do not) although how one carries "it" will definitely make a difference in your overall appearance.


The bottom half of the "hourglass figure is the hips. As the sign language for a really well built woman goes...well do it...wave your hands in the air starting at the top (breasts), moving to the middle (waist), and then on to the bottom (hips). That curvy move outwards with the hands at the bottom represents the genetic build up of padding at the hip joint of GG's. If you have enough "padding" your own self you probably don't have to "add" anything. If there is absolutely nothing one may want to add something...namely padding. You don't have to have an hourglass figure but it's important to keep in mind the overall appearance of a true femme.


One simply loves her breastline. As we are seated at our vanity we don't notice our waistline or tush too much but we certainly notice our "BOOBS". That is probably why most of us come up with more boob than actually looks natural. "The more the merrier". Not so. The actual average cup size of GG's is a "B" cup! Yepper. A "B" cup. How many Sisters I've seen with "D" or larger is silly. If you want to go overboard try a "C" before a "D" cup. Remember to keep a "normal" femme balance from one feature to another. Try and work on natural. There are so many ways to "stuff it" that it would take a complete separate page to list them so I won't try...but...stockings filled with birdseed or condoms filled with water are two of the more popular methods. G.I.R.L.S. please...make yourself happy and spend two hundred bux on a decent pair of silicone prosthesis. You'll be happy you did. Once you have your "breasts" you have to wear them right in order for your clothes to fit. The "points" should be approximately even with the middle of one's bicep in order for them to look natural. Higher looks silly. Lower looks tacky. The next time you dress experiment and see. Usually all it takes is an adjustment of your bra straps to achieve the right results.


If one has ever seen a female Marine you will know how much shoulders really play in the overall femme appearance. While standing at attention, with her shoulders held high and straight back "she" looks like "he". While serving in the Army in 1972-73 we trained close to a WAC unit. You couldn't tell them from the boys (well almost couldn't - and I mean almost). We have to think just the opposite. Lose our shoulders is what I'm telling the G.I.R.L.S. High, thrown back shoulders is a physical sign of aggression (read that masculine...whatever) and low, "drooping" shoulders is a sign of submission (read that feminine...whatever). Drooping doesn't mean slouching by the way. Let your shoulders naturally drop straight down. Don't hold them up (which is a masculine trait). Try it G.I.R.L.S. You'll see.


If one doesn't exercise than one is stuck with the legs God gave her. If one doesn't wear too many "hoochie" skirts than the main thing to worry about is one's calves. The calves are about the same from gender to gender so a G.I.R.L. should highlight that portion of her anatomy as much as possible. The wearing of high heels will cause your calf muscle to protrude naturally. That's exactly what one wants.


Waistline higher than males.
Tuck your crotch - No protrusions.
Tush rides higher from posture
Breasts are in right proportion
Shoulders are not aggressive.

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