by: sissy
property of Mistress

As a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper, I hear all kinds of stories. Some are cold hard fact, some are pure fairy tales and alot are in between. But this one? I think I'll let you decide. For security reasons I can not give real names and places.

A few days ago, a young woman sat at my desk here at the paper. She was 5'2", about 120 pounds, blue doe eyes and long fiery red hair. The short black sheath dress did nothing to hide her long tapered legs and 36" hips. Or her narrow 20" waist or 38C chest. She began to tell her story.

"Several years ago I went to work as an accountant at a large well known midwest company. It took me a couple years, but figured out that this company was owned by the mob. Two years ago, I testified in court. Several contracts were put out on me. The government put me in the witness protection program. I was taken to a secret research center out west. When we got there I was locked up in a room with my case officer.

'The best way to disguise you is to make you over into something they don't expect. They wouldn't be looking for a woman.'

That's correct, I use to be a 6' tall middle aged man. He then told me how it would be done.

'We will not use surgery as that will only change your sex. What we'll do is a complete transformation. And that's why you're here. This facility is doing space research. Last year they made a very interesting discovery. While trying to develop a teleporter, they made a device that transforms things or people. We will use this device to transform you into a female. At some later date we can change you back, if you want and if it's safe.'

We spent the next several days planning my new look and background. We decided to create a 5'4" 115 pound blue eye blonde about 25 years of age. My figure was to be 36", 24" 36B. I was to go to law school.

When it was time I was sedated, laid on a hospital gurney and place in the machine. When I came to I was strapped down on a hospital bed. I spent the next several days in a semi coma while earphones fed me a new subconscience. When I finally regained full conscienceness my nurse showed me the new me. It wasn't what we had decided on. I was what you see here, an 18 year old fucking machine.

My two nurses spent the next 2 months training in all the things a woman needs to know. They also turned me into a lesbian slave. The last night there they tied my hands to the headboard and then tied my ankles over my head. After they left the doctor came in and took my virginity. Before He left he made me taste my virgin blood.

The nurses took me home and I spent the next six months as their little bitch. One day a biker dyke broke into the house and one of the things she burglured was me. Over the next couple months she used me. She made me hook and I was used as partial payment for drugs. Then she wanted to become a dealer. So I was given to the supplier as partial payment for the drugs. And he gave me to his boss. It was the mobster I had testified against. I was terrified. I was so scared I couldn't put out. So he gave me to one of his black pimps and I was put to work. The pimp's territory was the docks, so most of my customers were truckers, dock workers, sailors, etc. Mostly blowjobs and sucky-fucky. A few arrests for positution. A night in the hooker tank is nothing but nonstop lesbian sex. I was slapped around once or twice. A few months go by and a dark Mercedes stops next to me and two large hoods pull me into the car. I am taken to an office. The mobster is there. He tells me that the pimp has given good reports about me and he needs a new secretary. He will put me up in an apartment and there will be additional duties. During the day, I work in the office. I take his dictation on my knees. After work I am taken to the apartment (I don't call it mine because he is very blunt about saying that I and it are HIS) and locked in. In the evening he usually uses me. Sometimes he loans me out to a fellow mobster. When it's late he goes home to his wife. Why don't I leave? Well I am locked in until he picks me up in the morning. At work I am watched all day. I managed to get out today because he was busy and when everyone left for lunch, I walked out. Please help me I'm scared."

Before she could go any further or I could do anything, two thugs walked in, punched me around a little and carried her off. Over the last few days, I have checked the morgue and didn't find her. So she's still alive, I think. As for her story. I believe it. What do you think?

Part 2

by: sissy Property of Mistress


I finally found her again. My search began a few days after I got out of the hospital. Several years ago a 18 year old girl walked into the city room of the newspaper I worked at and told me an incredible story. Based on my experience as a reporter, I believe it was true. But before she could tell me more, two hoods entered the office, beat the daylights out of me and smashed up the office. I was beaten enough to put me in the hospital. I left the a few months later, after several threats and attacks. They did not just come from the mob, the government also made a few. The government tends to be more creative and vindictive in their treats than the mob. A few nights ago while on the police beat (what reporters call 'the cop shop') I was doing a follow up on the hooker roundup. One of the girls looked familiar. Then it hit me, it was her. She wouldn't talk at the station house, so I bailed her out and took her home. Once there, she gave me a run down of events after I was knocked out and after. "After they were finished with you, they each grabbed a arm and dragged me out the front door and into a waiting car. I was taken back to the mobster's office and thrown at his feet. He bent over and grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my face to his. Then came the shocker. 'Thought you could hide from me didn't you, Leo?' How did he know my old identity? My face showed the shock and bewilderment I felt. 'Yes, Leo I know who you are. Why do you think you are the way you are? It was no accident. The doctor has a large gambling debt and the nurses were easily blackmailed. Now it is time for you to pay for your indiscretions. Before you escaped, I was just going to let you work for me as a secretary for a year or so. Just the knowledge of your terror was satisfaction enough. But that is no longer acceptable. When I am done you'll beg to go back to hooking for Sam (the pimp I had worked for).' With that I was taken from the room and put back into the car and driven off toward the desert. I thought they were taking me out to be eliminated. I cried until there were no more tears. When the car stopped, we were at the clinic where most of this had started. I was turned over to the doctor and locked in one of the rooms. The next morning, I was placed in the machine. What came out was a 17 year old asian-american lesbian. A asian-black american (very black). I was now 5 foot tall and weighed 98 pounds with 34 inch hips, 18 inch waist and 36C chest. My eyes were coal black and matched my long straight hair. The attitude adjustment was such that I was absolutely, positively totally lesbian, a submissive lesbian. After two days of psycho-training from the doctor and two nurses, I was turned back to the two hoods. I was knocked out and stuffed into the trunk. A long rough ride later, I was removed from the trunk and turned over to my new boss. She was the madam of a San Francisco, China Town brothel. Her establishment catered to seamen and other low lifes who liked oritenal girls. She dragged me in the back door and up the stairs. Down a long hall she walked pulling me behind her past several curtained doorways. At the next to the last door she entered and then threw me onto the only furniture in the room a small, lumpy iron bed. She tied me spreadeagle on the bed and left. Soon a huge seaman entered the room and climbed on top of me. His putrid smelling, dirty cock was forced into my mouth. I did what was demanded of me and sucked him off. All the while trying to keep from gagging and vomiting from the foul taste. Three more men, no better than the first used my body for their pleasure. My life settled into a routine. A rough, dirty, abusive routine. I was available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Except for a half hour every morning when I was allowed to bath, I was chained to the bed by my collar. There was only enough chain to use the chamber pot next to the bed. On an average day between 10 to 15 men used me. When the fleet returned one day, I serviced 32 men. It became very mechanical, lay back, spread them, accept the invasion, moan and accept. Eight months had gone by, when the two hoods showed up and took me away. Two days later, I found myself in San Diego working for a large black pimp called sammy as a common street walker. I worked the docks and the navy yard areas. Each girl was given a quota and if she didn't met it, she was punished. More than one girl was maimed just to maintain discipline. We also had to turn in our tips. The punishment for this was one lash for each dollar the first time. Ten lashes for each dollar the second and one lash per penny every time after that. Once a week a doctor checked us over for disease. While I worked for sammy I got VD twice, despite always using safe sex practices. And at least once a month, I became a victim of the working girls occupational hazard, a vice arrest. The night in jail, was spent sucking the cops, both male and female officers. And lesbian sex between all the other girls occupied the rest of the night. The next morning was spent in court. After sammy pays the fines, we all go 'home' and prepare for the next night. The second time , I was arrested, the judge had me brought to his chambers. There he gave me a choice. I could be sentenced to 90 days at the county work farm or I could spend the day under the bench sucking him. Knowing sammy, I took the second option. I spent the day kneeling under the bench, with the judges cock in my mouth. In many ways he was worst than any of the low lifes I usually serviced. No encouragement, or food. He didn't leave the bench, even emptying his bladder into my mouth. After court closed for the night, he pulled me from under the bench and thrown over it. He then brutally entered my ass until he creamed, after which my mouth was used to clean it. I was then released to sammy, who through my ass back out on the street. One morning I was taken back to the clinic and redone as an 18 year old white amer-asian. Sammy picked me up two days later and dropped me in front of the main gate at the Marine Recruit Depot. This was my assignment for the rest of my time with sammy. It is degrading to be treated as a penis receptical for young male animals. A very rough, wham, bham, fuck you bitch. One morning, just before 6AM (just before reveille) I had finished one last blowjob just outside the main gate, when sammy drove up with a mexican man. Sammy stripped me and took all my earnings. The mexican (I learned later to call him jefe or chief) said "Si" and I was stuffed into the trunk of Jeje's caddy. Later, when I was removed from the trunk, I was in Mexico on the Texas border, in a section of town called boy's town. This section of town was walled off and patroled by armed police. Each house was also walled off. To enter the house, one had to enter through an iron gate. A guarded gate. I was turned over to the mamaseto, or what would be called in the states as the madam. She took me to 'my' room. Actually just a cubical that contained a small hard bed and had a connecting bathroom, that was shared with the next room. I was then taken on a tour of the house, really several buildings. The main building was a bar and 'dance hall'. Here the girls sturted their stuff and solicited customers. This was the first floor. Upstairs, the top two floors housed the madam, the other staff including maids, a couple of offices and the discipline and punishment rooms. Out the back door of the main building were several buildings that contained rooms like mine, each with it own girl. One building housed the house's guards. After the tour, madam took me to one of the punishment rooms. There I was stripped and then tied spreadeagle to rings in the wall. She then took a crop and laid into me with it. Several minutes later, it seemed like forever, she stopped and cut me down with the comment "You don't want to return here. But you will if you do not toe the line. Now get your whore ass to work." In this house all the girls were owned slaves, so the uniform was very simple. A steel collar and cuffs, ankle and wrist. Once on the main floor, I walked around and saw what was going on. In short, the main floor was a nonstop orgy. The first day (it's a 24 hour a day establishment), I was used on the dance floor three time, once on the bar, sucked off five men under the tables and was taken to my room four times. Plus danced six times. Each day was a repeat of the last and each day was different. One day, after almost a year there, a customer complained that I gagged as I sucked him. I did, but he was so dirty, I couldn't help it. For punishment I wasn't taken upstairs, I became the night's special entertainment. A donkey was lead onto the stage. I was then tied below it and my mouth forced open. My head was then pushed forward until the donkeys maleness entered my mouth. It was huge and stuffed my mouth to beyond full. The cock grew and flared at the end, making it impossible to remove. All the men in the house took turns pumping my head up and down the invader. I could hear the donkey's breathing becoming labored and the feel it coming closer to climax. With a whiny, the donkey unloaded into my throat, filling my stomach with his seed and goop. When he soften up enough, he pulled out of me and then relieved himself on my face and body. Then every man in the place followed suit. Then taken out back, I was hosed down in cold water and tied face down on a stone bench. I was fucked several times and a few girls pissed on me during the night. Well after midnight, the donkey was brought out and positioned over me. He was then manipulated and placed in me. As he became excited, it grew in me and I could feel my pussy stretch. There was some pleasure in his pumping, but mostly it was painful. When the pain climaxed for me, the donkey climaxed filling me to overflowing again with his seed and goop. The donkey was then removed to the stable and I was left where I was. At sunup two guards untied me and took me out front. Jeje's car was there and I was placed in the trunk again. Where was he taking me? The answer to my question came when I was removed from the trunk and I found we were back at the institute. The doctor and staff placed me into the damnable machine again. When I was finally allowed to look into a mirror again, I saw I was now a 17 year old version of Gina Lolabridgea. When I was ready to leave, the two hoods (like two bad pennys) picked me up and took me to the mobster. His hands roved all over my body. Paying special attenion to my breasts and pussy.

"The doctor does excellent work."

The next day, I was taken to another house nearby. The house was owned by one of my Master's mobster buddys. Both the man and his wife were home. Strange for a whoring situation. Master then left. The mobster came up to me and graspt my face in his hand.

"We want children but my wife is sterile. So your owner has loaned you to us as a surrogate. You will stay here with us until after the birth of the child. And it will be a boy. You will have a room where you stay at all times unless my wife or myself order you out. "

With that I was taken upstairs to a bedroom at the rear of the house. The room was bare, except for a twin bed and a dresser. Master Robert had me strip. When I finished, he took my clothing and placed them in the closet which he then locked. He then began to teach me my duties for the next several months. He climbed on top of me and pumped into me until he filled me with his seed. When he finished, he got up, put on his pants and left the room. Locking the door behind him. All I could find in the dresser was a white nighty, which I put on. Later I was told that was the most I could in his presence unless told otherwise. Until I started to show, he bred me every night. During the day, his wife Miss Gina took her jealousy out on me. She would feed me, so not to harm the baby, but it was not tasty. She used my mouth for her pleasure and entertainment. I serviced her, her friends and for pure pleasure she had me suck off the male help. When the baby finally came, it was two days late and a boy. I was in labor for 14 hours. It was the most painful thing I had ever done, it was also the most erotic.

Two weeks after that day, Master Robert turned me over to the two hoods. After a long drive, I was delievered to another couple, Master Gino and Mistress Mary. It was a repeat of the other couple with a few exceptions. One was that Mistress Mary was actually happy to see me. She wanted a child very badly. The other was that Master Gino, didn't stop using me after I started to show. Instead, he just switched from my cunt to my mouth. By the eighth month I was huge. Ths doctor confirmed what was suspected. It would be twins. My last month was totally spent in bed, flat on my back. My back hurt, my pussy hurt, my bladder hurt, my head hurt and my body hurt. The delivery was a day late and took almost 24 hours. Several times I lost conscienceness from the pain and strain. Once it was over, I remained there as a nursemaid to the children. It got my motor running when the babies started to nurse at my nipples. It got me wet and horny. At night after the children were put to bed, I was visited by Master Gino. During the day, Mistress Mary used a strap-on dildo on me. I was well used. One thing I noticed was that dispite two pregnancies I was still 18 years old, very slim with a small waist and had no stretch on either my tummy or breasts. When I asked my owner about it, I was told it was a side effect of the machine. I had had so many changes done to me, that the only way I could change now was by the machine. I was now an 18 year old Italian fucking machine until I was changed or I died. After six months as a nursemaid, my owner retrieved me. He turned me over to Frank, one of his high class pimps. Frank worked me every night. On slow nights, he put me out on the streets. This is where, I was picked up tonight.

When she had finished her story, I couldn't believe it. It was much too strange not to be true. I don't know want you the reader believe. But as for me I believe.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The above story was found in the reporter's computer. The paper can not comment on the accuracy or the truefulness of the article. The police found the reporter's apartment ransacked and have not found either our reporter or the call girl he bailed out. This paper is offering a reward for information on our reporter, the girl or the events of that night.

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