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Well Ladies I finally got the Las Vegas Transgender web on line . I hope you will excuse the mess and the dead links . I put this site together in about 2 weeks and I expect it will take me some time to work the wrinkles out. If you find any dead links or pages that look funky on your browser Please email me with the specifics on the problem. also let me know what Browse your using if it's a page problem.

I hope to make this site among the very best TG information spots on the web. and to also provide any of my sisters out there planning a vacation in Vegas some safe and sane information on stepping out in Las Vegas. I am looking at booking a Las Vegas Night on the town for any Crossdressed group coming to Vegas. We are still trying to work out the kinks but any group interested Please email me if you are interested . We will be able to do the same for Individuals but we will still have to charge the group rate. The verity of options available will depend allot on your ability to pass as a women.

We intend to be adding a list of TG friendly local business and advertising covering Clothing, Makeup, Shoes, Hair Dressers, Makeup artist, Glamour Shots, And a full list of safe Night spots , Hotels and Restaurants that you may enjoy with relative safety. You can also be assured that all places listed I have personally been to myself and have been well treated. I will remind you at this point that although all places I will list on this site have no personal problem with Crossdressing there Is always the possibility that some of there employees may not have the same mind set.

While on the subject of advertising this site is available for your add. The criteria for accepting an add as follows: (1) it should be in some way of interest to the TG community in the form of a Service , Sales or Entertainment (2) I should be Tasteful as this is not an X rated site (3) Non expletive

If you find your picture shown in the gallery and wish it removed or replaced with a different one email me and it will replaced or removed also if you wish your picture shown here send it to me email and if you want your email linked to it give me the particulars. (Note: keep it tasteful)

I am also still trying to sort out copyrights and credits on documents displayed on this site. Please bear with me till I get it straightened out. On a lot of it, The problem is trying to remember were it came from or who the original author was but I assure you IM not trying to take credit for someone else's work. Allot of this site will change as I work my way through the Gig of material I have. For right now I just posted what was quick and easy.

Thanks For Bearing With Me.
With Love
Barbra Lynn

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