Letter from Dr. Biber


This is a file containing the form letter received from Dr. Biber when applying for SRS. This will give you an idea of the requirements for SRS, and the fact that Dr. Biber (and most other reassignment sur geons) follows the Benjamin Standards or Protocols in dealing with TS's.

Dear Jacqueline,

As per your letter asking for information regarding the requirements for anatomically changing the sexual characteristics in the trans sexual.

We do not have a gender identity clinic here. We can do the surgery for you, which includes the genital surgery and breast implants, and other services like nose or ear or chin surgery.

Our basic fee is $3,800.00 for the genital surgery and $1,200.00 for the breast implants. The hospital bill for the genital surgery will be $5,275.00. Any additional service above the average extended length of stay for any reason will be billed extra. Some insurance companies will pay part of the bill. However, we and the hospital must receive cash at the time the surgery is done. The assistant surgeon's fee will probably be $125.00. Also,if other procedures are done during the same hospitalization the hospital will require an additional $897.00 if you have the breast implant surgery, an additional $189.00 if you have the nose surgery, an adittional $189.00 if you have the tracheal shave done. Our fee for SMR with corrective rhinoplasty is $1200.00; trachael shave $850.00 providing they are preformed during the same hospitalization with the above surgery. We will fill out your insur ance forms for you and you may collect directly from the insurance company or we will reimburse you if the insurance money is sent to us.

We require a social history from yourself. Have you been living com pletely as a transsexual? Are you working in the opposite sex,etc.? Also are you in hormone therapy, and if so, for how long? Have you had electrolysis? Have you had any other cosmetic surgery? Our re quirement prior to surgery is one year of living completely in your chosen gender role.

We must have two psychiatric evaluations, preferably one by a psychiatrist and the other by another psychiatrist, psychologist, or a recognized licensed worker in the gender or sex oriented field. You must understand that the final evaluation which will determine your acceptance for surgery is done by ourselves immediatly prior to your surgery. We would appreciate the evaluations at the earliest possible time.

Please send us a picture of yourself, that we may keep for our files. Once we set a surgical date, we require a $500.00 deposite to reserve the date, no personal checks, please. We must receive the $500.00 deposit in our office no later than one week from the day that your surgery is schedualed. The $500.00 deposit is absolutely not refund able once we set the surgery date and you should cancel for any reason whatsoever. The above fees are subject to change without notice. The name of the hospital is: Mt. San Rafael Hospital, Trinadad, Colorado, 81082.

It will be necessary for you to have an HTLV III or an HIV(AIDS) test done at a certified laboratory no longer than six weeks before your surgery. You will be required to have the negative results with you when you arrive for surgery.

We will provide the necessary surgical consent forms on your arrival here. We will be glad to help you if you can meet our requirements.

Sincerely Yours,

Stanley H. Biber M.D.

Note: If your penis is so small as to warrent skin graft proceedure along with the usual inversion technique, there will be an additional $500.00 fee.

end of letter.

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