Neighbor's Night Out

by Mellissa Lynn
Jan 1997

>>> Hey, this one I actually wrote! I posted it a long time ago, but I
haven't seen it out there anywhere, so I'm reposting it.

"Come on, honey, we'll be late!" my wife Jenny called down
the stairs to me as I walked in the door. I grinned, knowing
both that it was my birthday and that it was Neighbors' Night
Out, a little get-together we had about once a month with four of
our neighbors. We lived in a little cul-de-sac, just the five
houses in a circle, with the next nearest house after that a good
half-mile away.
Neighbors' Night Out was originally just a social
gathering, things like barbecues or pizza and movies, but
gradually, as we got to know each other better, it became
something much more stimulating. It turned out that we all had a
swinging streak in our marriages, and Neighbors' Night Out
became, to be blunt, an orgy. This contributed to the relaxed
atmosphere of the neighborhood. It was nothing to see someone
laying out, stark naked, in the summer, working on the perfect
California tan.
As I said, it was also my birthday. The combination of the
two had great potential, but nothing like what I discovered when
I got up to our bedroom! I walked in to find my wife and all
four of the neighbor wives waiting for me. They were all dressed
up quite fancy, as if they were going out for the evening.
Without preamble, my wife asked me, "Van, do you trust me?"
Puzzled, I replied, "Of course I do, dear. Why do you
Nodding toward the others, she replied, "I told them about
My knees went weak. As open as our neighborhood was, I had
one secret that I'd never shared with anyone else but Jenny.
That secret was Vanna, my "other" half.
I'd discovered at a tender age that I was a transvestite.
I dressed in secret for a long time before my sister caught me in
one of her outfits. I was all of eleven at the time, trying to fit
in a fifteen-year-old's dress. My sister had started to laugh, but
then stopped and looked at me again. She saw the potential for a
little sister, and decided to go out of her way to make me
exactly that. And thus was Vanna born.
Jenny smiled at me as she said, "Relax, sweetheart! It
isn't a big deal. The reason I told them is that I've prepared a
surprise for your birthday, and I needed their help in preparing
I was still feeling awkward, but curiosity forced me to
ask, "What is it?"
"Well," my wife beamed, "tonight, during Neighbors' Night
Out, you're going to be one of the girls. And you know what THAT
Jenny looked at me as the others giggled, checking to see
if I wanted to go through with it. I knew what being "one of the
girls" would entail. In fact, I'd occasionally fantasized about
it. I'd told Jenny about my fantasies one night, after having a
wee bit too much to drink. I'd confessed that I'd like to try
the other side once during Neighbors' Night Out. Apparently she'd
been more sober than I'd thought and had listened to me. This was her
way of making that fantasy come true.
"Do the guys know?" I asked.
"Yes, but don't worry. They all know you well enough not
to really care. Relax! This is your birthday, so you just let us
take care of everything and enjoy what happens."

Well, that they did! The first thing that happened was I
was taken into the bathroom and shaved from the nose down. It took
almost forty minutes to complete the job, but when they finished, the
only hair I had left was on top of my head and a little heart-shaped
patch around my manhood. After I was finished being shaven, sweet-
smelling skin lotion was rubbed all over me.
Going back into the bedroom, Jenny pulled what appeared to
be a pair of underwear with straps on the bottom out of a box and
said, "Help me get these on you, Vanna." I obligingly stepped
into them, and Jenny pulled them up most of the way, fastening the
straps around my thighs. She grabbed my manhood and stuffed it
into a little pouch in the undies, adjusting everything until I
felt comfortable, then pulling them up the rest of the way. I
felt the undies grip me like a second skin, and looked down. I gasped
aloud when I saw the feminine thatch of hair framing the carefully-
designed lookalike pussy I was wearing! It was so real-looking I
had to touch it to make sure. The girls all giggled, and my
neighbor Lisa said, "Vanna, don't play with yourself! The boys
will take care of you tonight!" The meaningful eyes directed
toward my backside both worried and excited me, and I felt the
straps on my "pussy" get tighter.
Next my neighbor Theresa took out some surgical tape and
began playing with my chest. I'm not a fat man, but I had a lot
of loose flesh on my chest. Combining this with the tape, Theresa
soon built me a pert little set of breasts, about a B cup. Jenny
helped me into a padded white pushup bra, and I gasped again at
my cleavage. "We really need to work on those," Jenny mused aloud,
"if you're going to visit more often, Vanna." I liked the sound
of that!
With a flourish, Jenny pulled out the lingerie I was to
wear. With a wicked grin, she said, "We all decided that white would
be the best color for a virgin girl like you to wear, Vanna." I
blushed as I looked at my clothing for the night.
She wasn't kidding! White stockings with little bows
running up the legs, matching garter, crotchless panties, and a
matching corset. Jenny handed me the panties first. I started to pull
them up to expose my "pussy", but Jenny said, "They go the other way,
With a shiver both of apprehension and anticipation, I put
the panties on the way she said, framing my backside prettily in
lace. The girls helped me squeeze into the corset. After we
pulled it up my torso, the girls took hold of the laces on either
side and put all their combined weight into tightening them. I
felt like I was being cut in half, but when they finally couldn't
go any farther, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a
twenty-five-inch waistline looking back at me. The girls helped get
the garter and stockings on, then Jenny said, "Vanna, don't look at
yourself anymore now until we're finished. I want you to see how
good you can look as a girl, dressed properly, instead of the
slut outfits you normally want to wear."
They worked on me for the next hour, talking and giggling
to each other as if I wasn't even there. My makeup was done and my
breasts lightly powdered. My nails were painted to match. I
felt a wig carefully fitted onto me.
Finally, Jenny said, "Okay, Vanna, look at yourself in the
mirror." I did so, and was awestruck at the gorgeous creature
that looked back at me. I looked around at my wife and the others,
thinking secretly that I was, right now, better-looking than any
of them.
Starting with the long mid-back-length curly strawberry-
blonde wig, looking down at my shadowed and lined eyes, my pert
nose (made just a bit thinner and more ladylike with an expert
application of contouring blush), and my luscious ruby-red lips,
then on past my powdered cleavage to the tiny waist to my hips,
which the corset made look quite nice as they seemed to explode
off my torso. I continued down the white stocking-clad legs,
realizing I had quite decent-looking legs, to my (fortunately) small
"All right, the piece de resistance!" Jenny exclaimed. Out
of the closet came an absolutely gorgeous white velvet dress,
low-cut and strapless. I shivered as I stepped into it and Jenny
zipped it up. Matching two-inch heels and a pocketbook came
next, followed by a necklace, earrings and Jenny's mother's ruby ring,
which fit me better than her. I walked around in the heels for a
short time to get the feel of wearing them. It was easy, though;
I normally wore higher than that as Vanna (this was part of the
"slut" look Jenny despised seeing me in).
"Okay, Vanna, smile!" Wanda, my photographer neighbor said.
"We've got just enough time to do your portfolio before it's time
to meet the boys. They're just DYING to meet you, you know!"
She snapped almost three rolls of film, then Jenny said,
"Time to go, ladies!"
"Go where?" I asked.
"Oh, didn't we tell you, Vanna? We're going out to eat
before Neighbors' Night Out starts. We're going to Rudy's for
dinner and dancing."

Well, I won't bore you with the details of the evening,
except to say that it was exciting and exhilarating and
terrifying and scary all at the same time, and I never wanted it to
end. We girls made several trips into the ladies' room, which was
exciting in and unto itself (the forbidden zone, revealed at last!).
It was a marvelous feeling, being surrounded by women and being
accepted as one of them without a thought, and I relished it fully.
I discovered I loved dancing as a woman, especially the
slow dances. The guys I used to be a part of treated me just like a
lady, which is to say their hands roamed all over me as we
danced. Even better was when the other men in the room asked us to
dance. I was having the time of my life.
All too soon, it came to an end. "We have to go now,
Vanna," Jenny whispered. "It's time for Neighbors' Night Out."

I shivered slightly as I was led out by the other girls to
be presented to the men. I knew what was coming; it had been my
idea originally. I'd only dared dream I might be on the receiving end
of it someday.
The guys were wearing black robes and sitting in lawn
chairs as I was escorted to stand before them. I was now clad only in
the white lingerie and heels as I stood there, letting their eyes
roam all over me, taking in my pert little breasts, my tiny waist, and
my shapely legs.
"She looks quite delectable," Jim said. "But I wonder how
she will perform. There is only one way to find out. We must
test her."
"Yes," Eric agreed. "She needs a probational trial before
we accept her into our harem."
"What do you recommend, brothers?" Samuel inquired.
"There is only one sure way to know," Louis intoned.
"Bring forth the rack!"
Kelly and Lisa wheeled out a strange-looking contraption.
It was basically a bed, but very strategically designed. When the
petitioner was placed on it she was strapped down so that every
orifice was available for use. Due to physical limitations, I
was only going to be able to accommodate four, but that was all I had
to do. I shivered again, this time with building excitement.
Jenny and Wanda strapped me down, Jenny smiling down
happily at me as she saw her surprise was coming off so well. Gently
she began coating my sphincter with KY jelly, occasionally letting a
finger slip inside, as Theresa and Lisa put the fur mittens on
my hands and Kelly fastened the dribble bib around my neck. No use
getting semen stains on perfectly good lingerie!
"Are you ready, Vanna?" Jim asked. I nodded as best I
could, feeling the long blonde hair of my wig dragging my head
down, and he said, "So be it. The challenge is to make all four
of us cum at least once before the song ends, or...spend one full
month as the slut of the neighborhood. Do you accept the
challenge?" I nodded again, wondering what I wanted more, to
pass or to fail.
"Start the music!" And we were off! I found myself
staring at Jim's cock as I felt my hands grip Eric on one side and
Louis on the other. Then I felt the tip of Samuel's cock rubbing my
ass. I relaxed as much as I could and opened my mouth.
Time became a hazy concept as we began. I felt a searing
pain for an instant as Samuel penetrated me, then just a pleasant
sensation of fullness as he began to pump inside of me. Eric and
Louis were getting close, I could tell, as they worked my fur-
covered hands. Then I felt Jim jerk, and heard the other girls
say, "Swallow it all, Vanna!"
I gagged for an instant as Jim erupted in my mouth, then
started swallowing hastily to avoid choking on his essence. I
decided then that sperm wasn't as bad-tasting as I'd feared it
would be, and in fact was almost pleasant.
Somewhere around the edges of my vision I knew Wanda was
filming the whole thing for all of us to view later, but that was
the least of my concern. The song was three-quarters of the way
over, and Samuel hadn't come yet! I was also feeling my own
excitement building, but not like it did when I was with a girl.
This was a more sustained, intense feeling, and I was rapidly
losing myself in it. Instinctively, I squeezed my cheeks
tighter, and that was enough to do the trick for both Louis and myself.
I was lost for a moment, but I felt moisture trickling down my leg.
I looked as best I could down at my groin, only to see the
panties were soaked clean through, just as if a girl had come in them!
Jenny later explained that they were designed to do exactly that,
to simulate as much as possible a female orgasm.
"Well, brothers, she passed the test. Is she worthy of
standing with her sisters?" Jim intoned solemnly.
"Agreed, she did well," Eric replied, "but I am not yet
fully satisfied. There is another test for her. She must assist one
of her sisters, a different one each time, in orally satisfying us.
After this, she must, with one sister of our choosing, satisfy
both herself AND her sister with a double-ended tool. Then, and ONLY
then, will she be able to stand with her sisters in our harem."
They all agreed, and sprawled on the lawn chairs behind
them. Jim said, "Lisa, you may have the honor of servicing me with
this apprentice."
Lisa and I went to him and kneeled in front of him, then we
lowered our heads to the task. From past experience, I knew
Lisa's favorite habit was to take a man's nuts into her mouth and suck
on them. This was fine with me, since I had discovered I enjoyed
the feel of a cock moving in my own mouth. We worked skillfully
together, and soon I had another mouthful of Jim's seed. Lisa
licked Jim clean and he dismissed us.
Eric said, "Kelly, your turn." Kelly was different than
Lisa. Her favorite area was the very base of the cock, teasing
it with her tongue. Again I found myself with a cock in my mouth,
and again I found myself with a mouthful of cum, which I swallowed
Louis said, "I crave a bit different a release. Theresa,
Wanda, Vanna, you will start by all of you licking up and down my
shaft until I tell you otherwise, then, when I say to, one of you
will suck my cock and the other two will lick my balls and
We started in and kept going until Louis said "Now!". I
found myself licking his nuts as Wanda slipped behind to tongue
his asshole and Theresa's head bobbed up and down. She pulled away
at the last instant, though, just as he started to spurt, and I
found my face covered with hot jism. "Wipe it off with your finger and
eat it, Vanna", Louis said.
After we finished, Samuel said, "What I want is also
different. Jenny, Vanna, you will lick my cock in perfect
rhythm. On every upstroke, at the top of my cock, you will kiss,
keeping the head of my cock in both of your mouths. You will do this
until I cum. When I do, you will hold the kiss, sharing my cum
between you, until I say you can swallow."
I was in seventh heaven as Jenny and I sucked Samuel off.
I decided there was no better feeling in the world than sharing a
man's cock with my wife. Finally, he came just as we had come
together for another kiss. He filled us both simultaneously and
said, "Hold the kiss, girls, and don't spill any!"
We kissed with a mouthful of cum for a good five minutes,
then, mercifully Samuel told us to break off and swallow. I
looked down and saw my panties get even wetter.
""Jenny, Vanna, come here now." Jim said, holding a
double-ended dildo. "This is Otto. He is your lover now. You are to
use him until you both cum. Talk to Otto as if he was a real man,
taking care of you both."
Jenny gently took Otto and guided him into her pussy, then
lined up and entered my ass. She was on top of me, and I had my
legs thrown wide into the air. Out of the corner of my eye I saw
Wanda playing with the camcorder and cameras, shooting film like
crazy. Then all my attention was taken by Jenny as she started
moaning, "Oh, Otto, you feel so good in me, please, oh please,
pump harder!" I started saying similar things, and our rhythm
increased until we were both moaning and groaning like madwomen. At
last I felt my body shudder and the warmth pour down my leg yet again,
this time mingling with Jenny's. I fell back and screamed once
into the night, then I could move no more.
"ENOUGH!" Jim cried out. "She has proven herself and
shall, from this night forward, stand with her sisters. Van and Vanna
will, from now on, alternate being present for Neighbors' Night
out. In repayment for this, Vanna will be present at home at all
times for the next month, except when Van must go to work. She
will be available to all, male or female, who desires her.
"Agreed!" the others echoed, and I found myself being taken
off by the other girls toward the house, signalling the end of
Neighbors' Night Out.
It was with profound sadness that I started to strip and
prepare for bed. Jenny stopped me with a look and said, "Vanna,
what are you doing?"
"Getting undressed for bed."
"No, that's how a man does it. We girls are different in
that stuff. Come on, I have your nightie laid out, and...look
who followed me home!"
She held up Otto, and I was suddenly totally awake again!
And so passed the rest of my birthday night, engaged in lesbian

To be continued...?

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