Make your own Nails

by Jamie Ward

Okay girls here goes the fun stuff. How to make the JamiLee removable acrylic nails. I can't make any promises that this will work for you. All I can say is that it does work for me.

Things you'll need:

I got all the above items from Sallays Beauty supply. If you just want to practice first you can get small packages of acrylic nail kits at your local grocery store. Just remember that you'll need the forms and the brush cleaner. In fact that is probably the best way to start as these come with directions of the proper way to sculpt the nail.

Now let the fun begin.

First thing you need to do is trim your nails so that you have enough nail to slide the form under them without having to much over hang from your nails, to much natural nail will make them harder to remove. About 1/2 the distance between the lines on the form should be good. After preparing your nails wash your hands and then apply hand lotion and work lotion into hands and nails as you normally would. Then as you do one nail at a time apply the auto polish to the nail and wait for it to dry, buff the nail with a clean dry cloth and you're ready to start making the nail. Place the nail form under your nail and fasten it to your finger by wrapping it around. I do my nails from the tip back in three stages.

First stage use the acrylic to form the basic width and length that you want your nail to be, the same thickness as your own nails. Try to make it somewhat smooth this is where the practice comes in.

Second stage from about 1/2 back on your natural nail apply another coat of the acrylic to the tip of your first stage you want to make the nails at least twice as thick as the Lee Press on Nails (remember that the acrylic nails aren't as flexible as the plastic ones and you'll need the extra strength).

The third stage is from the cuticle up to the second stage and a light coat all the way to the tip. Don't worry if they're not perfect. The important part is to make sure they're thick enough that you can file them down to the right size. When I do mine I actually make them overlap the sides and cuticle of my finger and then file them down to fit the sides and back. After they're dry use an orangewood stick or something like that to carefully remove the nail from your finger. I usually work from one side to the back and over to the other side.

Once the nail is removed you can file it to fit the nail just right. You may notice that there is a bit of a overlap under the acrylic nail and your natural nail. I use a Dremel tool to remove this overlap and to shape the under side of the nail tip. You shouldn't need to do anything to the back side of the nail on the bottom and it should conform perfectly to your natural nail. Once you get the basic nail shape that you want you need to attach them back on your finger for final fitting. This can be done with the Lee Press on Nail Tabs, you won't believe how much better these will hold your new nails since they are shaped the same as your natural ones. I can no longer get the tabs here as everyone has discontinued selling them. But don't worry I did some hunting and found something that will work just as good, if not better and for less money. You will need to find a commercial art supply house in your area and call them, ask if they have 3M Adhesive transfer tape in the 1/2 width part # 969. That is the extra strength type and it comes in 100 ft. rolls for around 6.00. you can do allot of nails for that price. I have found that I have to use 2 layers on my thumbs, but it works great on the rest of them.

Now for the really great part of these, once you have them shaped the way you want them remove them with the orange wood stick. Use the under the nail torture trick, but don't get the stick under the wrong nail. Tape them to a box and polish the way you like, you can be as messy as you want. After they dry you'll have a great looking set of acrylic nails you can use over and over again, and if you break one just get out your things and make another one. Have fun and enjoy them I have.

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