Notes on Breast Enlargement

Beverly Copeland

* Beverly Copeland answered on 23-Feb-90 at 12:41

I had my breast implants done by Dr. Foster in Lake Tahoe (see following entry) and can't recommend him highly enough.

A couple of hints though:

He will ask you to bring a bra with you to wear; bring a couple of sizes around the size you intend to have, and have them on hand the morning of the surgery. I recommend only the Playtex 18-hour bra line -- not pretty, but with very wide straps and thoroughly supportive. (You're going to be wearing a bra 24 hours a day for 6 weeks!) You CANNOT use an underwire bra at all during this time.

Another hint:

Foster will try to give you the largest implants you seem willing to carry -- he dislikes women who come back in a couple of months asking to be increased a size or two. This is because one gets used to a larger size very quickly, and what seemed 'too big' before becomes ok after surgery in the patient's own eyes. The best way to handle this is to bring in a photo (from a men's magazine) of breasts exactly the shape you want, and then specify to Foster the exact cup size you want. He can hit the size you specify right on the nose. In my case, I asked for a C cup, and ended up a perfect 38C. The number (34, 36, 38, 40 etc.) depends on your general size and the sort of breast shape you want -- if I had specified narrower breasts with more projection, I would have ended up a 36C instead. Also remember that you will probably be able to wear a size one cup larger and two inches smaller ( for instance, I can wear a 38C or 40B or 36D, though 38C is the most 'form-fitting' size. This is a question of breast VOLUME ). As another guideline, I was a 36A before surgery, and received 600cc implants, to go to a 38C. Foster does a lot of the 'ranch girls' (brothel girls) from nearby Nevada, and is ESPECIALLY good at augmentation to the larger sizes for that reason.

** Barbara Chambers answered on 13-Aug-89 at 18:03

Interested in a body shop?

The Tahoe Clinic for Body Contour is the answer. Phone numbers: Tahoe Clinic 916-541-3355, Beverly Hills 213-473-7300, San Francisco 415-566-0722. All work is done at South Lake Tahoe. You check in 48 hours in advance for a history and physical, then there's nothing to do until the day after next when you have surgery. (time to play at the casinos, ski, go to shows, etc.) The surgery is usually done under light general anesthesia, such as Sodium Brevatol. Included in the charge is an overnight stay in their post-op facility afterwards. Some procedures they do: face lift, face peel, sanding, eyelid surgery, permanent lash liner, nasal surgery, chin surgery, ear correction, hair transplants, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, suction lipectomy, fat injections, abdominoplasty, collagen injections, and others. The main surgeon is Dr. Lawrence Foster -- he seems nice, though very adamant on what he believes is best for you. Prices are the lowest I've seen - standard breast augmentation is only $2815.

I suppose one reason its cheaper is that he doesn't carry malpractice insurance - I had to sign a form saying that I knew that. Prices include everything, including limited follow up care. He seems to have no problem doing literally anything for a TS! He didn't ask for a lot of references and things.

Basically, if you have the money, he'll go for it. One nice thing, he can use (at extra cost) the new Biocell textured breast implants, the ones resistant to capsular contracture. They cost $370 extra. As far as implants, he gave me a homework assignment: "go through some Playboy or Penthouse magazines and pick exactly the breasts you want." This request make me giggle uncontrollably...

** Beverly Copeland answered on 01-Aug-89 at 20:01

Leo H. Berk, MD - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 408-356-0491 at 2550 Samaritan Dr. suite B, San Jose, CA. 95124 Dr. Berk does standard plastic surgery work - noses, breasts, etc. He has worked on a few TS's before, though mostly for nose jobs. He's very nice, easy to talk to, and warm. For implants, he mostly uses Gel/saline placed subglandularly, with a submammary fold incision. His results have been consistently above average, and the total charges including hospital are about $3475. He is willing to help TS's.

** Beverly Copeland answered on 21-Jul-89 at 13:05

Dr. Douglas Ousterhout (415-565-6525) address: San Francisco Institute of Plastic Surgery, Castro and Duboce Sts, Suite 150 Davies Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 94114. Dr. Ousterhout is one of the worlds leading experts in the study of skull differences between male and female, and in plastic surgery in helping TS's rid themselves of those undesirable characteristics. He can almost literally build a face from scratch. Be prepared to pay a lot for his skill though.

** Beverly Copeland answered on 14-Jul-89 at 12:59

The phone number for Dr. Falces in San Francisco, who does various types of facial work, along with Adam's apple reduction, and breast implants, is 415-673-3940. He also does the SRS at St. Lukes, though the cost is high, about $16,000 total. His work is rumoured to be competent, though perhaps not the best. The hospital support is excellent (which is important). I have an appointment with him on July 20th.

** Beverly Copeland answered on 14-Jul-89 at 12:55

The Surgicenter in Santa Cruz REFUSES to do any surgical work on TS's! Dr. Tomlinson there stated that none of the four surgeons would work on a TS. His reason given was "we don't have support psychiatric services for TS's, and just won't get involved in working on TS's." Even though I pointed out that I had my own support professionals, including a Sexologist and a Psychiatrist who would back me up and provide proper letters of recommendation, he persisted in refusing to consider it. Instead, he recommended calling the Plastic Surgery Center in Palo Alto, near Stanford. I hung up the phone and cried.

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