INNER MAGIC F - Herbs to Help Women

INEER MAGIC F™ is a special herbal blend that is specifically formulated for women of all ages, from teenagers all the way through latter years. It contains twelve different herbs that work synergistically to produce its overall effect. Women, like men, have their own special nutritional requirements and INNER MAGIC F is the ideal way to supplement with specific herbs known to be supportive of female needs. It truly is a "unique" formula and one of the most popular in the great Life Plus family of products. INNER MAGIC F can be taken with TVM-49 to tailor it to a specific female supplement. The thousands of women taking birth control pills should strongly consider taking INNER MAGIC F. Hormonal imbalances can be very upsetting and can be associated with headaches, fluid retention, tiredness and many other things. INNER MAGIC F is a favorite among womwn.


Herbs have been used since creation to provide for our health and well being, for entire civilizations for that matter. The Bible tels us that we were given herbs for healing and cites many examples of their usage. Main stream modern technology is now finally beginning to focus on herbs and natural plant therapies. This is usually referred to as phytotherapy. We probably will never understand many of the secrets regarding how many natural extracts and work, but that is no reason to not take advantage of their benefits.

To our knowledge, Life Plus is the only company that manufactures and distributes these unique herbal based products. Herbs from all over the world are combined with other synergistic nutrients known to work toward the same specific nutritional goals. These other synergistic nutrients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, bioflavonoids, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants and concentrated tissue nutrients in select products. By combining modern technology with classical herbal knowledge, the Life Plus herbal based products are second to none anywhere in the world.

Women more so than men, are troubled with dynamic changes of hormone levels in their bodies from day to day and almost moment to moment. Actually, the female endocrine system is always in a state of change, beginning with the first day of each month's cycle and continuing through the last, then the cycle starts all over again. The herbs in INNER MAGIC F are known for their value in helping to balance the female hormonal system nutritionally.


Symptoms of female imbalances are certainly wide and varied. It is staggering to think that more than 70% of women over the age of 35 have had some kind of hysterectomy.

A hysterectomy usually results in many sudden hormone changes. When the ovaries are removed, a woman is in instant menopause, a condition wherein the ovaries stop producing estrogen. When this occurs, the adrenals normally take up the slack. However, with most menopausal women, their adrenals have been under so much stress that the adrenals are exhausted.

The Life Plus INNER MAGIC F formula, as its name suggests, is formulated for special nutritional support for women. INNER MAGIC F contains nutrients from twelve different herbs.


INNER MAGIC F™ is formulated in the proprietary Life Plus PhytoZyme base, which contains a unique blend of over thirty natural concentrates of numerous valuable phytonutrients from plants.


Most women find that INNER MAGIC F is valuable throughout the month, not just during the special time of the month. The recommended dosage is two tablets twice a day, morning and evening. When special needs arise more can be taken.


Damiana (True) - 150 mg, Cumin - 150 mg, Norwegian Kelp - 150 mg, Myrrh - 100 mg, Sarsaparilla - 50 mg, Buchu Leaves - 25 mg, Cayenne - 20 mg, Dong Quai - 15 mg, Saw Palmetto - 13 mg, Squaw Vine - 12 mg, Cramp Bark - 10 mg, False Unicorn - 10 mg.

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