Stockings Runs (Not)

by Barbra Lynn

Here's a few tips that will greatly extend the life of your panty hose.

First: keep a bad pair of hose around and before you even start getting dressed run your finger nails over the hose if any snags occur file your nails till all snagging stops, Then do the same for your toe nails

Second: keep your toe nails clipped shorter than the tip of your toe. A long toe nail will create a pressure point between the nail and the shoe and damage the stocking.

Third: the use of pretty hands & feet ( A dead skin exfoliator that removes dead and rough skin) using it regularly will eliminate rough skin that could snag your hose.

Fourth: use hand lotion on your hands before putting hose on and a tiny bit on your heel also helps .

Fifth: hand wash your hose regularly in cold water and woolite or some other light soap . ( before I started doing the above safety precautions they never lasted long enough to be washed) all in all the above precautions should get you a whole lot more mileage from your hose .

Also watch out for Jewelry that snags and sparks from cigarettes. I've lost more hose from people bumping my cigarette in night clubs.

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