Keeping Your Wig In Place 

Tighten Up That Wig! 
By Allison Marsh 

A crossdressing "little sister" of mine recently asked me for
some advice about making a wig stay on. I thought my response might
be helpful to a few others, and so am posting it. Here's my response:

You mentioned that you were having trouble holding the new wig
on. OK, here's how you do it. Go to a craft store like Ben Franklin
and buy a 2' by 3' folded up sheet of brown or gray plastic foam.
It's about a sixteenth of an inch thick. It is easy to tear off,
but don't do that yet. Cut the foam with scissors into 1.5" strips
long enough to encircle your head where the edge of the wig rests
on your head. You'll probably have several inches of overlap. Stretch
the strip about 2 inches longer than it lies by itself, then tear
off what is in excess of a four or five inch overlap as it goes
clear around your head. 

Put the foam over your forehead at the level where the bottom
of your wig cap will come. Put it just above your ears, like the
wig will go, and down in the back to the level of the wig cap in
the back. Then take four BLACK bobby pins, open them and slide
them in with the short, spread-end side next to your scalp (scooping
up your hair), and the long side on the outside of the strip. Put
the first pin on one side of the back of your head at the end of
the overlap. Then put in the second pin, criss-crossing it over
the first, so that one is holding the other even more tightly

Put the second two bobby pins on the other end of the overlap
in the back, being sure to anchor them under the foam in your hair,
because it's your hair that's going to help hold the wig down.

Take a rat-tailed comb or brush and slide it up under the hair
of your sideburns and above your ears until the hair is lifted
and secured under the plastic strip. 

Put on the wig. 

Take two of the long, oversized black bobby pins. Secure the front
of the wig to the plastic on your forehead by sliding one side
under the plastic and the other just on top of the wig cap but
under the wig hair. Then comb the bangs or front of the wig forward
enough to cover the ends of the bobby-pins. (Relax, the front bobby
pins don't have to be anchored to your own hair in the front; if
your hair is like mine, they don't make bobby pins long enough
to reach the real hair line.) Margie King (My wig merchant) swears
that once you mount your wig this way, it'll never blow off, even
in a high wind. Within my experience that has been true, although
a windblown wig can surely be a mess. 

Now you may have one more problem. If you have sideburns in front
of your ears, your wig may not cover them well. I cured part of
that problem by chopping mine off at the level where my glasses
bow passes over my ear. But some wigs will still tend to blow or
work back so that darker or different colored hair shows there.
Here's how you fix that. 

Get two BLACK (even if you have light brown hair) regular old
hair pins. Take one side of a pin in your hand and bend it double
right in the middle, so that the end of the bent piece is now back
next to the first bend, with all three parts of the pin now parallel.
One piece is still sticking straight out as it was in the first
place. Slide that long piece under the plastic strip in front of
your ear right where your hair might otherwise show. Be sure the
rest of the pin sits on the outside of the wig cap, but beneath
the wig hair. Bring some of the wig hair forward, and slide it into
the 'hook' you have made with the side you bent. This will hold
the hair forward so that it can't blow back away from the side
of your head there. Then brush some hair over the top of the pin
so that none of the pin shows. 

You now have a well-anchored wig that you can wear all day, probably without
any slippage up the back. You can reuse the plastic strip several times
before it stretches too much or gets too many holes in it from misguided
bobby pins. 

If your hair is so thin in the back that even this doesn't keep
the wig from working up during the day, there is still one more
thing you can do. I've tried it and it works. Surgical supply houses
sell little bottles (2 oz) of roll-on, water soluble adhesive for
holding on bandages and holding up women's stockings. It is not
only perfect for making sure your thigh-high stockings never slip
down at the top, but it can be used to hold the plastic strip stuck
to your head in the back where you are pinning it. Just roll a
little across the back of your head, overlap and pin the strip,
and it won't move until you tell it to. 

The adhesive will wash off when you shower or wash your hair--
or even with a wash cloth--it's not a tight stickem. And it will
wash out of any clothes or stocking you get it on. Neat stuff.
The brand I have is called, "IT STAYS" Roll On Body Adhesive. 

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