by Michelle Johnson


After you have done your foundation, and eyes the next step in your routine should be your cheeks. You need to first figure out are you going out at night or during the day as well as determine the lighting you will be under.

Step I. Draw them

If you are like me and don't have prominent cheek bones then you will have to create an illusion through shadowing. The first step is to draw the crease of your cheeks and the cheek bone. Take a lip liner pencil, smile and draw a single line in the crease where your cheek meets your nose and rounded up towards the back of your face near your ear. Do this on both sides. I know this looks weird but trust me. Now smudge it just a little so that it's not too defined. You'll have to play with this a little the line will disappear trust me.

Step II. Dark Contour

I usually start with a darker brown blush and shade right on the line making it darker towards the back. Keep in mind that less means more. We have a lot more to do so you don't want it to jump out at you yet. This is just a shadowing technique.

Step III Jaw Bone / Chin / Nose

That's right the Jaw Bone - feel the bottom of your jaw bone and follow it back to where it meets your neck. If you have a large face you may want to put some of the dark shadowing there. Remember dark hides. Same with your chin - if you have a large chin (or double chin) shade there as well. If you have a wide nose you can thin it by shading the sides of your nose.

Step IV. Color Contour

Take the darker color that you plan on wearing and go over the same spot on your cheek bone. Remember - less is more and shade darker towards the back.

Step V. Highlight

Take a lighter color blush and follow the contour of your cheek above the jaw bone that you created.

Step VI. Tone it down

If you need to take your pressed powder and go over your whole face again. You can never use too much pressed powder. This will make your face look soft and the color in your cheeks natural. Just keep practicing and you should be able to get it. If not send me a note and I'll see if I can help. Good Luck - Let me know how beautiful you look with my secret!

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