by Michelle Johnson

Introduction Probably some of my best features are my eyes. The problem is for so many years I was doing eye makeup incorrectly. I'd just glob on the eye liner and put on shadow until the color was really really bright. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why it wasn't as good as what other girls did. So I started reading, studying, getting professional make-overs and most of all I started practicing every night. After about 3 years I finally looked at myself and said "Now 'She's Got the Look'". Anyway, if you're like most people you don't want to spend all the time I did researching and studying. Furthermore, you're probably impatient and would like to be able to learn how to do eyes over night. Well, even with these tips you'll have to practice - (such an imposition I know, I mean playing with make-up all night - horrors).


Eye-liner can make or break you. If you're still having difficulty the first thing I would recommend is not using a liquid eye liner. If you're not that's good, if you are put it away for a while. Get a eye pencil - one that has a soft tip. I believe Revlon makes a good one now for about $2 or $3.

Step I

Okay, the first thing is to decide what look you're going for (e.g. daytime, slut, night, career). Once you decide this you can begin. Daytime/career you want to use a light touch. night time or slut look you can use a heavier touch. I suggest start of with a little and work it up to your satisfaction.

Step II

Don't line the inside of your eye lid. Not only is this unsanitary and can cause eye infection it will also make your eye's look small and withdrawn.

Step III

For the career/day look take your pencil and point to your pupil making the pencil verticle and parallel to your face. Now look at where the pencil crosses the lower lid. This is where your lower line starts and goes out to the outer edge of your eye. I usually start with my right eye. If you're left handed you would follow the same technique but use the left eye as a start.

Step IV

Take your left hand and stretch your right upper eye lid outwards so that your eye closes and the eye lashes aim downward. Now you have a straight line to draw on. Take your pencil and make a line from end to end. Then all you have to do is smudge and shape. Step V

If you want a more dramatic look you can do one or more of the following:

Just some ideas...you can also experiment with other color eye liners. I don't recommend this in the case that you are trying to pass in public. Doing "stylish or fadish" techniques will attract attention. I try to look as "normal" and "conservative" as possible when going out so as not to draw attention. This rules goes for everything I do when I'm trying to pass.

Eye Shadow

Step I

There are many rules of thumb that say to do eye shadow before eye-liner. There are good reasons for this because you tend to put on less and the line appears smoother. However, I'm terrible with eye liner so I put it on first because if I make a mistake I can wipe it all off and start again.

Step II

There are two basic techniques that are used; They both work it just depends on your eye shape. Try both and see what your eye looks like. Just keep in mind what you're trying to achieve are large inviting sexy eyes. Eye shadow is just that "shadow". use it subtely to bring out those gorgeous eyes of yours. Don't draw attenction to your shadow but rather use it to accent the positive features of your eye shape. One technique just ads an addional step which darkens the inner portion of your eye.

Step III

Take the lightest color and cover the whole area below your brow and on your upper lid. Sometimes I'll even put a little foundation up there first before applying shadow so that it will stick better and longer. Once you covered both upper portions go ahead and sweap underneath your lower lid.

Step IV

Next take the medium shade and shade your eye lid.

Step V

Teake the darkest shade and make a > on the outer edge of your eye.

Step VI - Optional

Take the darker shade and apply it from your inner most portion of your lid in a / direction only curve it slightly in an arc in that direction.

Step VII

Take the darkest color and with the point of the applicater line the crease where your lid meets your eye brow temple. Step VII

Now smudge and blend. This is very important. All the colors should gradually and subtly change from one to the other. However, if you're doing a drag show or want to look vampy for whatever reason then skip this step.


Okay, that's the way I do it. Always remember that less is more when it comes to makeup. Also, don't look to closely in one area. The goal is the whole face. Subtleties can make a huge difference in the over all look. If you look at only your eye liner and try to get it where you see it, then look at your cheeks and blush until you see the red clearly, then do you your shadow so you notice all the colors etc etc you're going to end up looking vampy. That's okay if that's the look you want. I can tell you that this is not the way most girls go out day or night. However the vamp look has an appeal to some people. Using the techniques above with a little practice you'll get it the way you like. I would also recommend reading Victoria Jacksons book. I haven't tried her makeup or anything but her book is filled with illustrations and a very clear explanation of how to do things. The techniques I described here are my own and although there is some overlap to Victoria's approach it's a little different.

Good Luck - Let me know how beautiful you look with my secret!

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