Reference Medical
Medical Aspects of M to F Transition.. Surgical
Sex Reassignment
Transsexuals Who Have Not Undergone Surgery:
A Follow-Up Study
Sex Reassignment Surgery: Historical,
Bioethical, and Theoretical Issues.
Transsexual Guide
Dr. Seghers Patient Information
Dr. Seghers Speech ... 1st Hour
Dr. Seghers Speech ... 2nd hour
Dr. Seghers Speech ... Q & A Session
Post-Op Care
Sexual Activity & Temperament in Polish Transsexuals
Gender Community Professional Resources 
SRS Surgeons
Comparison of Sex Typed Motor Behavior
Male to Female and Female to Male Transsexuals: A Comparison
Dr. Schrang Patient Information
***The Operation*** Quite Graphic includes Pictures
Collagen / Fat Injections
The Mid-Life Male Sex Change Applicant: A Multiclinic Survey
Changing the Vocal Characteristics of A Post-Op TS Patient
Voice Surgery A Follow-up Report
A Trip to the Voice Doctor
Voice Information
Hair Transplant Surgery
Letter from Dr. Biber
My Sex Reassignment Surgery: A Biber Girl, Class of '93, Tells All
Breast Implant Info
Breast implants - the news now.
Important Information About Breast Enlargement
Breast Implant Testing Information
An in vivo study of the effect of various breast implant filler
Notes on Breast Enlargement
Augmentation Mammoplasty for the Male-TO-Female Patient
Saline replacing silicone gel.
Important Information About Breast Enlargement

Plastic Surgeons' Society tells what it knows about saline implants

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