Pretty Eyes

By Dee Dee


Pretty eyes begin with a good facial regimen. You MUST keep your eyes moisturized. Wrinkles causes make-up to "cake-up" in your wrinkles so please don't let your precious eyelids and upper eyes dry out. Should you already have a more than abundant supply of wrinkles there are still 'tricks" one can use to camoflage but please keep your eyes moisturized to begin with.


Pretty eyes begin with the foundation. Yes foundation. Most beauty books recommend against applying foundation on your eyelids and upper eyes area but that is only if it is a daily routine (it causes a drying effect). For the Sisters who dress less than once a day there is really no worry - if you moisturize. Use your favorite foundation and "stipple" it on as you complete your normal foundation application. Don't use concealers or blemish fixers at or around your eyes. Just apply a light yet normal layer of foundation on eyelids and upper eye area.


Look at the diagram above and you will see the "base" the "contour" the "highlight" and the "accent". Let's begin with the base. For the base one should choose a darker color of one's palette and apply it to the inner third of one's eyelid and "run" it to about half way to the corner of one's outer eye. The contour will be a lighter shade of whatever base you chose and will begin at the remaining two thirds of the area shown and should "run" out to the end of your eyelid but should subtly blend in with your base at the inner one third. (The colors you choose will be those that match your "wardrobe" of the evening of course). The accent gets applied to the lower "fold" of the eyelid as you "stretch" your eyelid by closing your eye and raising your eyebrow at the same time. Apply a fine line of the lightest shade of eyecolor that matches your "palette" to this area. The highlight is what makes your brow appear to be "higher" than what the G.I.R.L. has plucked it to. It is usually a white or the lightest color of your palette. Once you have "painted" all the minute areas of your eyes it is time to blend them with a big, soft, blending brush. Sweep the brush up and away from your eyes toward your temple. Sweep in the direction of your lashes. If you chose your colors wisely and didn't apply them too intensely you shoould have one heckuva pair of sexy eyes!


There are a few areas where I've seen some otherwise hot babes look like amateurs and that is the area of OVERKILL with eye make-up. Don't make the mistake of "pounding" on the make-up because you can't see the color well enough. Settle for something less than what you think is enough and it will be enough.


Pluck them. Yes PLUCK them. One may think that one looks too femme at first but people will begin to accept your "new" look. You shave your ears and trim your nose hairs so why not your brows? Do it and sooner than later and "people" will accept your new look sooner than later. Begin by thinning your brows and then, slowly but surely, begin to define your "arch". The arch should reach it's apex at about the point of the middle of your iris. Thin from that point out. Remove any "brow" that is in between your eyes. The brows are the frame of your eyes and one should make extra effort to thin and remove! This is probably the the most overlooked area (purposely?) of the eyes. QUIT WORRYING. PLUCK THEM!


Don't we just love mascara? YES! After we have applied eyeliner in the neatest of lines the mascara makes our "look". Eyeliner should be applied sparingly to only the outer two thirds of one's eye's. Depending on the shape of one's eye's it may be even less. The whole idea is to "open" one's eye's (i.e. make them look bigger). If one is applying eyeliner too thick and to a greater extent than necessary it will give the appearance of "closing" your beautiful eyes. Always apply eyeliner evenly on all sets of lids else one may look "cock-eyed" and that's one ugly sounding word! After your eyeliner is in place NOW pour on the mascara! Extend your upper and lower lashes but only those lashes that are in the outer two thirds of your eyelids. Bat your lashes ladies and take a gander at those sexy eyes!


Apply Foundation.
Pluck those brows.
Apply eyeliner evenly.

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