By Parker

WARNING: This story involves forced tv and m/m sex. I can't
put it any more plainly than that.

Copyright 1995 by Parker. Feel free to distribute (to appropriate
places, of course) but don't alter the text. That would be bad.

I couldn't believe it!
It went way beyond my wildest dreams.
Here I was, Steven Murdoch, computer geek... nerd... dweeb -
whatever you want to call it - in the pink and bow bedroom of
Janice Sweet, the most beautiful and sought after girl of
Greenwood High. Tall and slender, with short, dark hair and big
brown eyes - Homecoming Queen... voted "girl most likely" two
years in a row - she was easily the most popular and, in my
opinion, the most beautiful girl in school.
I'd been watching her for a couple of weeks now, ever since
my mom lost her job in Point Hope and had been forced to take on
a night shift at Bakersville Freight and Transport and I'd
transferred to Greenwood. For all my watching, I'd never dreamed
that anything would happen between us. I could say it's because
we move in different circles, but the truth is, I don't really
have a circle. I was new at the school and kind of shy. I didn't
really know anyone.
Janice though... you know the type. Girls like that don't
have much to do with geeks like me. Sure, we're fine for helping
out with homework now and then, but girls like that invariably go
out with guys like football or basketball stars. That's what it
had been like with Janice when I'd started school in mid-
September. According to the grapevine, she'd been going steady
with Biff Hammond, captain of the football team for over a year.
They'd been a fairy tale couple, the most beautiful girl in
school going out with the most handsome jock...
Then he dumped her.
In public, too. In the cafeteria.
It'd been all over the school in minutes.
That's why, when I saw her after school a couple of days
later, sobbing in the woods behind the parking lot, that I knew
what was wrong. And that was why I screwed up my courage and went
to talk to her. She'd turned away at first, but quickly opened up
and soon we were talking like we'd been friends forever.
She really needed someone to talk to.
I walked her home that afternoon.

Some girls look great from a distance, but when you really
get close and talk to them, they turn out to be a disappointment.
Janice wasn't like that.
Over the next four weeks, we spent lots of time together.
Sure, a lot of it involved me doing her homework and stuff, but
that was only to be expected. I thought it was developing into
My hopes were confirmed when she invited me to be her date
at Cindy Parker's Halloween party. I stammered out a "yes" and it
was a date.
A date!
With Janice Sweet!
It was almost too good to be true. It was like one of those
movies where the-most-popular-girl-in-school-looks-beneath-the-
Like a fairy tale.
Certainly not real life.
But, when she kissed me that night, I knew it *was* true. It
wasn't a very long kiss, but it promised more. I felt like a frog
slowly being turned into a prince.
We made arrangements to meet the next day to get ready for
the party. She'd have to go early to help Cindy set up, but she
wanted me to come over in the late afternoon so she could help me
get into costume.
"What costume?" I asked.
"You'll see."
She smiled.
I was going to ask more, but then she kissed me again.
Longer this time.

The next day was Saturday.
I was on edge all day, looking forward to the party, but
scared at the same time. Even my mom, who's usually so far out of
it from her night job that she never really sees me, noticed
something was up. I tried to explain to her what it meant, me
having a date with someone like Janice Sweet and all, but she
just nodded and said "That's nice, dear."
She didn't get it.
Sometimes I wish dad were still around.

So that brings me to Saturday afternoon.
In Janice's room. As I said, it went way beyond my wildest
dreams. In more ways than one.
When I went over to Janice's at about 3:00 to get ready for
the party, she met me at the door dressed as a man!
Or a boy, at least.
"Hi Stephen."
She smiled at me.
"Do you like it?"
She turned around, giving me a full view. She may have been
dressed like a man, but the way she smiled and moved... well, if
she was male, then I was gay.
Still, the costume was pretty good. Her dark hair was wet
down and combed across her head with a part down one side. She
wasn't wearing any makeup that I could see, and she had put on a
pair of heavy glass, which hid her eyes and made her look... I
don't know, less female? They certainly de-emphasized her looks.
The rest of it was pretty simple: a fake moustache; a guy's
slacks and a jacket with covered her chest; and a pair of men's
dress shoes.
Not bad.
"Looks good," I told her (and basked in her sudden smile).
"But what about me? Don't want people to think I'm going on a
date with a guy."
She laughed.
"Come see," she said, taking my hand and leading me into her
bedroom. I saw at once what she was laughing about. It was all
laid out there on her bed: a yellow dress... girl's underwear...
a pair of yellow shoes with heels... a blonde wig...
"Uhm..." I turned to her. "You want me to go as a... a
She nodded, smiling. "You'll be my date," she explained
happily. "It'll be perfect. We'll win first prize for sure." I
felt my stomach begin to turn. Going out with Janice was a dream
come true, but going as a girl?
It was too much!
Christ, I'd never live it down. Even with Janice...
"I don't know," I told her. "I don't think this is a
Before I could complete the sentence, she walked up to me,
took off the glasses and brought her lips to mine for a long
kiss. Her fake moustache tickled a bit, but I wasn't about to
complain... not as long as her warm, moist lips were pressed
against mine and her tongue slid teasingly across my teeth...
Finally, she pulled away.
"Are you sure?" she whispered.
She kissed me again. By the time the kiss ended, I was
trembling and my cock was straining at the front of my jeans. I
groaned as I felt her hand slide along the front of my crotch,
rubbing against my cock through the thick material.
"I really want you to wear the costume," she told me,
smiling. "Besides, dressed as a guy, I feel pretty aggressive."
Her smile took on a new intensity. "A 'guy' like me on a date
with a 'girl' like you... who knows what will happen?"
Her smile promised everything.
How could I refuse.
I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.
"Oh... good. I can't wait to see how you look." She took my
hand and led me into the bathroom. "Let's get started. The
costume has to be perfect."

Maybe I would have protested more if I hadn't been so bloody
horny. I wanted to complain... when she got me to strip down to
my underwear and then smeared that white foam stuff all over my
arms, legs and underarms, I wanted to tell her "no". But the
feeling of her hands on my body - as well as the occasional rub
against my still rigid cock and the special smile she gave me -
kept me silent. I almost felt like crying in the shower when I
washed the white stuff off and it left my arms and legs
completely hairless, but when I got out of the shower, she was
waiting with a towel, her eyes sliding up and down my naked
body... licking her lips.
How could I?
I finally did object when she glued false nails on over my
own - they weren't particularly long, but definitely female with
their soft, pink polish - but she just laughed. "Don't be a
silly," she told me. "They'll peel off with a bit of polish
remover." She looked up at me from where she was kneeling by the
chair. "They'll be the first thing I take off," she purred,
"after the party."
I swallowed and fell silent.
I just watched as she completed my costume: a pair of girl's
panties - not lingerie, just solid, tight underwear, which held
my straining cock tight against my abdomen; stockings which came
up to mid-thigh and were held up by a pair of garter belts; a
light corset - at least, that's what I think it was - pulled
tight so it held my stomach in and pushed up my chest; a pink bra
- a "junior" she called it, smiling, with what looked like two
pink, papery bags filling it out; a yellow dress, which came down
to just above my knees; a pair of yellow shoes with heels -
"three inch," she told me, "you'll have to practice a bit" -
fitting snug over my stocking-encased feet; a pair of dangling
earrings, clipped on of course; and, finally, the makeup.
The makeup took forever.
I kept wanting to take a look at myself in the mirror -
curious, despite my distaste at what was happening, to see what I
looked like - but she wouldn't let me turn around. "Just wait,"
she told me, concentrating as she applied... well, I don't know
what it was... lots of stuff. "I want it to be a surprise."
Finally, she seemed to be finished.
Janice stepped back and gave an appreciative whistle as she
looked at me.
"Lemme see..." I got out of the chair and tried to look at
the mirror.
"One more thing," she told me, putting her hand on my
shoulder. "Don't look yet."
I obeyed, sitting back down as she fitted the wig over my
head and pinned it on.
"Perfect," she smiled, stepping away. "Now you can look."
I turned and looked at myself.
At myself?
I would never have believed it.
I'm not the biggest guy in the world - kind of small and
thin, really... my mom says I'm 'small boned' - so I was the
right size and build for a girl. And, boy, did I look like a
girl. The wig gave me curly, almost platinum blonde hair, which
tumbled down over my ears and onto my shoulders. The hair framed
what, I have to admit, was a beautiful face. I don't know what
she did with the makeup, but it sure worked. My male face had
almost disappeared behind blushing cheeks... high, thin
eyebrows... delicately made-up eyes... hot pink lips...
And it wasn't just the hair and face. The yellow dress fit
snug across my chest, not showing any cleavage - no surprise
there - but definitely highlighting what appeared to be my small,
firm breasts. It narrowed over my stomach - which was quite thin
due to the corset - and flared out over my legs, coming to a
frilly end just above my knees. The visible part of my legs was
covered by the stockings, which ran down into the yellow shoes.
Janice stepped beside me and looked into the mirror. She'd
put the glasses back on and was wearing a cap. "What do you
think, uhm... Stephanie?" she asked, smiling at our reflections.
"Do we make a cute couple."
I couldn't help but grin. She'd done an incredible job! I
looked a hell of a lot more like a girl than she did a guy. "It's
amazing," I told her, turning away from the mirror and walking
towards her. "I can't believe..."
"Uh oh." The smile left her face. "That won't do. We'll
never win the prize with you talking and walking like that."
"Like what?"
"Like a guy," she said, rolling her eyes. She grinned and
checked her watch. "We don't have much time, 'cause I have to be
at Cindy's soon. I'll get you started and you can practice here
before coming over."
I started to say something, not happy with the way things
were going, but she silenced me with another smile and my lessons
began. Over the next hour or so, she taught me how to act like a
girl: how to walk on the shoes; how to sit; how to talk - I had
trouble with that last part, and we eventually settled on a low,
breathe voice; how to move and...
Well, it seemed like a lot to learn, and before I knew it,
Janice was throwing on her jacket and rushing off to Cindy's to
help set up for the party. I tried to kiss her as she left, but
she turned away with a giggle. "Don't want to ruin the makeup,"
she told me. I frowned. "Besides," she said, slipping her hand
under the dress and rubbing my cock through the panties,
"there'll be lots of that later on."
That was good enough for me.
Over the next couple of hours, I practised on my own in
Janice's room, determined to win the prize for her. As I
practised my walking, all the time talking to myself in that low,
breathy voice, I couldn't help but look around her room. I was a
bit disappointed to see that there were still a few pictures of
Biff around, but I was mollified to see one of them stuck up on a
dartboard and another defaced with nail polish.
He was definitely out.
And I was in!

By the time eight o'clock rolled around, I was getting
pretty good at it. I was more or less used the walking in the
shoes, and the makeup and clothing weren't quite so foreign. Not
that I really enjoyed dressing like a girl; it's just that I
really wanted to make things perfect for Janice.
And, of course, the promise of things to come was a pretty
powerful incentive. My mind kept going back, recalling the feel
of her lips on mine... her hand on my cock...
Time to go.
I gathered up the purse Janice had thoughtfully left behind
for me, through the white sweater over my shoulders - she'd told
me to leave my clothing in her room - and called a taxi. I was a
bit nervous leaving the house dressed and made up as a girl, but
no one gave me a second glance. The taxi driver even called me
It was almost fun in a weird kind of way.

Cindy's house was in the upscale part of Bakersville. I knew
who she was from school - who didn't... she was part of Janice's
popular crowd - but I'd never met her.
Ah well...
My stomach tightened as I walked up to the front door. I
could hear music coming from inside and the front of the house
was covered with Halloween decorations. At least I hadn't come to
the wrong house.
Bloody hell... *that* would have been a disaster.
I rang the bell.

The door opened and a girl looked out.
It was Cindy.
She wasn't in costume.
"Oh, hi." She stepped back from the door. "Come on in."
I entered with a growing sense of dread.
Something was wrong.
"I'm sorry," Cindy said, closing the door. "I don't know if
we've met." She held out her hand. "I'm Cindy. Are you here with
I nodded clearing my throat. Hesitantly, I reached out and
took her hand, my pink nails gleaming. "I'm... uh... Stephanie,"
I told her, speaking in my girl's voice. "I'm here with Janice."
Cindy smiled.
"OK. She said she was expecting someone." She turned and
walked down the hallway towards the music. "Follow me." I
followed, remembering to walk as I'd practised in Janice's
bedroom. She turned the corner and gestured me into a large room
full of people.
It was the party.
No one was in costume.
No one.
"This is it," she said. "I'll go tell Janice you're here.
Have fun." I stood, paralysed as Cindy walked into the room and
disappeared into the crowd. A few moments later, Janice emerged
and came running up to me. She wasn't wearing her costume and she
looked upset.
"Stephen," she whispered, grabbing my arm and pulling me
into and through the crowd. "Come with me. Quickly!" I tagged
along behind her as best I could, my heart pounding with fear. I
was at a school party dressed and made up as a girl... and it
wasn't a costume party. My short life flashed before my eyes as I
tried to imagine what would happen when I got caught. "Through
here." She shoved me into the bathroom and closed the door behind
"I screwed up," she said, looking at me. "Cindy told me that
it was a costume party, but she changed her mind without letting
me know." She looked like she was about to cry. "I feel like such
an idiot."
"*You* feel like an idiot?" I was almost angry with her now.
"You're not the one..."
"I did try to call you," she interrupted. "Over and over
again. You didn't answer."
I fell silent, my anger fading. The phone had rung a number
of times. I didn't pick it up because it wasn't my house.
She'd tried to warn me.
"Now what?" I asked.
"I guess we'll just get you out of here," she told me.
"We'll go back to my place and you can change."
I almost sagged with relief.
And anticipation.
We were heading back to her place.
I remembered the feel of her lips on mine.
"Come on." She opened the door and led me out of the
bathroom and back into the main party room. The place was packed.
Practically everyone who was anyone at Greenwood High was there,
either standing around drinking and talking or dancing on the
large dance floor set up in a corner of the room. I tried to keep
my attention focused on Janice's back as she led me across the
room, hoping and praying that no one would try to talk to me, but
I couldn't help but look around as we waded through the crowd.
That's why I saw Biff before Janice did.
"Hello Janice," Biff sneered. He seemed to be a little
drunk. Maybe more than a little. He looked at me. "Who's your
Janice stopped walking and glared at him. "None of your
business," she snapped. "Asshole."
Biff just grinned. At 6'4" and well over 200 lbs., it took
more than an angry ex-girlfriend to intimidate him. "That's not
very ladylike," he mocked her. He turned back to me and I could
see his eyes taking me in. "Your friend here's a bit rude, not
introducing us. I'm Biff."
He looked at me as if expecting an answer. I froze, unable
to move or think under his gaze. What was I going to do? I felt
like I was about to throw up. He was going to...
"This is Stephanie," Janice answered, her voice dripping
acid. "She's new in Bakersville... just transferred to Greenwood.
And she's not for you."
Biff shook his head, keeping his eyes on me. They were small
and red; I could tell he was pissed. "Is that so?"
"Yes," Janice told him. "That's so. Leave us alone!"
Biff shook his head. "I'll leave you alone," he answered,
"but I think you're friend here wants to dance with me." He
reached out and grabbed my arm. I tried to pull away, but he
wrapped his hand around my wrist and held firm. I would have
yelled, but I was more terrified of causing a scene and
attracting attention than I was of him.
Janice quickly leaned in and whispered in my ear: "You'd
better dance with him." I stared at her, horrified. "Just once...
he'll get drunk wander off." I opened my mouth to say something,
but found myself speechless as Biff tugged on my arm. "Just
remember what you practised," she hissed. I just looked at her
blankly as Biff led me onto the dance floor.
What I'd practised.
The voice... the movements...
It was a medium tempo song, so we didn't dance very close.
Thank god. He just held my hands and we sort of bobbed up and
down more or less with the music. My earlier observation that he
was pretty drunk turned out to be accurate and me... well, I
wasn't much of a dancer.
Still, even drunk he made small talk as we danced, asking me
where I was from and how I knew Janice. Stuff like that. By now
my head had cleared a bit, and I managed to feed him a story
about how my mom had just been transferred from Point Hope and
was just starting at Greenwood. Just like my real story, only
with a Stephanie rather than a Stephen.
Finally, the dance ended.
I desperately looked around for Janice, but she was nowhere
to be seen. I tried to break away, but Biff just put his arm
around my shoulder and led me to a group of his friends, where he
introduced me as Stephanie, a new girl at school. Having no
choice, I played along with him, waiting for an opportunity to
make my escape. A couple of the girls chatted with me, and before
long I'd repeated the "Stephanie" story a number of times.

The party continued.
I kept trying to get away, but Biff was all over me, giving
me his undivided attention. I even went and sat in the bathroom
for about twenty minutes, hoping he'd lose interest and leave me
alone, but when I emerged, he was waiting with a drink and a
smile. I took the drink and, pretty upset, gulped it down. He
made a joke about me being "his kind of girl" and left to get me
another. After a quick look around for Janice - she was still
nowhere to be found - I headed for the door.
Biff was waiting with another drink.

The party continued.
After a couple of hours, I was a little drunk, having downed
half a dozen drinks myself. I don't think Biff left my side and
we had three or four more dances and I was slowly introduced to
everyone the party as Stephanie, the new girl. I don't know
whether it was the alcohol or just the fact that I hadn't been
caught, but I was almost beginning to relax a bit in the role. I
was still terrified of being found out, but it was looking like
I'd get through it. The party was beginning to break up and soon
I'd get away for good.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when, after Cindy
announced the last dance - "Stairway to Heaven", of course (god,
I hated that song) - Biff grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the
dance floor. Up to then, the dances had been fairly chaste, but
this was a different matter.
This was a slow dance.
Biff put his drunken arms around me and pulled me close as
the song began. Terrified, and more than a little repulsed, I
stiffened up and then, having no choice, relaxed and melted into
his embrace. It was too easy. I was tired... a little drunk...
and my feet were killing me. It was so easy just to lean into him
and relax... it was almost...
My foot slipped. I threw my arms over his shoulders to
steady myself.
"Stephanie," Biff said.
Instinctively, I tilted my head upwards and looked at him. I
saw it coming - I knew it was coming - but, almost hypnotized
with fear, I didn't turn away. Besides, what could I do? It was
too late to...
He kissed me.
I felt the gorge rise in my throat as his tongue slipped
between my open lips and explored my lipsticked mouth. Dimly, I
was aware that my arms were still wrapped around his shoulders,
but I was too weak to pull them away. I felt faint and my head
was spinning as his breath, thick and heavy with alcohol, flowed
into my mouth, filling me up with his smell... his feel...
When he broke away, I was panting and confused, staring up
at him with my lips parted. My mind reeled with revulsion. I'd
been french kissed by a boy... a great big, drunken football
player... and there was nothing I could do!
I was so weak in his arms.
The whole world seemed to shrink away as he leaned down and
kissed me again. I think I moaned with fear this time, trembling
helpless in his grasp. From a distance, I was aware of a flash
and a bunch of people cheering... egging him on... making jokes
about him... about us. Another cheer went up and I felt his hand
on my ass, squeezing and pulling me even tighter into his arms as
his tongue explored my mouth.
He pulled his mouth away.
"It's a bit public in here," he whispered, nodding over my
shoulder at the jeering teenagers. "Come with me."
My head was spinning. Helpless to resist, I followed as he
took my hand and led me through the house onto the back patio. It
was dark and a bit cool. I shivered in my light dress and he put
his arms around me.
"You sure are a fox," he mumbled drunkenly, drawing me
forward for another kiss. "Much nicer than your friend Janice."
What a jerk! I mumbled "no" and tried to push him away, but it
was useless.
And so, we began to neck out there on the porch at Cindy's
house. His hands roamed freely over my body, squeezing...
fondling... prodding... I was terrified that he would touch me in
the wrong place and discover that I wasn't really a girl, and
kept trying to back away. Eventually I ended up in a corner up
against a railing, unable to move away as the necking continued
and he began to grind his crotch into me. I almost threw up as I
felt his stiff cock rubbing against my stomach.
What was I going...

The darkness of the night was broken by a bright camera
flash. Biff broke away and looked at where the flash had come
"What the hell...".
Janice walked forward, carrying a polaroid camera.
"Looked like a Kodak moment to me," she smirked.
"You bitch," Biff taunted her. "I dumped you because you
were getting so fucking jealous... but you're even worse than I
thought." Then he grinned and looked at me, standing dishevelled
in the corner. "I'll give you a 'kodak moment'!"
He turned back to me and, before I could do anything, swept
me into another embrace and brought his face forward for a long,
passionate kiss. I twisted and squirmed in arms, horrified at the
feel of his tongue in my mouth, as Janice snapped two or three
more pictures. When he finally broke away, I slumped, gasping
against the rail.
"Like what you see?" Biff snarled at her.
"Oh yes," Janice told him, smiling. "I like it." She put the
camera down and walked towards us. "And now, I've got a surprise
for you, lover boy."
Biff looked puzzled at her actions. "What?"
Janice grabbed Biff's hand.
By the time I realized what she was doing, it was too late.
She took his hand and shoved it under my skirt.
Up to my crotch.
My cock.

"Fuck!!!" Biff stumbled backwards on the porch, staring at
his hand like it had suddenly betrayed him. I was dead now, and I
knew it. Biff would kill me. And if he didn't, it would soon be
known all over school what had happened.
And everyone would kill me.
My life was over.
Biff must have been thinking along the same lines.
"You are dead, asshole," he growled at me. "You are fucking
dead." He started towards me...
"Don't be stupid," Janice laughed at him. "You beat him up
and everyone will know what happened. You two were quite the
couple at the party." Biff stopped, now more confused than angry.
I think I even saw some fear in his eyes.
He had a lot to lose.
"And besides," Janice purred, "there's always the pictures.
Soon everyone will know about you and... him."
Biff sagged against the railing.
She had him.
Biff and I both looked at her.
Was there a way out?
She laughed.
"Unless you two do exactly what I say." Janice walked
towards Biff, staring him in the face. "I can get you out of
this, and the whole thing will stay my little secret."
"What?" Biff asked.
He looked frightened.
She took his hand and led him over to me. He didn't say
anything; he just followed along. When he was standing directly
in front of me, she put her hand on my shoulder. "Kneel," she
ordered. I gathered myself to run, but Biff put his hand on my
shoulder and pushed.
"Do what she says, you little faggot," he growled.
I knelt.
Biff moaned quietly but didn't argue as Janice reached down,
unzipped his pants and slid his cock out. It was enormous, long,
hard and... and wet as it dangled inches from my face. Holding
his cock in her left hand, she reached around behind my head with
her other hand and pushed me forward until the head of his cock
was resting against my lips.
"Open," she told me.
I shook my head, trying not to breath.
"Do it," Biff ordered.
I obeyed, almost retching.
Biff immediately moved his hips forward and, just like that,
his cock filled my mouth. Janice leaned down - "... there's a
girl..." - and whispered lewd instructions about... about
cocksucking. About how I should do it... about moving my lips and
my tongue... bobbing my head... about sucking...
In a trance, I did as she said.
When Biff began to move his hips back and forth, moaning,
she straightened up and began to talk to him, keeping one hand
resting lightly on the head. On my knees, sliding my tongue
across the underside of Biff's huge cock and sucking lightly as
it slid in and out of my pink, lipsticked mouth, I listened as
Janice told Biff how he was going to get out of it.
"Feels nice, doesn't it?" she taunted him. "That's not so
bad, is it? Getting your cock sucked by another guy."
Biff grunted.
Janice laughed.
And, as Biff's cock grew ever larger and harder in my mouth,
I listened in growing horror while she explained what she had in
mind for him.
For us.
She explained how this was her payback for his breaking up
with her... for how he'd humiliated her in front of the entire
school. She told him how he'd be ruined at school if it came out
that he'd been necking with a boy... about how everyone had seen
us at the party - not to mention the pictures, which would soon
be circulating - and that if anyone ever found out about Biff's
"Stephanie" being a boy... well, he'd be more than a
laughingstock. And so, she told him, her hand jerking my head
forward, forcing me to take the head of his cock down my throat,
his only way out was to keep me... as a girlfriend! His
girlfriend. That was the price of her silence and, with respect
to my end of things, her assistance. She would keep quiet about
me and make certain I was able to keep up the masquerade. He
would "go steady" with me for the rest of the year, not seeing
any other girls.
By the end of her little speech, Biff was grunting and
thrusting his cock down my throat. I was gasping for air, and had
put my hands on his thighs for support. Janice's hand kept me
from pulling away and I was sucking and slurping at his cock for
all I was worth, bobbing my head up and down in a frenzy.
Anything to get this over with.
Janice laughed. "You two are getting into it already. I'm
doing you both a favour, bringing you together like this."
Biff suddenly stiffened and grabbed the back of my head.
Holding me firmly, he shot what seemed like gallons of warm cum
into my mouth. I swallowed the foul stuff as fast as I could, but
it kept coming up. I coughed as it bubbled over my lips, sprayed
out my nose and splattered across my chin.
Finally, he was done.
Janice slid his cock out from between my lips and zipped him
up as I knelt, retching on the patio deck. Biff, in no condition
to say anything, just stood there.
Smiling, she helped me to my feet . "Tch tch... what a mess
you've made, Stephanie." She fussed over me, straightening my
hair and wiping my face with a cloth. After redoing my lipstick,
she grabbed each of us in her arms and led us back into the party
room. There were still about dozen kids sitting around talking.
The guys laughed and slapped Biff on the back as Janice led me
into the kitchen where a number of girls were talking.
Cindy looked at me, horrified. "Stephanie!" she said, taking
a facecloth and rubbing a bit of cum which was dripping from my
chin. "Really."
Janice giggled.


That was three months ago.

For the first few weeks after the party, Janice was really
into it, overseeing every aspect of my conversion to a girl... to
Biff's girlfriend. She took me to the mall the Sunday after the
party and got my ears pierced for real... no more clip-ons, she
told me, smirking as I tried to hide my tears.
It hurt like hell.
The routine started the next day. Every morning before
school, I'd go to her place and she'd help me get ready, showing
me how to dress and put makeup on for myself... laughing, as she
explained to me about how I should act and talk. She'd decided
that, with the platinum blonde hair and a boyfriend like Biff,
Stephanie would be a bit of an air-head, so I was taught to talk
and act like a blonde bimbo... lots of giggling and gum

Janice's interest has since waned. She has a new boyfriend
now and isn't really interested in getting revenge on Biff any
But it's too late.

Janice had a friend in the school administration. Stephen no
longer exists at Greenwood High; it's Stephanie now. Stephanie
Murdoch. They registered me in 'home ec' and a bunch of courses
like that. I'm now well known to all the teachers and kids as

For the first week after the party, Biff and I saw each
other as little as possible, only meeting when Janice set things
up so we had no choice. Then, the next weekend, I think he
decided 'what the hell' and took me to a movie. Janice was
delighted and dressed me up like a little tart for my first real
"date". He was a total jerk about the whole thing, treating me
like shit all night and then making me suck him off afterwards in
the back seat of his car. I don't think he much liked going out
with a boy dressed like a girl, but he seemed to enjoy what I did
with his cock well enough. After that, we spent a lot of time
together, almost as if we *were* going out.
I got to know his cock real well.

Biff and I never really talked about what Janice did to us.
I tried to bring it up, once, speaking in my normal voice, but he
just punched me in the stomach and told me shut up. Then he
pulled out his cock and stuffed it in my mouth while I crouched,
gasping at his feet.
That was the last time I tried that.
I think he was working real hard to convince himself that I
really was a girl. That was the only way he could deal with what
was happening to him... to forget that I wasn't a girl. To forget
what Janice had done to him.

And me... I could never forget that I wasn't a girl.

Me fucking the other guys was Biff's idea. After we'd "gone
steady" for about a month, he told me that he wanted me to start
sleeping around with other boys at school. He thought it would
protect him in case we were ever found out... that too many other
guys would be compromised. I thought he was crazy. I complained,
telling him that eventually necking and a blow job wouldn't be
enough, and that I'd be found out.
Things were dangerous enough as it was.
Biff grinned a sick grin.
"No problem," he told me. "I've got it figured out."
"What?" I asked.
He threw me over the back of the couch and showed me what he
had in mind.
Janice laughed when I told her.
"So our Stephanie's going to be a bit of a slut, is she?"
She seemed to like the idea. The next morning when I showed up at
her house for "dressup", she had me bend over and forced a thick
buttplug up my ass "to loosen me up for all my boyfriends". She'd
also bought a new wardrobe and new makeup... "more appropriate
for a slut like Stephanie."

Biff's plan worked.
He put out the word that I was into anal sex and was looking
for action. Since then, I think I've had half the jocks at school
between my legs or between my lips. It hurt like hell at first
getting it up the ass - particularly from the black guys with the
massive cocks - but I'm so loose back there now I can barely feel
it. Not that I let on, of course... oh no, not Stephanie the
cocksucker... the ass slut... the most popular slut at Greenwood
since Stacy Richards. Biff let me know that I was to show his
friends a good time, which meant lots of action. Moaning...
whining... panting... yelping out fake orgasms... the whole nine

I got good at it. Anything to get the bastards off as
quickly as possible. It's almost routine, now. I'd show up at a
party and immediately attract all sorts of attention. I'd gulp
down a couple of quick drinks to deaden my senses and, over the
course of the evening, any number of guys would slip their arm
over my shoulder and lead me into a bedroom or bathroom or
whatever. Sometimes they'd be satisfied with a blowjob - I'd
kneel down before them and, making the appropriate moaning
sounds, slurp and kiss and swallow their cocks until they come in
my mouth; sometimes they'd take me up the ass while I bucked and
moaned like a whore.
As long as it was quick.

Not that I like it.

The taste of cum still makes me sick.

I'm a cheerleader now. I get to spend more time with the
football team that way. Biff says he loves the way my tight ass
wiggles in the cheerleader outfit.
He should.
Janice made me practice it enough.
And there's always the buttplug.

So, now it's three months later and I'm still Biff's girl,
although that ended really when Janice started going out with her
new boyfriend and lost interest in Biff. I don't think Janice
really cares much about us any more, but Biff won't take any
chances. And he won't let me change back. Besides, I've fucked so
many guys at school it'd be suicide to change now. I'm stuck as
Stephanie the cocksucker... the ass slut at least until the end
of the year.

It's Valentine's Day, and I'm at Janice's place getting
ready for my usual party date with Biff. He'll pick me up at
Janice's house. I'll be wearing the appropriate "slut wear" (as
Janice calls it): leather mini-skirt; pumps; tank top... no
panties (just a harness holding my poor cock flat against my
stomach) and, of course, lots of makeup. Maybe he'll have me
suck him off in the car before he goes to get his real date...
maybe not. It doesn't matter; there'll be plenty of that later

Then he'll drop me off alone at the party.
But I won't be alone for long. I never am.


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