Breast Form FAQ



           0. What's new in this version/wish list for future versions
           1. Disclaimers
           2. Thanks To...
           3. Purpose of the FAQ
           4. What is a breast form?
           5. Medical purpose for the breast form industry
           6. How the TG community benefits
           7. Materials Used in Commercial Breast Forms

              (Good points and Bad points)

                A. Silicone
                B. Rubber/Latex
                C. Foam
                D. Cotton Batting

           8. Types of forms

                A. Symmetrical

                   1. Triangle(tri-corner)
                   2. Teardrop 
                   3. Heart shape

                B. Assymetrical

                   1. Curved teardrop 
                   2. Extended triangle

                C. Other types of breast form and accessories

                   1. Thin shell breast forms
                   2. Attachable forms
                   3. Attachable nipples

           9. More details about attachable breast forms

                A. What are the parts of an attachable form?
                B. What are the advantages of this type of form?
                C. How are they attached to the chest?(step by step)

                   1. Shaving the chest area
                   2. Preparing the skin
                   3. Marking the position for the supports
                   4. Attaching the support
                   5. Attaching the form to the support
                   6. Detaching the form from the skin support
                   7. Detaching the support from the chest wall

                D. Tips for attachable forms

          10. Do I need a special bra to wear a breast form?
          11. How long can I expect my breast forms to last?
          12. Taking care of your breast forms        
          13. Fitting tips
          14. How to measure for a bra
          15. Reasons why it may be difficult to receive a professional 

              fitting. ***EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS***

          16. Manufacturers of commercial breast forms  
          17. Retailers/suppliers of breast forms 


* Info for those not wishing to get realistic appearance forms(camp)
* Info on local retailers who do form fittings(reccommendation list)
* Info on how to make your own breast forms
* Add picture illustrations of different breast form types(web only.)

1. Disclaimers

     * I have absolutlely no interest in the companies mentioned except 
       as a consumer. 

     * All information listed about the breast form manufacturers and
       products is not guaranteed to be fact. The reader is urged to
       verify for themselves any information in this FAQ

     * Where mentioned, all prices are US dollars(unless otherwise stated.)

     * This document is not copyrighted and may be distributed freely. 
       No profit shall be made from its distribution. If you wish to reprint
       this elsewhere you must contact the author( first. 

     * Shop for, and wear breast forms at your own risk. 

2. Thanks To...

      * Amanda: For buying some forms after reading this document. In 
             so doing she was able to add some wonderful and invaluable 

      * Carla: For having bought breast forms before, and being patient 
             while I bombarded her with questions on how to do it right.

      * Chris: Fitter extraordinaire.
      * Mom: For being mom, as well as being so supportive of me. It also
             helped that she is a survivor of breast cancer...

3. Purpose of the FAQ

      To provide information about all aspects of breast forms for the TG 
community or for those just seeking to simulate natural breast tissue. 
Much of the information here relates to silicone breast forms, since that
is the primary material used in commercial forms. 

      Currently, most of the details in this document relate to complete 
forms for those without chest development. However, information about other 
types of forms (thin-shelled forms, breast enhancers and pads) can also be 
found here.

4. What is a breast form?

       A breast form is a prosthesis worn either inside a bra or attached 
to the body to simulate the weight, bounce, feel, movement, and especially
shape of the natural female breast. Depending on the material or shape used, 
these qualities can be achieved to different degrees.
       More expensive modern breast forms are designed by computers and can 
even be attached to the chest. They can be worn while bathing, sleeping or 
even during strenuous activity. 

5. The medical purpose of the breast form industry

       The main intent behind the commercial breast form industry has been to 
supply genetic women with replacement prosthetics to restore physical symmetry 
and to restore peace of mind following the devastating effects of breast 
cancer. This year alone, over 180,000 women will be diagnosed with some form 
of breast cancer(of that number over 45,000 will die because of the disease.)
Traditional treatments often involve chemotherapy, radiation or hormonal 
therapy to halt the spread of the cancer, coupled with a removal of the 
affected tissue areas. The traditional removal method is called a "radical 
mastectomy" or "modified radical mastectomy," and involves removal of the 
entire affected breast, the lymph nodes under the arm, and possibly the 
lining over the chest muscles. In recent years, new techniques have been used
in which it is not necessary to remove the entire breast(lumpectomy or 
partial mastectomy.) 

        This results in an industry that produces a wide variety of prosthetics
for a large (unfortunately) market. The range of products which are available 
to the post-mastectomy patient(to restore the visual and physical balance 
between the affected breast area and the non-affected area) is amazing.

6. How the TG community benefits

      Most medical insurance plans allow for at least partial reimbursement 
for the purchase of breast forms and surgical bras each year(section 6109A of
a 1974 Medicare ruling). Unfortunately, this is limited to genetic women who
have had breast surgery, and the TG community can not take advantage of this.
The TG community _can_ benefit from all of the work by this industry to 
develop materials and form shapes that resemble the natural female breast as 
closely as possible. 

7. Materials Used in Commercial Breast Forms

      The predominant material used in the more expensive commercial breast 
forms is silicone gel inside a very thin, slick plastic shell with tapered
edges.  Other materials such as rubber/latex, foam, or cotton batting are 
sometimes used. Here are the main qualities of each of the types of materials 
used to help in deciding if a certain material is right for you:

      A. Silicone

            Good Points: The material gives the form a comparable weight, 
                   movement and feel of a natural breast. The silicone can be 
                   colored; many forms of this type are available in a variety 
                   of shades to match skin tone. The material of this type of 
                   form warms to your body temperature and feels 
                   very comfortable.

            Bad Points: Silicone forms are _expensive_, ranging anywhere from 
                   100-400$ U.S. per form.

      B. Rubber/Latex

            Good Points: Cheaper alternative to silicone, while still retaining 
                   some of the qualities of silicone that make it so desirable.

            Bad Points: While still having some of the qualities of silicone 
                   _to_a_certain_degree_, rubber/latex can not dare to match 
                   the weight, feel or movement of even the cheapest 
                   silicone forms.

      C. Foam

            Good Points: Commercial foam forms are very cheap and can even be 
                   easily homemade.

            Bad Points: Will not likely have the drape, weight or movement 
                   approximating a real breast. The primary goal of this type 
                   of form is to approach the _shape_ of the natural breast.  

      D. Cotton Batting

            Good points: Very cheap and easily home made. This can be a good 
                   way to estimate what cup size might fit best for your frame 
                   and body type.

            Bad Points: VERY light and has no draping qualities. This type of 
                   form will not move the way a natural breast would due to its
                   lightness. The goal of this type of form is usually to 
                   restore the visual and physical balance of a missing breast. 

8. Types of forms

       Commercial breast forms come in all shapes, materials and prices to meet 
a variety of needs. With all the choices available, it can sometimes be 
difficult to make sense of all the terminology.

      A. Symmetrical: A form that can be worn on either side of the body.

            1. Triangle(tri-corner): This is the most general type of form, 
                  and offers the most complete and natural bra fit for most 

            2. Teardrop: The name implies its shape. The tapered end is used 
                  for a better fit either under the arm or on the upper part 
                  of the chest.

            3. Heart shape: This type of form has double extensions, both for 
                  under the arm and the upper chest wall.

      B. Assymetrical: A form designed to be left or right side specific. 

            1. Curved teardrop: This is essentially the regular teardrop type
                 with one rounded portion of the teardrop having a slight 
                 extension for the upper chest wall.  

            2. Extended triangle: This is a modification of the symmetric 
                 style. One of the lower corners of the triangle will have
                 an extension which goes under the arm for better fitting in
                 a bra with some wearers.       

      C. Other types of breast forms and accessories:

            1. Thin shell breast forms: These usually serve as an augmentation 
                 for surgeries that remove only a portion of the breast. They 
                 can also be worn as breast pads to augment the size of 
                 smaller busts. 
            2. Attachable forms: These are a newer type of form that is 
                 becoming quite popular. Such forms are usually silicone and 
                 more expensive than the non-attachable types. They are 
                 temporarily attached usually by velcro(hook side on the form, 
                 soft pad side attached to the chest by adhesive or 
                 surgical cement.)

            3. Attachable nipples: Most breast forms do not have a pre-formed, 

                 colored nipple built in to the form(only a very few do.) 
                 Several manufacturers carry nipples that can be applied to 
                 forms that do not have this feature. Unlike the form itself,
                 this accesory is rather cheap. A pair of silicone nipples 
                 usually costs about 20 - 40$US.  

9. More details about attachable breast forms

       A. What are the parts of an attachable form?

             An attachable breast form consists of two parts; The skin 
             support and the form itself. The skin support is an upside down 
             "V" shape with the soft half of velcro on one side and an 
             adhesive on the other. The form itself will have the hook(rough)
             half of the velcro permanently attached at points on the back 
             side of the form. 

             This type of form allows the wearer to be free from most special 
             considerations that are necessary for other forms (special bras, 
             having to _wear_ a bra to wear the form, etc.)

       B. What are the advantages of this type of form?

             With this type of breast form, the form is very securely attached 
             to the chest wall and can be worn for a wide range of activities 
             including sports and swimming(generally safe in chlorine and salt 
             water). They also tend to move with the wearer more naturally 
             than non-attachable types(in my experience.)

       C. How are they attached to and removed from the chest?(step by step)

             [After doing this a few times it only takes 5-10 minutes 
              to complete the attachment process]


             1. Shaving the chest area(if necessary): The area must be free of 
                   any hair for the supports to hold properly over an 
                   extended period of time.

             2. Preparing the skin: This type of form will usually come with 

                   an exfoliating creme that is applied to the area that will 
                   be covered by the skin support. The exfoliating creme will 
                   help clean off any dead skin, oils, soaps or shampoos that
                   build up over time. Doing this helps the support stay on
                   for the longest period of time.

             3. Marking the position for the supports: Place the support 

                   on the form in the proper position, then put on the bra you 
                   will be wearing. Place the form in the bra and position it
                   to the correct location. Pull the bra strap down and away 
                   from the form and use a pencil(usually comes with the form)
                   to mark key spots on the support and your body to help in 
                   placing on the chest. Take off bra and form and carefully 
                   detach the support from the form. 

             4. Attaching the support: Remove the adhesive cover and place 

                   on the chest. Hold in place for several minutes to assure 
                   a good bond. After doing this several times, it becomes 
                   easier, and the support stay on longer - up to a week, 
                   depending on your skin type.

             5. Attaching the form to the support: Hold the form over its 

                   intended location and depress the middle of the form 
                   slightly toward the chest so that the upper portion 
                   connects first. This is to ensure a better drape.


             6. Detaching the form from the skin support: At all times holding 

                   the skin support to the chest, slowly pull the form away  
                   from the support, starting from the armpit area.

             7. Detaching the support from the chest wall: "This might 

                   sting a little" 8-} You have been warned. It is a gigantic 
                   bandaid. If any hair is underneath, this may hurt a bit, 
                   but generally, it is far less painful than you might think
                   (It is also easier if the support is removed in the shower 
                   or when wet.)

       D. Tips for attachable forms   

          * Note a freckle or mark on the skin you can use as a guide when 
            positioning the skin support.

          * It works best to put on the skin support at night and waiting 
            until morning to put on the form. The heat from your body helps 
            the attachment last longer.

          * Most skin supports are NOT reusable. The replacement skin supports
            are sold separately. 

          * If you are wearing something strapless or a swimsuit, you might 
            find it helpful to attach the support while wearing the garment.

          * Be careful when positioning the skin support, as the adhesive will
            work better if only used once.

          * You can keep the skin supports on without the forms attached, and 
            no one will be able to tell under an undershirt and a shirt or 
            sweater. This way, you can get more use out of the supports if 
            you cannot live full time as a female. 

          * You can even shower with the supports on, but make sure the support 
            is thoroughly dry before attaching your forms.

          * Attachable forms do not have to be attached- they will fit in a 
            regular bra, and they have a fuzzy velcro padding that covers the 
            rough side of the velcro on the back of the breast form.

          * You will have some slight redness if you leave the skin supports 
            on, so plan accordingly if you need to have your shirt off for 
            whatever reason. 

10. Do I need a special bra to wear a breast form?

       This depends usually on the fashions you wish to wear while using
your form, but for a more seamless look, a full coverage bra will be better 
suited to a breast form. Most breast form manufacturers also carry special 
lines of bras that contain a pocket that the form can be placed in to 
reduce movement of the form while worn.
      The more support offered, the better the fit, since there will be
less chance for the form to move in the bra. Bras with underwires tend to
work better than those with just elastic because they offer better support
for the form(the same reasoning that applies to natural breasts.) 

      Push-up bras, on the other hand, will generally not work with breast
forms, since they need to push something FROM someplace that it is attached. 
Unless the form is attached to the chest, this type of bra will have no 
chance to create the desired effect of enhanced cleavage.

11. How long can I expect my breast form(s) to last?

       Many silicone forms have two year warranties, and you should be able 
to get at least that much life out of one. "Casual" wearers(not full daily 
use) should be able to get much longer form life spans than this; possibly 
5-10 years or more. Fiberfilled or foam forms are not as resilient as 
silicone over time and may change their shape, decay, or become compressed. 
The time involved is dependent again on how much the form is worn.

12. Taking care of your breast forms

(Especially Silicone Forms)

   * While temperature extremes should not adveresely affect a form for a
     short period of time, storage temperatures should stay at more 
     moderate levels.   

   * You can sleep in your forms, but it's not recommended.      

   * The original boxes for most forms are designed to protect the form 
     and help keep its shape.

   * You should wash your form every day you wear it. Use warm water and 
     a very mild soap (possibly unscented dish soap). DO NOT use soaps with 
     perfumes or moisturizers- one fitter singled out Dove as an example of 
     a bad soap to use. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 

   * Remove all jewelry before handling your forms. The edges and stones of 
     rings could damage the form. If you plan to wear a pin or brooch, put 
     it on your clothes before putting your forms in place. 

   * You can wear your forms for pretty much any normal activity, but be 
     careful around pets - their claws could puncture your forms through 
     your clothing.

   * Don't use perfumed deodorants. Even better, stick with anti-perspirants, 
     as sweat can damage the form over time.

   * Putting your forms on while sitting on the floor or the bed can help 
     protect them if one happens to slip.

   * Putting a cotton make-up remover pad behind your form can help absorb 
     perspiration during hot weather and strenuous activity. 

   * Some adhesives can damage your forms, so be careful (especially with 
     respect to attachable nipples.)

13. Fitting tips

       The range of options available in breast forms is truly astounding. Some 
manufacturers make over 500 different shapes, sizes and colors of breast forms
for the needs of different body types, breast shapes and surgeries. Since many 
in the TG community will be starting from scratch, matching a form to an 
existing breast will not be a factor. 


             This is the most important tip to be stressed if passing is your
         goal. Many of us wish to pass as well as possible, and this point 
         was stressed to me by my fitter. Nothing will draw attention more 
         than a bosom that looks too buxom. By the same token, also, if you 
         have a large frame, a smaller cup size can look unnatural. Try for 
         as natural a look as possible, and that can be one less worry 
         in passing.

     * Breast form sizing can be a little different than bra cup sizing.

             As much difference as there is in bra cup size or shoe size, 
         or... between different manufacturers, there is as much difference
         between sizes of natural breasts. Instead of letter cup ranges, 
         breast forms are usually numbered (smallest sizes having the lowest 
         number.) There will typically be 2 or 3 numbers within a given cup 
         size range. This will affect not only the depth of the form but 
         the volume and coverage of the form as well. 

     * If you are lucky enough to be fitted for a form by a professional.

             They reccommend bringing a favorite bra that fits comfortably 
         if you have a size that you already like. Another good idea also is 
         to bring a blouse or some other piece of clothing that will give 
         you a good idea of how you will look.

     * If you are having trouble finding a store that sells breast forms.

             Try looking in the phone book under BREAST FORMS, PROSTHETICS, 
         or ORTHOTICS for local retailers. 

14. How to measure for a bra

       They will do all of the measuring at the store, but it's better to 
go in with an idea of what you'd like so that you're not tempted to get 
forms that are too large (if passing is your goal). 

       Bras have two measurements: the bandwidth and cup size. To determine 
your bandwidth, simply put the tape measure around your ribs about an inch 
below your chest muscles. Hold the tape parallel with the floor, put your 
arms to your sides and take a medium-sized breath. The tape should be snug, 
but not tight. This is your bandwidth. The other measurement, cup size, is 
the difference between your bandwidth and the fullest part of your bust. 
It's designated by letters, so an A-cup is 1" more than your bandwidth, 

B=2", C=3", etc. For instance, a 36B has a bandwidth of 34 and is 36 

inches around the fullest part of the cup.  Once you have your bandwidth, you simply 
need to determine what size you'd like to be. 

15. Reasons why it may be difficult to receive a professional fitting


       For women that have had breast cancer, the experience can be 
devastating, both physically and emotionally. The fitter I had explained that
the loss of a breast is a very painful blow to a person's self-image and sense
of femininity. Many women have a very hard time looking in a mirror after 
surgery. Many women also experience rejection from family, spouse or loved-
ones (Does this sound familiar?)   

       Because of this, stores that sell breast forms and offer professional 
fittings offer an atmosphere that is very private, and also male-free. My 
fitter said some women may be very vocal about this privacy if it is
"violated", and the store can suffer because of it(both financially because
of lost business, and reputaion in the post-surgery community.) If you wish 
to be professionally fitted for breast forms, it would be a good idea to 
respect these wishes(to promote more shops doing business in the TG community)
Call first and inquire whether a shop can help. Some stores will not do 
so(see above reasons), but many more stores are seeing the opportunity in the 
TG community and are very friendly and willing to help. 

       Expect personal fittings to be arranged at low-traffic times or 
after-hours to lower the chances of conflict with other customers. 

16. Manufacturers of Commercial Breast Forms

                       Forms and Accessories Key:

           STri=Symmetric Triangle        ATri=Assymetric Triangle

           STD= Symmetric Teardrop        ATD=Assymetric Teardrop

           SHS= Symmetric Heartshape      TSh=Thin Shell

           Attach=Attachable Form         Nipp=Attachable Nipple

           Foam=Foam/cotton batting Form  Bra=Mastectomy Bras

Active, Inc. 

     Phone: 1-800-562-4290
     Address: 125 Peekstok Rd.
     Kalamazoo, Mi. 49001

     Product Line: Stri, Atri, STD, ATD, SHS, TSh, Foam, Nipp, Bra

             (silicone forms are translucent and come in 3 shades:
             "light", "medium" & "dark" skin tones)


     Phone: 1-800-543-0458
     Address: 3960 Rosslyn Drive
     Cincinnati, OH 45209

     Product Line: Stri, STD, ATD, SHS, TSh, Foam, Bra

Almost U

     Phone: 1-800-626-6007 (1-914-737-5976 in NY)
     FAX: 1-914-739-8987
     Address: P.O. Box 2032
     Peekskill, NY 10566

     Product Line: STD, ATD

Amoena Corporation(owned by Coloplast(Discrene) now)

     Phone: 1-800-926-6362
     Fax: 1-404-426-6332
     Address: 1955 West Oak Circle
     Marietta, Georgia 30062

     Product Line: Stri, ATri, STD, ATD, SHS, TSh, Attach(Stri, Atri), 

                   Foam, Nipp, Bra (silicone forms come in three 

                   different skin tones.)

Camp International, Inc. 

     Phone: 1-517-787-1600
     Address: P.O. Box 89
     Jackson, MI 49204-0089

     Product Line: Stri, Atri, STD, TSh, Foam, Bra

Discrene (Coloplast, Inc.)

     Phone: 1-800-237-4555
     Address: 5610 W. Sligh Avenue
     Suite 100-C
     Tampa, FL 33634-4468

     Product Line: Attach(STri), Nipp

Freeman Orthotics and Prosthetics

     Phone: 1-800-253-2091
     Fax: 1-616-651-8248
     Address: 900 West Chicago Road

              Sturgis, Michigan 49091-9756

     Product Line: STD, SHS, ATD, Foam, Bra, Nipp

Jodee After Surgery Inner Fashion(also available thru JC Penney)

     Phone: 1-800-423-9038 (8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M Mon.-Fri., Eastern Time)
     Address: P.O Box 3837,
     Hollywood, FL 33083-9978

     Product Line: Stri, STD, ATD, TSh, Attach, Foam, Nipp, Bra

Nearly Me(owned by Spenco Medical Corp.)

     Phone: 1-800-877-3626
     Address: P.O. Box 2501
     Waco, TX 76702-2501

17. Retailers/suppliers of breast forms

(Please note the [TG Friendly] mark after some retailers. These are companies
that explicitly seek the business of the TG community. If this mark is not 
present, it is because the status is not known at this time.)

Best Value Products

[TG Friendly]

     Phone: 1-215-782-9024
     Fax: 1-215-782-9180
     Address: P.O. Box 156, Dept. EM
     Wyncote, PA 19095-0156

     Product Line: Symmetric teardrop and symmetric heartshape silicone forms
              with preformed and colored nipples.
     Size&Price: B, C, D, DD. 396.15$US/pair. Optional adhesive&remover with 
              form: 431.00/pair.

ButterFly Image

[TG Friendly]

     Phone: 1-607-865-4624
     Fax: 1-607-865-4624
     Address: RD 3 Box 401D
     Walton, NY 13856
     OR: P.O. Box 326
     Sidney, NY 13838

     Hours: By Appointment
   Email/Web:, web:
   Product Line: Breast forms, Bras, and accessories. 
   Manufacturer lines:

          Active, Amoena (both attachable and non), Camp, 
          Discrene (both attachable and non), Nearly Me.
   Notes: Forms bought in pairs specially priced. Mail orders accepted.
          Product brochures are $2.00 to cover S&H. All inquires 
          kept confidential.                 

Delana's Specialty Merchandise

[TG Friendly]

     Address: P.O. Box 50091, 
     Indianapolis, IN 46250
     Product Line: Symmetric teardrop solid back, unweighted mastectomy pads 

              (latex foam, washable tricot cover.) 
              Thin shelled pads.
     Size&Price: XS, S, M, L: 25.99$US each (mastectomy pads)

Dr. Leonards Health Care Catalog

     Phone: 1-718-768-0010
     Address: 74-20th Street
     Brooklyn, NY 11232

     Product Line: 

             "Silicone Comfort": Symmetric teardrop silicone form, 2 Yr. 
                    warranty. Cup sizes A-D, 160$US each or 2/290$US

             "Contessa": Liquid gel symmetric teardrop form. Cup sizes A-D
                    60$US each or 2/110$US

              Also carries foam pads, thin shelled forms and mastectomy bras.

     Notes: One person reported great dissatisfaction with the customer

            service of this company

Fantasies in Lace

[TG Friendly]

     Phone: 1-305-581-8412
     Address: PO Box 100279
     Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310

     Product Line:

          "Breast Pad" (latex rubber) One size, 6.95$/PR 
          "Comfort Breasts" (silicone symmetric teardrop) Bra size 30-50, 
           325$/PR. (Also in "Larger projection" size, 375$/PR) 
          "Breast Form" (Asymmetric Triangle silicone form, pre- shaped 
           nipples), Bra size 30-50, 199.95$ each or 349.95$/PR. 
          "Weighted Form" (Foam) B and C cup only, beige color 45$/PR 

Feminine Image

     Address: 312 Crosstown Drive, Suite 168
              Peachtree City, GA 30269
     Product Line:  (Still waiting for their catalog) 

Fredericks of Hollywood

     Phone: 1-800-323-9525 (24/7 - call for free catalog)
     Address: 6608 Hollywood Blvd.
              P.O. Box 229
              Hollywood, CA 90078-0229

     Product Line: (a wide range of bras and lingerie also available)
          "Silicone Breasts" (silicone symmetric teardrop) 239$/Pr. 
               Bra Size: A Cup: 32, 34, 36    B,C,D Cups: 34, 36, 38 

          "Push Up Enhancers" (thin-shelled silicone; used to increase 
               cup size by one full size) 88$/Pr.  

               Bra Size: (size indicates original/target cup size)
                          AA/A, A/B, B/C, C/D

H.F.I.S. forms (Beverley, A.k.a Ben)

[TG Friendly]

     Phone: 1-310-450-8740
     Address: Box 762
     Santa Monica, CA 90406
     Product Line: Makes her own
     Size&Price: B: 84.95$US + 7.45 shipping 
                 C: 89.95$US + 7.45 shipping    
                 D: 94.95$US + 8.25 shipping
                DD: 99.95$US + 9.50 shipping

            (Plus California sales tax if appropriate)

JC Penney Catalog

     Phone: 1-800-222-6161
     Address: P.O. Box 2056
     Milwaukee, WI. 53210-2056

     Product Line: Call and ask for the Jodee Catalog[TA 009-0423 A] 
              (this is not a JC Penney Catalog.) This is the full line
              of Jodee brand forms and accessories. The info is valid
              only in the U.S.   

Mystique Intimates
     Phone: Unknown 
     Address: N.W. 36th Street. 
              Virginia Gardens, FL 33166 
     Product Line: Unknown 

Take A Walk On The Wildside

[TG Friendly]

     Phone: 1-416-921-6112
     Address: 161 Gerrard Street East
              Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
              M5A 2E4
     Hours: Sun, Mon: CLOSED
            Tue-Fri 1OAM - 7PM
            Sat 1OAM - 11PM


     Product Line: Airway Ultra Teardrop(style no. 1850, assymetrical): 
            400$/pr (price is Canadian$, tax exempt, 2 yr. guarantee)
     Sizes: 4-11 (approx. 36A through a 44DD)
     Notes: This is a boutique in Toronto that caters exclusively to 
            the TG community.           

Tanya Brown's Prosthesis Emporium(TP Brown)
(It seems the product line for this retailer has recently changed. 
I will try to get updated information as soon as possible) 
[TG Friendly]

     Phone: None listed 
     Address: P.O. Box 257 
     Windsor, OH 44099 

     Product Line: Simone W19(foam): 32$/PR    Nearly Me  III: 405$/PR 

          Natural Touch Classic: 390$/PR 
          Natural Touch(symmetric teardrop and heartshape):367$/PR 
          Traditional(symmetric teardrop and heartshape):294$/PR 
          So Soft: 285$/PR 
          Casual: 90$/PR 
          Attachable Nipples: 19.50$/PR 
          Almost U teardrop silicone form: 215$/PR 

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