Beard Cover
by Michelle Johnson



I've had more than one person ask "Michelle, how do you cover you're beard or shadow?". Here is the whole procedure. I don't know if it will work for you but I can tell you these methods work for me. My first part of my routine is listed below. I'll follow subsequent articles with the next steps on eyes, lips, brows and cheeks.

Step 1. - Initial Step, let your beard grow

One of the things I do, if I know I'm going to do photos or go out some evening is to not shave the day before and the day of the event. I just let it grow until a couple of hours before.

Step 2. - Pluck what you can

Before I shave I actually pluck out the hairs over my upper lip with a tweezer. This hurts initially but after a while your nerves get numb and you begin to get used to it.

Step 3. - Shaving

Next is to have a good flexible razor and a light cover of shaving cream. Something that is not thick but rather slippery. I use the skin cleanser that we distribute because it doesn't even foam. It just makes the skin very slippery like the surface of a bar of soap. Shampoo might work as well. Shave with slow downward strokes all the way around. Then go back and shave against the grain which ever way that is. Continue rubbing your face and looking for a rough spot then go over it again. Step 4. - Stop the bleeding.

Okay, so it's easy to cut yourself using this method. So put cold water, after shave whatever to slow the bleeding. Go put your underthings on or do something for 15-20 minutes until the bleeding subsides. Next wash your face clean.

Step 5. - Apply lipstick

Yes, apply lipstick where you can see shadow. Blend it in over your lip on your chin and around your jaw. use your fingers to rub it in.

Step 6. - Apply concealer

Apply a yellow concealer used to cover red blemishes by women that have skin problems or birth marks over the red lipstick and blend.

Step 7. - Apply liquid makeup

First the key here is to choose the same color of liquid makeup as you have powder and both should match your skin tone. If you have trouble matching your skin tone, just ask someone at clinic or lancolm. They'll be more than happy to help if you plan on buying from them. They're on commission you know.

Apply the liquid makeup with a triangular sponge using up strokes not down. Blend in with the concealer. Use the edges of the sponge to help blend and remove any clumps. Also remember to refresh your makeup. Just because you haven't run out don't mean you don't need to replace it. I'm talking if you've had some liquid makeup for over 8 months. Spend 5-10 dollars and replace it.

Also, If you're going to pay top dollar for any cosmetic item it should be your liquid makeup, mascara, and powder. These are much better at the Clinic's and Lacolm's as opposed tot he Maybalene's and Cover Girl. The rest I really can't tell the difference. Put the price difference is well worth the results. And depending how much you get made up it could last you a long time anyway. Also put the liquid foundation on your eye lids as well, because this will allow your eye shadow to stick better and stay on longer.

Step 8. - Apply Powder.

Blot don't rub the powder in. And use the applicator, not a dusting brush that comes later. The purpose of this is to soften the appearance of the face and set the foundation. But don't put it on your eye lids will put the eye shadow there.

Step 9. - Look at yourself

Look at yourself and provide concealer and powder in some of the tougher spots.

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