By Jennifer Ann Peterson 

Did you just put on that gourgeous knit skirt but now theres a
lump in front that shatters the image? Have you tried shoving
it here and there but always feel like you just got kicked? Girl,
you need to "tuck" ;-)  

The Old Way 

There are devices out there that you can use to hid the bulge.
The most popular is the gaff. However, I have never heard anyone
actually recommend the gaff to anyone. They are very uncomfortable.
The gaff can best be described as kind of like a bikini bottom
except that it is extremely tight. The straps tend to dig in and
make nasty creases. Also, since you are smashing everything against
your belly it is unlikely you'll be able to wear it very long.
..unless you're a masochist. 

The Alternative 

Ok, you still want that smooth silhouette but without the pain.
Enter "the Tuck". This simple technique allows you to walk, sit,
dance and even urinate without undoing everything or suffering
needlessly. And you get a nice smooth front. 

First you must shave. Some girls I talk to about this use scissors
to trim the hair but I don't like using scissors there. Other
girls use a razor but the last time I tried that I ended up looking
like I tried SRS on myself. Personally I like to use one of the
hair removers designed for the bikini area. Just be careful where
you put it. 

Next you will need some sport tape. You can try this without tape
also, it should still work fine. You will have to wear control
panties or pantyhose to hold everything in place. I don't tape
unless I plan on being tucked for a long time or I'm wearing something
that hugs my curves. If you are not going to tape, pull whatever
you'll be wearing up over your knees, following the rest of the
instructions here. 

After everything is in place pull your panties (or whatever) up
and they should hold you in place. Some girls use micropore surgical
tape. You want a tape that doesn't leave a gooey mess of glue when
you take it off or one that will rip the skin. Right now I'm using
3M Cloth First Aid Tape. You should get tape that is between 1/
2" and 1" wide. Cut a strip 5" to 6" long and set it aside. 

This part is a little difficult to explain. First we have to get
rid of the testicles. Pull the skin around the "T's" tight. They
will move up towards the base of the shaft. Now you should be able
to push the "T's" up into your groin. Joanne Roberts says some
people can't do this because there is a set of muscles there that
need to be stretched. I've also been told that a hernia operation
can make this impossible. Some girls "T's" will move up there
all by themselves in the cold. All I can say is try, but don't
hurt yourself. 

Ok, pull the loose skin up over the penis on either side and tape
it there with the strip of tape you have. You should wrap the
tape around the sheath of skin you pull up and it must be as close
to the base as possible. Some of you may require a second wrap
of tape to keep the T's up in their new home. 

Now just pull the penis between your legs and pull your panties
up. Some girls like to secure the penis with another piece of tape
so it doesn't shift around or pop out. Cindy (ed. note: this is
not TGF's publisher Cindy Martin) likes to use a panty liner both
to smooth the area more and to absorb any "leaks". I tried this
and it is kind of cool using a feminine pad. 

Eventually you may want to take all this off. If you just remove
the tape everything will fall back into place within a minute
or two. If not, gently press on the lower belly and they should
pop right out. 

The nice thing about this is you can still go to the bathroom,
even if you decide to tape the shaft in place. Many of us tuck
even when not dressed so you know it can't be uncomfortable. If
you are actively trying to have children at the time I read a
medical report that said you shouldn't tuck or wear tight panties
for 24 hours before having sex. Something about proper sperm production
requiring temperatures below 90 degrees or something. I don't
know how true that is. By the way, it IS possible to have sex while
tucked too as long as you don't tape the shaft in place. 

All those annoying disclaimers apply here. This is supplied for
informational purposes only and contains information based on
personal experiences and hearsay. Any use of this information
is at your own risk. 

I'd like to thank Cindy for sending me her experiences with tucking
and Krystle and the other girls for telling me how they do it. 

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