The Pinch Hit Bride 
(A Fantasy Of The Delights Of Transvestism)
by Miss Karen-Anne Brown

   Hi. My name is Tommy, Tommy Girard. I am fifteen years old, and
it is mid way through a Friday morning. At this moment, I am
sitting in my sister Janet's room. And, I am torn with guilt, with
fear, with a sense of perhaps betraying a loyalty, and, mostly, a
sense that I have to do this thing that has been asked of me to do,
for my sister.

   Let me explain, okay? I don't want you to think I am weird or
anything like that, okay?

   To start with, my sister Janet is getting married tomorrow to
Keith Peters. That is not the problem. I think they should get
married, because, I know that my sister really loves Keith. At
least, she is supposed to get married to Keith. That is the

   Now, this wedding is no small deal, right?

   Keith's father is one of the wealthiest men in our county. Keith
has become, just three years ago, the territory's light weight high
school wrestling champion. He is the darling of everyone's eye, so
to speak. He is also one of the most very popular young men in the

   He and my sister, Janet is nineteen by the way and Keith just
turned twenty years old... Well, they have been sweethearts since
Janet entered grade nine at highschool. They are the only couple I
know who have never broken up during the high school years. Every-
one who knows them thinks that this is a marriage made in heaven.

   Well, so why am I sitting in my sister's bedroom, so torqued up
that I can not even think straight anymore? Now let me describe the

   Janet is away, in Mexico, for her senior's class trip. They were
supposed to be back yesterday. The problem is, the Mexican police
found that one of the kids in the class, had bought a fairly large
supply of dope when he was down there. They are holding the en-
tire class, and will not let them go till they are finished with
their investigations. We have absolutely no idea of when that might

   Mr. Peter's has tried everything that he can possibly do to pull
some strings, but, because it is a different country, they will not
listen to him. None of the students can leave Mexico right now. The
worse part is that the State Department told us that it may be two
weeks before they can leave.

   Our only fortunate thing is that the marriage is not happening
in our own home town. That is part of the reason why they came up
with this crazy idea in the first place, I guess. No one would know
about it, if someone did not say anything.

   Now, I am only fifteen, right? My sister is nineteen. But, we
look very much alike. We are about the same sizes even. I have
always resented the fact that my shoulders did not fill out like
they should for a boy my age. Nor did my voice deepen. I used to
hate it so much when people would come up behind me and grab my bum
or something, because they thought I was Janet. It was a constant
source of embarrassment, when I would answer the phone, and hear
the all too familiar, "Hi Jan... "

   In fact, the only times that I ever found that there was any
kind of advantage to it, was whenever Janet would dress me up in
her clothes, to play games, when we were little. We did that a lot,
but, no one else ever knew about it, as far as I knew. She used to
like having a live doll to play with. She told me I was so cute and
so dainty that she thought it was a real shame that I was not born
a real girl. She alone knew how much I loved it when she would let
me her baby sister.

   But, now... now, because of the cost that Mr. Peter's has gone
to, and because of the timing, and because it is the Peter's boy
that is getting married, and there are guest from all over the
place, the wedding has to take place.

   Keith, and my mother came to me early this morning to explain
the situation to me. Keith was so distraught that he was about to
tear his hair out. It is not a big wedding by any stretch of the
imagination, but, it is one that is kind of a show piece to all the
friends and relatives of the Peter's and business acquaintances.

   That was when I first heard about the delay that Janet was expe-
riencing. My mom brought Keith into my room early this morning.
Then she left us alone.

   "Hey Tommy, sleepy head, how's it goin' eh?"

   "Good, I guess. why are you hear, Keith?"

   "Well, Tommy, I got to ask you for a real real big favor. I
mean, it is a real big favor. There's something in it for you
though. My dad says that if you will go along with it, he will give
you $5,000.00."

   "So, what's the big deal?"

    "Well, you know that Jan and I are getting married tomorrow,
eh? Well, one of the kids in her class got caught smuggling dope,
and, so the Mexican police are holding the entire class. They won't
let anyone go. Now, here's the scoop.

   MY dad has put a lot of bread up for this gig, a whole lot. He
says that if we don't get married tomorrow, that it is going to be
a while before he can get enough loose money together and do this
thing again. He says the his family honor has got to be met. He
says his business cannot afford a public humilation, like the bride
of his son not showing up for her wedding.

   So, you see, Tommy, we got a lot of pressure on us, to have this
wedding tomorrow. The problem is, as you know, Janet not here,
and, she won't be here either. We got to have a sort of a part
time, you know, sort of a... sort of a... a pinch hit bride.

   That's why I came to see you. You look a lot like Janet. with
the right make-up, and with a nice hairdo, no one would think that
you are not your sister. So, I am here to ask you if you would
pretend to be your sister for the wedding, to help our family, and
your family to, to save face. Will you do it, Tommy?"

   "You want me to wear my sister's wedding dress, and get married
to you for her? Man, are you out of your mind? We'd never get away
with that."

   "Look, if it's any consolation to you, Janet has already told me
how much you loved pretending to be her sister when you were
smaller. It would be a sort of a chance, I guess, in some way, for
you to sort of live out the ultimate fantasy that guys like you
have... actually getting married, in a wedding dress and all, you

   Now, I never told any one else what she told me about you, so no
one else knows, eh. It's just you and me that know about this. My
dad said he'd give me $5,000 to find an answer to this problem,
and, I'd give the whole thing to you, Tommy. Hell, when the old man
dies, I'm going to be rolling in it, eh, so what's 5 grand, eh? So,
man, will you do it?"

   "What about my parents?"

   "Your mom is swell, you know? She says that she'll do everything
she can to make sure that her daughter gets her life off to a good
start, and, that means helping you to masquerade as your sister.
She was really great when I explained the idea to her. Your dad
ain't quite so hot on the idea of his son being a bride and all,
but, he's willing to go along with it, only because it is such an
important thing."

   "What about after, Keith?"

   "Well, it looks like it is going to be at least a couple of
weeks before your sister is going to be released to come home. So,
you sort of have to come with me on our honeymoon. Only, all the
arrangements have already been made for Mr. and Mrs., so, you'd
have to pretend that you were Janet all along."

   "I... I am no queer, Keith." 

    "Well, maybe not, but, if you want the 5 grand, you are going
to have to act as best as you can, like a young woman in love with
her new husband. That means you'll have to kiss me a lot and hold
on to my body a lot, and hold my hands nearly all the time.

   I ain't a fag either, but, you would have to pretend you are a
young, horny new bride, Tommy, because all new brides in love are
horny chicks, man. You would have to act like the most wonderful
thing in the world is making out with your husband. I am no queer,
so it is going to be awful hard on me, kissing a guy, even if he
does look and act like a woman, but, man, I got to save face, you
know what I mean? I got to act like I am real horny for you to, you
know what I mean?"

   "This is a lot to think about, Keith."

   "No, it is not. You do this and you will have my undying loyalty
as a friend for the rest of your life. You don't do this, and, I
guarantee you I will do everything I can to ruin your life for you.
Man, I hate to come on to you like that, but, man, I just got to
get you to do this thing for me."

   "My mom said she would help?"


   "Okay. I won't like it. I will try hard to act the way my sister
acts with you, but, I want you to remember that I am no queer,

   "You got it. I'll go and tell your mom. And, man, just, thanks
a lot... thanks a hell of a lot."

   That was three hours ago. Now, I am sitting in my sister's room.
I am about to go down the stairs, of the house we have been loaned
for the weekend, and let my parents see their son in a pretty dress
for the first time. I have longed for a situation like this to
arise, but never had I ever dreamed it ever would. Now that it is
hear, I am scared witless.

   I have been in Janet's room for a little over an hour, now. My
mom wanted to help me get dressed, but I was too embarrassed to
have her help me. I told her that I knew all about girl's clothes
and stuff, and, I could get myself dressed. She told me to go and
take a long bubble bath, with a lot of scented oil in it, and to
make sure that I shaved all the hair from my body, very carefully.
She said that while I did that, she would lay out my clothes for
me. Today was a day that we had a lot of last minute shopping to
do, so, I had to hurry.

   I came back into Janet's room, totally naked from our adjoining
bathroom. My mom, had, in the time I had taken my bath, not only
laid out an outfit for me, but, I saw that she had also managed to
get me breast forms.

   I tied the little waist nipper corset on, and sat on the
vanity's chair to pull my white nylons on. Oh how much I had loved the
feeling of wearing nylons. But, I had never ever dreamed that my
parents would see me wearing them. I tried hard not to think about
what was coming later. I concentrated on getting dressed.

    I slid the lacy little bra up my arms and reached behind me to
do the eye and hook, with practiced ease. I could put on a bra as
fast as my sister, I knew. I inserted the heavy gel breast forms
into my bra. I'd never worn these before. I usually had just
stuffed my bra with two pairs of panties in each cup, before this.
The weight was delightful. I loved the way it pulled on my bra

   I dropped the lacy camisole, of a pretty peach satin with loads
and loads of delicate lace trim on it, over my head, It was hard to
imagine my mother going through Janet's drawers and selecting some
of the most feminine lingerie for her son to wear. But, I was
putting on, what she had selected for me. The panties were a french
style cut, matching the camisole slip, and bra.

   I slid the wispy delicate garment up my legs and adjusted the
panty waist at the right place. Of course, I had a huge erection,
that is, huge for me, but not big by normal standards, pressing at
the front of the panties. It had always excited me so much to know
I was wearing girl's panties. I loved the feeling. The lace trim
went down below the tops of my nylons.

   Next came the full satin slip. It was so delightfully soft and
smooth. It too slithered up over my nyloned legs, almost making me
wish that I would never have to go back to wearing boy's clothes

   Then, I raised the pink short sleeved dress to my shoulders,
worked my arms up through the sleeves, and raised it to drop it
down over my head, enveloping me once again in that delightful sen-
sation of feeling girlified. Janet used to call me Wendy, after her
favorite doll's name.

   Once it was in place, I reached around and pulled the zipper up.
I wrapped the belt around my waist and stepped into the white three
inch heeled pumps.

   I sat at the vanity and, with the ease of many hours of practice
had soon had applied my make-up. I pulled my longish hair back into
a pony tail and tied a long pink ribbon around it.

   All that was left for me to do was to find the courage to walk
down those stairs, and show my parents what I was really made of.
I knew as soon as they saw me, that they would know that I had worn
Janet's clothes many many times before. I did not see any sense in
trying to hide it. I felt it would go easier on them if they knew
that I knew how to manage a feminine wardrobe, even if it did mean
confessing my most secret thoughts to them.

   I sighed. I knew that if they really loved me, that they would
forgive me for the past deception, and that they would accept me as
I was.

   My hands were shaking as I went over to the bedroom door, and by
sheer force of will, forced myself to turn it and to pull it open.
I stepped out into the hallway before my courage deserted me, and
made myself take each step, one at a time, to the head of the
stairs, and then, shaking almost visibly from nervous fear, I made
myself take that first step down wards. It had never failed to
please me to see a skirt rising on my thighs as I walked when I
wore Janet's clothes. Today was no exception.

   I watched my dress skirt rise and fall with each step. I turned
at the landing, and stared at the full length mirror at the bottom
of the stairs. It showed a graceful young woman descending. Janet
had always been amazed at how graceful and femininely I moved when
I wore her clothes. I had always wondered about knowing that it was
not an act. I was graceful when I wore her clothes. It was natural
for me.

   But, now, it was my parent's turn to be amazed. I was acutely
aware of the utterly feminine underwear I had on, and, how it made
me feel so completely girlish. I loved the sensation. I wished that
my parents would make me be a girl from now on. I wished they would
make me go back to school in the fall, as a girl. I wondered if I
would have the courage to curtsy to them. All of my life I had
dreamed of being in the situation where I was able to curtsy to
them, now, I did not know if I had the courage. I wanted to. I
wanted them to know how feminine I really was.

   I took a very deep breath, at least as deep as my corset would
allow me to, and I turned to the left at the foot of the stairs and
entered the front sitting room. This was where they would probably
be sitting. They were there.

   The look on their faces was one of utter amazement. I blushed a
very very bright red. I smiled nervously, and, some what
indelicately I reached for my dress hems, placed my left leg behind
my right, and dipped in what I hoped was a dainty manner. It
registered on their faces, almost immediately, that this could not
the first time I had ever curtsied. I had done it too well. I could
see the realization as it slowly crossed their faces, that their
son was quite used to being in girl's clothing, and that I was
quite used to behaving like a real young lady would behave herself.

   I was now committed. I went over to the chair that was directly
across the coffee table from the couch, and with a graceful sweep
of my hands beneath me, I smoothed my skirts out under me, and sat.
I remembered to keep my calves and knees together. Janet had
drilled it into me, by making me practice sitting in a girlish
fashion, hundreds of times, till I was able to do it just like a
normal girl. Their eyes followed my every movement. There was
disbelief, but, there was also amazement.

   My mom was the first to speak. "Gee willikers, Dad, I think
"she" be able to pull it off afterall. Can you believe how much she
looks and acts just exactly like her sister? Why... they could be
twin sisters..."

   "Yeah, and, I also can not help but notice how comfortable he is
wearing a dress. This is not your first time wearing a dress is it,

   "No... " I managed to stammer out.

   "Care to tell me about it, son?"

    "Well, when we were young, you and mom worked all the time,
leaving us with the baby sitter all day long. As long as we did not
make noise, she did not care what we did, and left us alone all
day. Janet and I would play a game. In the game, I was her little
sister. So, whenever you guys were not at home, I would become...
uh... I would become Wendy, Janet's baby sister."

   "I see. I can also see that you seem to like being... uh...
Wendy... uh... Wendy did you say?"

   "Yes, Wendy."

   "Well, it sounds like we part to blame in this. We can't do any-
thing about it now, I do not think. I think it has probably been
going on too long to be able to change it. I will say this to you,
son. I deeply regret this turn in your life. But, if you feel more
comfortable wearing girl's clothes, when this is over, you can move
into Janet's room for the summer, if you like, and, we'll see how
that goes... okay?"

   I stared at him. This did not seem like the dad I was used to,
but of course, I had not been a daughter before, either. I was
unable to restrain myself. I flew out of the chair, leaped over the
coffee table, and flung my arms around his neck and thanked him for
what he had just said. But, it happened before I realized what I
was doing, and, embarrassed, I apologized and went back to the
chair where I had been seated. My actions had embarrassed him to,
I could see. My mom was the one who saved the day for us.

   "Well, Janet, come along. We have a lot to do today. Kirk, give
me your credit cards."

   The day went by in such a whiz of activity, that my head was
spinning when I got back home. All I wanted to do was to go to bed.
The only things I had really regretted about the whirlwind day was
the pain of getting my ears triple pierced, and the unused to difficulty
of learning how to do things with the half inch coral pink nails
that were glued to my finger tips. Boys usually use the ends of
their fingers, while girls have learned to use the pads of the
ends. It was hard going for a while.

   The next morning, mom woke me up very early, and told me that
she had arranged for a hair dresser to come over to the house and
do my hair for me. When I tossed off the covers, and she saw the
sexy red and black lace teddy that I had slept in, she wolf
whistled me. I blushed a very deep crimson.

   I took a bath in the scented oil again, as my mom laid out my
wedding clothes. By the time I was ready to come out of the bath,
the hair dresser had arrived. She was glad that I had washed my
hair before she got there.

   Wearing only my bra, panties , mules and a floor length
pegnoire, I sat at the vanity table and watched as she worked with
my hair. I was thankful that she was not a very friendly person,
and that she preferred to work without the usual chit chat of

   Three quarters of an hour later, my hair was piled up high on my
head. It was drawn up tightly from the sides and the back, into a
sort of very fancy, tightly curled pony tail on the top of my head.
There were artful little strands loose at my forehead, in front of
my ears, and at the back of the neck.

   When the hair dresser left, my mom beamed at how pretty I was
looking, and helped me to put on the pearl choker and the pearl pendants
in my ears. Then she left me alone so that I could get myself dressed.
The corset this time was a full length corsolet, heavily boned, but
it was covered in the most beautiful delicate white satin and
lace. I laced myself into it as tightly as I could do.

   I sat at the vanity table and pulled on the white silk stockings. I had
loved nylons. I was now infatuated with silk. I wore a bra and a
teddy that were a delicate white with bright lace trim. I had
never felt so sexy before.

   Next came the petticoats, which I managed to get into myself. I
almost swooned to hear the sound they made as I moved my legs under
them. the whispering rustle was so prettily feminine. The petticoats were 
satin, so they gently caressed my besilked legs,
driving me wild with passion over the sensuousness of my underwear.

   I stepped into my heels. They had four inch heels
and were a shiny white satin. They were so delicate, and, I loved,
no, I adored the feel of the high instep pushing up against my
arches, and the new angle that my pelvis soon had to adjust to, 
pushing out my behind in a very attractive way.

   Then I lowered the wedding gown over my head. It did not have
great flowing trains or anything like that, for which I was
thankful. It was a floor length gown, however.

   The sleeves were long and tight. I needed my mom to help me put
it on. I was grateful when she came back into the room at that
moment. Very soon, I was properly dressed in my sister's wedding

   I had to raise my skirts, like the ladies in the gay nineties
did, in order to walk without tripping. I loved being forced, by
the clothing that I was wearing, to act in such a definitely and
decidedly feminine way.

   As I came down the stairs, my dad had his camera ready to take
pictures of Janet's wedding for her. I wondered if she would be
jealous of me for being able to be the bride for her. I knew how
much she had looked forward to this day, and, then, to be deprived
of it. She must be really really upset about it.

   Soon, we were in the garden, where I was about to be given away
by my father, to a man, in marriage. To be honest, I was too scared
to actually pay any attention to what was going on. I desperately
hoped no one would guess what was really under my gown.

   I did remember though, having to look at my new husband, and to
make a vow to honor him, to love him, and to obey him. When I vowed
to obey him, a strange little glint came into his eye, for just the
briefest moment. But, I had seen it. Then he took my hand and
placed the wedding ring on it. I was now a married woman.

   Then, came the part had been dreading.

    "By the power that is vested in me, by the territory in which
we live, I now pronounce you to be man and wife. You may kiss the
bride, sir."

   Keith turned to my and raised my face to him, with a finger
under my chin. I knew that I had to do this right, and make every
one think that this was the moment had lived for.

   I raised my arms to his neck, and I smiled coyly at him, and I
felt his strong arms gather me into his embrace, about my waist. I
closed my eyes and waited for his kiss. It came, and, so did
another awareness with it. I felt his lips press on mine. But, I
also felt his hard on press against my belly. I was astounded. I
was making Keith horny. I blushed with fear and shame, as my own
cock sprang to life amidst the satins and silk of my underwear. I
did not want this. I was not a queer. Neither was Keith. What was
going one inside of us?

   Then I endured the long greeting line. All the ladies kissed me
and congratulated me on getting one of the best catches in the
county. I of course smiled and kept trying to move closer to Keith,
to make it look like all I wanted to do was for him to get me away
from there. Then came the long and drawn out banquet. Our meal must
have been interrupted twenty times with the tinkling of cutlery on
wine glasses, to signify that it was time for another kiss for the
bride and the groom.

   I very quickly, too quickly for my own comfort, got used to
feeling his lips on mine, and raising my arms to encircle his neck,
in what every one would think was a loving embrace.

   Then came the dancing and the dancing and the dancing and the
dancing. As the bride, I had to dance with nearly every man at the
reception. Keith also made sure that I was supplied with a steadily
full glass of white wine. I was feeling no pain, and enjoying every
second of being the bride, the most honored person at a wedding.

   Finally, we were allowed to get away. My mom had already packed
all the clothes that I would need for the honeymoon. They were all
stowed in the trunk of the car already.

   Keith took me away. I was just not able to hide the smile of
happiness that was flooding through me. I envied girls so very very
much. Once we were in the car, we kissed again, in a long embrace,
so that the spectators could see that we were getting our marriage
off to a good start.

   As I had my arms around his neck, my head pressed back against
the seat of the car, my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his
strong lips on mine, I nearly flipped, when, suddenly, I felt his
tongue on my lips. I did not know what to do. I slowly let my mouth
open and he inserted his tongue. I knew now that I was in for some
strange experiences that night.

   I knew that I was not a queer, but, I had a raging hard on in my
panties, and, I liked the feel of his tongue probing the inside of
my mouth. I let my tongue touch his, then, uncontrollably, I began
to suck his tongue. I felt like I loved Keith at that moment. The 
people closest to the car saw the new kisses, and started to show
their approval of what we were doing.

   Keith turned away and started the motor. In half an hour, we
arrived at the hotel we were to stay at for that night. The
bellhops were very friendly to me and helped us with our luggage,
as they showed us to the honeymoon suite.

   Once we got inside, and the bellhops left us, we were alone. We
were two men, well, one man and a boy, dressed up in his sister's
wedding dress. We just stood and looked at each other.

   "Hey, Janet, you... uh... you really liked it... the way I
kissed you... in the car, eh?"

   "Well, what could I do. You were ramming your tongue down my
throat. I had to open my mouth for you."

   "Yeah, I like the way you put that, Babe. Listen, I know that
you are really a guy and all, but, sheeit, you know, all this
kissing stuff, and how pretty and feminine and all that you are,
you know, it makes me real horny, you know?"

   As he was doing that, he was helping me to unzip my dress. Then
he took his clothes off. I was not aware that he had taken his
clothes off, till I had stepped out of my petticoats, and was
wearing only my teddy, silk stockings, high heels and my corset. I
turned around, wanting to hang my dress and petticoats up in the
closet, and saw him standing there, with a full erection pointing
right at me.


   "Yeah, I kind of thought you'd like that, Janet."

   "I thought... I thought we were not queers, Keith?"

   "Hell, I ain't no queer. But, I am really horny for a very good
looking babe standing there in front of me in some of the most
sexy, beautiful lingerie that I have ever seen of a female body.

   "You think I am a queer, Keith?'

   "Hell, you are the one in the women's clothes, not me. Drop that
dress. I bet you got an erection to. I bet you are so turned on by
wearing those pretty things, and getting married to a real hunk of a man, that you
are as horny for me as I am for a wife."

   I could do nothing else, except what he had asked me to. I
dropped the dress and the petticoats in a loud rustle of a heap. My
face burned with shame. I knew he was looking at my cock as it was
pushing obscenely out against the front of my satin teddy. He knew
that I was horny, because, I was taking my sister's place.

   "You know what I could really use, new wife of mine...?"

   I looked at the floor, ashamed. I knew what he was going to say.
I knew that because he was so big, and because I was the girl, that
I was going to do anything that he wanted me to. Worse, I wanted

   "I'll tell you what I want. Firstly, I want my sexy new wife to
get acquainted my my big cock here. I want her to suck it for me
for a while. Then, I want to tame her and break her in the way a wife should be
broken in on her wedding night. I want her to roll over on her
belly, and I want her to let me fuck her. You made a vow when I
married you that you would obey me. Do you intend to obey me,

   Shame coursed through me. Guilt tore at my psyche. My mouth was
dry and my hands trembled. I was a fifteen years old boy, but I was dressed
in a bride’s beautiful lingerie, and it was my wedding night – I was actually
married to this handsome tanned muscular man. My father had brought me to the
altar, and given me to Keith, to love and to obey.

   "Well, Darling, are you going to act just like a horny little
wife for me tonight?"

   "Yes... " I managed somehow to get the words out.

   He grinned, "Good girl. Now I will not have to turn you over my
knee and spank you till you obey me."

   I looked up at him, startled. I knew that he would do that to,
if he thought I needed it. I also knew that there was absolutely
nothing that I could do about it either.

   "Now, I want you to prove to me that you love me the way a new
wife should love her new husband."

   "What do you want me to do, Keith?"

   "I want you to come over here, and kneel down in front of me. I
want you to kiss my cock. Then, I want you to ask me if I will let
you suck it for me. Can you do that, Janet?"

   My face flushed with the deep shame I was feeling. I was ashamed
of my feelings, because, I wanted to do this. This was so perverse
and so wrong, yet, I wanted to do everything for this man whom I
had just married, that my sister would have done for him, if it
were her in my shoes, rather than I in her shoes.

   "Well, Babykins, your Lord and Master awaits the servicing of
his wife."

   I slowly stepped over the pile of my castoff clothes and took
the five or six steps over to where he was standing. I stood there,
feeling so weak and in his control. I flushed, because I loved the
feeling. I looked up at his eyes, then over his tanned muscular body
and down at his cock. Very
slowly, I allowed my knees to bend till I could feel the carpet on
my knees. I looked up at my husband. I looked straight ahead, at
his cock.

   I moved my head till it was right in front of my eyes. I just
could not believe what I was doing. I pursed my lips and touched it
with my lips. I knew though, that though my lips were touching, it
that I was not kissing it. Kissing implied loving it. I changed
that situation by moving my lips and pressing just a bit harder.
Now, I was effeminated, and I was kneeling, before my husband, and,
I was kissing, really kissing, that is, loving, his cock for him.
He was a real man, and, I somehow had the sense that I was honoring
him for what he was.

   I moved my head back and I looked up at him. Keith was smiling
down at my submissiveness.

   "Will you let me suck your cock, later, Keith?" 

    "Babe, you are going to suck my cock an awful lot more than you
ever thought you would. Now, hang up up your dress. Oh, do you have
any idea of how a slut acts?"


   "Well, I want you to be a lady in the livingroom, and an
absolute slut in the bedroom. I want you to treat my cock as though
it is the entire focus of your interests, which I suspect might be
true, whenever we are in bed together. Can you do that?"

   "I... I think so."

   I could not believe that he was telling me that he wanted me to
do everything to him that a sexy woman would do. This was my most
secret and most exciting fantasy. I rose and noted that there was
lipstick on his cock from where I had kissed him. As I hung up my
dress, he went over and lay on the bed, on his back.

   I walked over to the bed, and got on my knees, and made my way
up over his legs, on my hands and knees. When I got to where my
crotch was directly over his crotch, I lowered myself till I could
feel his cock through my teddy. I began to move very slowly. I
could feel the heat of his cock on mine as I masturbated him in
this way.

   I turned around and lowered myself again over him, till I could
feel his cock in the crack of my bum, and I slowly moved up and
down, rubbing the satin of my teddy against his cock.

   Keith was moaning and ramming himself up against the satined
crotch. I turned back around and sat so that his cock was directly
under my balls. I smiled at him. I was beginning to feel a little
more coy with him.

   "Does big daddy want pretty mommy to kiss his nice big cockie?"

   "Bitch, I want to feel your mouth on it. Start sucking, now."

   I was not going to resist that idea. I got off him and moved
backwards. I knew that I was becoming a fairy faggot, but, right
now, it seemed somehow not to be the perverse thing that it is
claimed to be. No, it seemed to me to be the nicest thing in the
world to be.

   I lowered my head, and I licked the shiny purple head of his
cock till it was soaking wet.
I could hardly believe that I was doing this, yet,
here I was, feeling excited about licking a cock like it was a
lollipop. I opened my mouth and lowered my head till I felt it
absolutely fill my cheeks. I licked the underside and locked my
lips around it. I slowly raised my head, sucking hard. Now, I was
a full fledged fairy cock sucker, I knew. I loved it. I hoped he
would remind that I was nothing much higher than a fairy cock
sucker to.

   Keith moaned and rolled around under my lips. I felt so privileged,
being a woman. I knew he would never let a guy touch him like this.
These were his family jewels, and, he was letting me have them. I
sucked because I wanted so very much to please my new husband. I
wanted to... to taste his cum, just like my sister would, if it
were her here. I hoped she would not be too mad at me when she
found out that I'd made love to her husband. What else could a
bride do on her wedding night, eh?

   Keith let me suck him for about fifteen minutes. Then he told me
to stop my cock sucking, and to go over to his suitcase and get the
tube of K-Y jelly.

   When I brought it over to him, he told me to grease up his cock
with it. I did, still not knowing what was going to be done next.
Then he told me to lay on my belly, knees wide apart, and bum up in
the air. I was scared. I knew I was going to lose my cherry, and,
he would take it whether I agreed to it or not. I thought I had
better go along with him.

   He moved the crotch of my teddy aside crawled up between my
legs, and put his cock on my anus.

   "Janet, tell me you want me to fuck you like a woman gets

   "Oh... I do... I do. Fuck me and make me feel like a complete
woman. Keith. Show your love for me. Fuck me like I was Janet."

   "You are Janet. Do you love me, Janet?"

   "Oh... you know I do. You knew it when you first kissed me."

   "Yeah. Well, here's how a man loves his woman, Babe. It's going
to hurt at first, so get ready, Just try to no tense up, okay?"

   I felt it as the cock head went to my hole. Then he reached for
my hips and pulled me, ramming me back onto him. I let out a mild
scream as I felt torn by his entering me. He held me tight then
pushed me down onto the bed, and rested his weight on top of me. I
felt him moving slowly in and out, getting deeper every time. At
first it felt like had to go to the bathroom, really really badly,
but, then I found I was loosening up to receive my husband and lover.

   If this is what being a woman is all about, I was willing to trade
places with Janet, at the drop of a pair of my panties. I loved it, and
kept loving it as he stood up, lifted me in his strong hands, turned me
towards his muscular torso, and kissed me as he slowly impaled me on his
big cock. God, he carried me as I was a doll, and I could feel his
pulsating manhood inside my belly. He leaned back an let go of me, and
there I was hanging with all my weight on his strong rod.

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