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TG, TS, TV, CD, Personal Page Links:

Yvonne's Place for X-dressers - a lovely girl, with good links & general information. (CD,page) everyone
Dr. Anne Lawrence MD. - Excelent Info. on SRS surgions and other medical aspects.
Susan's Place - Great site well done Information base. She has the first Transgendered search engine on the net. (TG,Page)
Michelle's Nook O'the Web - Beautiful Girl with great site. She has done a post-opp survey on SRS ,surgeons I would definitely take a look at it before choosing a Surgeon
CyberZine Home Page - Great well worth the trip.
Transsexuality - Home of the Cogati Gender Orientation Test and Much more 
Tippy's Typewriter - Informative, glamorous and fun, Tippy's the cream of the crop.


Major Support Groups:

Tri-Ess International -Alpha Zeta Chapter- Arizona.
C.H.I.C. - Los Angeles, Calif.
AEGIS Information Center - American Educational Gender Information Service.
Gender Mosaic Transsexual & X-dressing Information
Gender Talk Radio - Real Audio gender related broadcasts
Ingersoll Gender Center - Support & Information.
Kinsey Institute - interdisciplinary research and the study of human sexuality
IFGE Home Page - Home page for the International Foundation for Gender Education.
St. Louis Gender Foundation - The Saint Louis Gender Foundation (StLGF) is a resource group for Crossdressers.
Transgender Org. web site - A number of TG support groups have pages here.
Gender Mosaic - Transgender Support Group - Ottawa Ontario.
The Gender Web - This is basically Info Central.


TG, TS, Newsgroups:

The groups listed still haven't been
completely overrun by X rated Spam. alt.transgendered alt.personals.transgendered


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