It is important to understand that there are two very different substances today which have received the label "phyto-estrogen". One is more accurately called psuedo-estrogen; it is found in chemical and environmental pollution, and has been linked to various birth defects because of its semi-ability to mimic the estrogen hormone, and thereby interfere with cellular functioning. The other is a wonderous medical discovery for us...

The April 25, 1994 issue of Newsweek magazine, began its cover story with the statement that "Just a few years ago scientists didn't know phytochemicals existed. But today they are the new frontier in [medical] research." Further, the article stated, "In the world where science merges with health, phytochemicals are the next big thing phytochemicals offer the next great hope for a magic pill, one that would go beyond vitamins." In referring to phytochemicals as a health blockbuster, the article told of multimillion dollar project[s] to find, isolate, and study them. Quoting the US Public Health Service, the article states that certain phytochemicals even "...can turn off the proliferative process of cancer."

An article in Health Counselor magazine addressed the estrogenic effects of phytoestrogens, estrogen-like compounds contained in certain plants and berries. One of the most exciting findings is that phytoestrogens are believed to support female hormone levels by causing an increase in estrogen effects. Herbs and berries containing phytoestrogens also have other compounds, such as flavonoids, which control the effects of other hormones; phytoestrogens can even ease menstrual cramps. "Unlike drugs, the herbs naturally nourish and tone the female system, making them useful in a broad range of female conditions", according to Dr. Michael Murray, "...with no reported side effects."

Evanesce is one of the very first commercially available phytochemical products, naturally formulated from plants and berries to emphasize phytoestrogens.

A few of the herbs and berries which have the most potent phytoestrogens include:

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