Reference Medical
Medical Aspects of M to F Transition.. Hormonal
Effects of Estrogen Treatment on Sexual Behavior in M2F Transsexuals:
Estrogen Therapy For M2F Transsexuals
Goal or Time Bomb?
S.O.C. and Hormone Therapy for TSes Issues and Considerations
DOCTALK: Hormone Transcript
Fascinating Facts About Testosterone
Androgen Blockers 1
Androgen Blockers 2
Chemical Castration
Hormone Heresy 2
Estrogen Consumer drug info 1990
The Safest Form of ESTROGEN
Hormonal Aspects of Treatment of Gender Dysphoria at VANCOUVER
Hormonal Treatment of Gender Dysphoria - Male To Female
Herbal Research Review
Vitex agnus castus
Herbal Formulary-Chaste Tree Compound
INNER MAGIC F - Herbs to Help Women
Phytochemicals: Nutrients Of The Future

The Natural Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Progesterone Dosing *

Estrogen Progestrone and YOU

Natural Progesterone and Yam Extract
Treating PMS Without Side Effects

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