by Vallee

Come on man... Please..."

"Fuck you.. There is no way I'm dressing like a chick so you can
convince your parents that you got a girlfriend and you're not gay.
Why don't you ask one of your female friends to help you out??

"You know that all the chicks I hang out with are nice and all, but I
couldn't trust any of them. Anyways, in my letters home, I described
my girlfriend as my height and skinny. How many girls do I know that
are skinny??

I pondered on that one for a few moments before replying with a curt
"Yeah, I see where you're coming from on that. But why me?? I'm not
gay, and although I'm friends with yah, I ain't pretending to be...."

Chris looked me in the eyes and in his most pleading voice says, Look.
You are the only one who can help me. I can't trust this secret to
anyone else, and you know that my father would kill me if he found out
that his "All American son" was a homosexual. You know I live in "Red
Neck Ville", Arkansas. It's only for one day, and I'll pay you a
thousand bucks to do it.

BING! My face lights up at the mention of money. Being that I had just
spent the last of my cash on the down payment of an apartment, and the
next paycheque didn't arrive for a couple weeks, $1000 bucks would help
out considerably! "One day?? ..", My face went serious. "No way...
There's no way I'll look convincing enough, and when your family
discovers us, BOTH of us will be dead.." "Come on Marc, you will easily
pass. You're only 5'7" and 120 lbs. For a lack of better terms,
you're a runt. I have a ... friend ... that owns a beauty shop.
Tell you what. If at the end of the make up session, you don't look
good enough, you can pull out, and I still pay you the cash.." I looked
seriously at Chris and thought to myself, "Damn.. He must be
desperate. I know his family's a bunch of psychos but to do this..."

"OK man.. I'll help you..


"OK, we have to be at my parents house at one PM. ", Chris states as we
pull up to his friends shop.

Looking at the bland yellow building, with its huge pink sign, I hope
that no one sees me going in. "Marc.. Pay attention.. OK, We gotta
be at my parents house at noon, and it's 8am now. Nic said that he'll
be done fixing you up in 3 hours, giving us just enough time to drive
to my parents." "Yeah yeah... for the tenth time, I got it. Lets just
do this before I change my mind..", I say as he opens the door and we
walk into the shop."

A rather large man dressed in a light white shirt and grey slacks sees
us walk in and exclaims "Chris!! I haven't seen you in AGES!!. How
are you???" He runs over to Chris and gives him a hug, while eyeing me
up and down.

"I'm fine", he replies. "Nic, I'm in a bind. This is my friend Marc
who's said he'll help me. I need a convincing girlfriend for the day.
Can you give him the works?? He has to be VERY convincing.

Looking at me for a few minutes, Nic turns to Chris and says " Yeah, it
should be no problem. He's quite small. He should turn out quite
pretty. OK Marc.. Follow me." Nic walks to the back of the shop with
Chris and Marc in tow. Opening a curtain, he motions for me to go
behind. "Go in there and strip down" "Strip Down??? Why", I say
nervously "Because I have to make you up like a female.. Remember??
And you don't exactly look like one .. You can keep your underwear on
for now.."

I slowly wander behind the curtain shaking my head. "What the hell
have I gotten myself into??"


About thirty minutes later, I'm still only in my underwear, laying back
on half reclined chair, resembling a dentists chair. Nic was spreading
some gook over my face and body. All I knew was that it was cold, and
it felt gross.

Thinking back to a few minutes ago, when Nic had me step into the
shower in the next room and 'Nair' myself. That's an experience I'll
never forget. I feel so ... bare with out my body hair. "Fuck does
Chris owe me!!" I mumble to myself.

"Ok.. I've finished smoothening and lightening your complexion,.
While that dries, I'm going to work on your body.", Nic says, snapping
me out of my daydream. He casually walks over to a counter on the
opposite side of the room. After picking something up, he comes back
over to me and I see that he has two BREASTS in his hands!

"Ok Marc, these are glue on breasts. Very top of the line, and very
realistic. Someone could squeeze these things and not have a clue
they're fake." Nic says while spreading some clear liquid on my left
pectoral muscle.. He picks up the one of the forms and presses it
against my skin, holding it there for about 5 minutes. Repeating the
motions with the other, he stands up and exclaims "Perfect.. As

Looking down, I see what was causing that new found weight on my chest.
Those breast forms look huge when their attached to MY body.

"That glue should hold until you use this remover, or for at least a
couple days, whatever comes first.

Nic walks back over to the counter where he picked up the fake breasts,
and leaves me for a moment to take a look at these 'things'... "Wow..
These really DO look real.." I think to myself as I run my hands over
them. "They feel real too.. I wonder how they do that...".

Nic breaks me once again out of my thought by saying "Ok Marc, Stand
up". I look up to him as I slide off the chair and see that he is
holding some flesh colored tube shaped thing. "What's that", I ask.
"It's a type of corset. It goes around your waist and gives you a more
feminine shape. Now, raise your hands. "

As I do as he says, he slides the "corset" down over my body. It seems
to start just under these breasts and ends just above my underwear.
"Hmm This isn't tight at all" I think to myself. Nic looks up at me
and states "Breathe out". As I comply, he pulls on something in the
back and the corset draws itself in... TIGHT!. I could hardly breathe
!!!. He gives it another quick tug, and walks around, admiring his
work. "Excellent.. OK.. I need you to remove your underwear now."

"Huh??" I replied. I didn't trust this guy at all, and I wasn't afraid
to let him know it.

"I said STRIP" he said as he grabbed my underwear and pulled it to my
ankles. He then walked towards me and motioned for me to sit back on
the chair once again. I had a little more difficulty getting back onto
the chair wearing this corset. I had to sit very straight for it to be
most comfortable.

"OK. Here is the final part for the body part of your disguise. As I
look down into his hands I see that he is holding a VAGINA!!! Seeing
the shocked look on my face he says, "Look Marc. don't give me any
problems.. We don't have time for this." Shocked at his candidacy, I
nodded and laid back. He slid my cock into a tube of some sort, and
then taped it back. Maneuvering the vagina around, I felt him spread
some glue around my crotch area and press the vagina firmly against my

Again, after about 5 minutes, he looked at me and said "OK.. Just sit
back and let everything settle. We only have a little under 2 hours
left to get everything else done, so just sit back and relax."

I complied and sat back in the chair. Nic began to brush only what I'd
assume to be makeup on my face. He asked me to close my eyes for a few


"Marc... Marc.. Wake up. I'm almost done.."

"What.. What's going on??" I said drowsily.

"You fell asleep. I finished up with the makeup, and I just have a
couple more things to do. So stay here... I have to go get something"

As he left the room, I realized my eyelashes felt much heavier, and I
could feel all the makeup on my face. Bringing my hands up to my face,
I realized with a shock that I now possessed long dull pink
fingernails! They must be at least an inch long!

Just then, Nic walks back in and says "Don't touch your face. It's
taken me an hour to get it perfect!. OK.. Sit up, and I'll put on the
finishing touches."

As he walks over, I notice he is holding a blonde wig, and some

He walks behind me, and after a couple seconds, I feel the wig descend
on my head. As he plays with my own hair he states, "Easily
removable.. You just have to pull it right here and your hair will
come right out" he says as he shows me where the "pull point" is.

He plays with my hair for about 20 minutes, spraying what seemed to be
2 bottles of hair spray onto it, when he finally says "Finished!" and
stands back.

"Not bad.. OK Marc, Come over here, and get dressed. Chris said that
this is a semi-formal outdoor supper, so I think I have the perfect

As I walk over to him, he hands me a pair of panties and a bra. White
and way too frilly for my tastes. I slide the panties on, noticing
that they are slightly padded in the butt area, giving me a nice round
ass. The bra I had a little more problems with, so Nic walked behind
me and fixed me up. Looking down, I noticed that the bra wasn't just a
bra... It was a WonderBra. I've removed many of these so I'd know.
It pushed my breast in and out, creating more cleavage than I was
comfortable showing. As I looked away from my cleavage , Nic
tells me to sit down, and as I do, he rolls up a skin colored stocking
up my left leg. "OK Marc, these nude stockings will get runs in them
very easy, so be careful with them. He finishes with the left, and
quickly puts on the right.

Motioning for me to now stand up, I walked over to him and he hands me
a dress shirt of some sort. Putting it on, I realize that it is a
silk, open necked blouse. After sliding it on, doing up the last
button, and shifting it until it sat right, I looked down and noticed
that I wasn't getting out of this without showing off my new "assets"

Finally Nic hands me a tan miniskirt and says, "Just step into it".
Doing as I told, I step into it and pull it up. The skirt sliding
against the stocking was a very interesting feeling. But..

Looking past my "breasts", I see that the skirt is very form fitting.

"And now the finishing touches.." Nic says as he slides a pair of white
closed toe sandals onto my feet. Handing me a 'schrunchie' and
stepping back, he exclaims "You look perfect!!. Just put that around
your wrist in case you have to put your hair up later, and follow me.
You can take a look at your new self!"

As he spins around and starts out of the room, I follow, listening to
the clacking noise that the sandals are making on the floor. My skirt
was making a whishing sound against my stockings, and the silk rubbing
against my skin felt actually quite good. "But damn it, I'm a guy.
Why the hell did I agree to this? I can't look at all feminine, and
when Chris's parents find out, I'm a goner.."

Nic stops and simply points to a full length mirror. As I step up to
it, I see myself for the first time. My skin seemed softer and much
paler. "That must have been the stuff he was putting on earlier.", I
thought to myself. I had long, soft, wavy blonde hair, parted in the
middle and flowing down past my shoulders. Some of the hair was pulled
forward and flowed down onto the front of my breasts. The fitted silk
blouse just seemed to accentuate the large breasts that I now
possessed, and combined with the corset, seemed to give me that perfect
hourglass shape. The short miniskirt stopped 3 or 4 inches about my
knee, just below my stocking tops, and coming out from the skirt were
the nicest legs I have ever been allowed to view.

Taking a closer look at my face, Nic had used the combination of my new
paler skin, and some earth tones to bring out my natural features. My
eyes looks so WIDE! My lips were the same color as my nails, and looked
so full.

Taking a step back, I managed to murmur an "Wow" to myself. Nic heard
this and said, " Yes, you turned out better than I thought."

Just then, the front door to the shop opened, and Chris walked in.
Walking over to Nic, he asked if I was ready, or if I was still in the
back. Nic just pointed to me and said "Voil'a. "

Chris's jaw just dropped. He couldn't believe how well my "disguise"
turned out.

"Not bad eh Chris" I said in my definitely masculine voice. Chris
hearing this turned again to Nic and said "What about his voice?? That
will really wreck everything"

"No problem. Marc. Open your mouth" As I did, Nic sprayed a cool
liquid down my throat. "OK. Just wait a sec... .... .... OK..
Marc. Say something." "Like what.. What do you want me to ..." MY
VOICE!! IT WAS SO HIGH!! "Perfect" Chris said.


Chris's family reunion was definitely worse than I thought. Don't get
me wrong, I passed very easily, but everyone from his cousins to his
dad hit on me if they managed to corner me. I don't think my ass has
been pinched so much. I was so tempted to turn around and punch a
couple of them while yelling "I'm a guy you stupid tit.. Fuck off!!"

I didn't think that would go down to well..

Driving home, Chris was very appreciative. "Thank you Marc.. I owe
you my life."

"Yeah, well, next time you have one of these parties don't ask me to do
this again.. I don't care if you pay me a million dollars, I ain't
doing this. I prefer to be the pincher, not the pinchee."

Pulling up in front of my new apartment, Chris pulls out the $1000
dollars he promised and said "Thanks again.. Do you want to go to a
movie later or something tonight??"

"Nah... I think I'm just going to get the heck out of this outfit, and
take a shower and forget this every happened. I'll talk to you

"OK.. See yah man." Chris said as he roared away.


As I walked into the lobby of my new apartment, I noticed the clicking
sound that my sandals were making on the tile floor. "Nice... Another
thing to remind me of what I look like.."

Walking over to the elevator, I pressed the up button, which lit up
brightly. While waiting, I started to think over my day with Chris.
"God his family is full of pigs. It really sucks being a woman in it.
I was a guest for god sakes, but even I had to help clean up while all
the guys sat around and drank. Listening to those women babble about
crap was so boring. At least this outfit got a little more comfortable
over the day. It actually feels a little looser, and my feet stopped
hurting. ".

With that, the elevator door opened, and I walked in. Hitting the 7th
floor button, I looked over and saw that some guy was also in the
elevator. "Hi", He said as his eyes roamed up and down my body.

"Hi" I mumbled back, wishing that the voice stuff Nic used had worn off
so I could give this guy a little shock.

The ride up to the 7th floor was not to much fun. The guy ("My name is
Jeff") was trying to make small talk. As the elevator stopped on the
7th floor and the doors open, I hastily walked out, saying a quick
"Goodbye". Peeking his head out of the elevator, Jeff said "Maybe I'll
see you later?" "Not quite", I thought to himself.

After opening the door to my apartment, I kicked off the sandals and
walked over to the fridge to get a beer. After cracking it open, I
started walking to the bathroom to get rid of all this stuff.

Turning the lights on once again presented me with the image of a
beautiful girl looking back at me from the mirror. Laughing to myself
at the idiots at Chris's party that thought I was a chick, I reached to
the front of the wig to pull the small remove cord. After digging
around, I couldn't find it. "Aw Shit.. Where the hell is it!".

After a few minutes of fretful searching, I tried to just yank it off,
but being that it was twisted into my own hair, I was given quite a
shot of pain.

Giving up on the wig, I just used the hair thing Nic gave me to put it
back in a rag-tag ponytail until I could go to Nic's and get it

Well, It least I can get rid of the makeup and fake nails.", I thought
to myself as I reached into the bag Nic gave me with the removers.
Bringing some warm water and soap to my face, I reached over and
grabbed a white face cloth. Wiping off the residue and water from my
face, I looked at the cloth and saw that most of the make up came right
off. "Not bad..." I thought, until I looked at the mirror. True, the
makeup was mostly gone, but my skin was still smooth and pale. My eyes
were still wide, and my lips still looked pouty. Panicking, I started
wiping my face with the cloth until it started to sting.

The rest of the top level of makeup was gone, but my face was still
feminine and had that paleness to it.

"Fuck .. Nic says.. Oh.. It'll come right off.. Yeah right.. Wait
until I see HIM again..", I thought as I spread some of the glue
remover on the fake nails. Letting it sit for a few minutes, I ran my
hand under the tap, fully expecting the nails to just fall into the
sink. Instead, the dull pink polish just ran off exposing the nail
underneath. "I thought these were pink nails?" I said to myself as I
took a closer look. "Wait a minute. THESE ARE MY NAILS!!!! Somehow
these things have bonded to ME!!!!"

Getting really worried, I quickly undid my shirt, and let it drop to
the ground. I also whipped off the stockings and miniskirt. Catching
a glance at myself in the mirror, I saw a sexy girl in her underwear.

Tearing the bra and panties from my body, I looked again into the
mirror. Trying to find the seam for the fake breasts, and the corset
proved fruitless because it was no longer there!!

"Oh my god", I said to myself. Looking back at the mirror, I felt a
slight breeze drift over my breasts and noticed my nipples double in
size, standing out from my body.

Letting my hands drift down my body, starting at my breasts, I felt my
new thin waist, and where my hips seemed to balloon out. Bring my hand
down to where my cock used to be, I felt what I hoped was still my
"fake" vagina. Sliding my fingers over the opening, it felt warm. As
I closed my eyes in fear, I slipped one of my fingers in, and felt the

"No..", I whispered to myself, still hearing the sexy high voice.

"This can't be happening." Running to my bedroom, still clutching the
glue remover and now feeling my breasts bounce, I closed the door and
took a look at the full length mirror. Running my eyes up and down the
reflection, I could not find any seams or even a difference in color in
my skin. There was just the flawless body of a 19 year old girl.

Freaking, I spread the glue remover all over where the seams once were,
almost screaming "Please work.. Please work". To my disappointment,
it didn't.

Holding my breasts in my hands, the only words I could mutter were "Oh
god... I'm a girl" before my mind shut down and my body collapsed from
the shock.

The End (Of Part One?)

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