Out on the Town ( Vegas En Femme )
 By Barbra Lynn
Last Updated: 07/01/2003
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Well I've been out and around Las Vegas now for about a 10 years now and and I have had very few bad experiences both were guys that bought me a drink and thought the owned me ,even hookers aren't that Cheep.... Whew!.

Anyway Las Vegas has its good and bad points. As far as being En Femme the main places to stay away from are the family oriented hotels, mainly Circus Circus properties. If your fairly passable most hotel security will leave you alone. One big DON'T.. !!,Dress like a hooker. Hotel security is always watching for them and you don't want to be mistaken for one. Personally when I do the strip I wear a pair of jeans and a slightly riskay blouse or a sundress during the day . At night a nice dress or skirt and blouse. basic rule of thumb look around you and try to look like the other female Tourist.

One thing you find in Las Vegas they will overlook allot as long as your spending money I have yet to have a restaurant refuse us service I find its best If you go in a group two or Three seems to be best. Too many gets you read to often. not that anything will happen except a few unwanted stares.

Now as far as the gay bars go their the safest place especially for novices most all the gay bars have TG's TS's CD's and Drag Queens that frequent their establishments. But I'll tell you right now most don't like drag hags, Dress with class , But you can dress to the nines if you want to . To get the skinny on the gay bars you can pick up the Las Vegas Bugle at any gay bar or club and find all the info you need for a great time En Femme in Las Vegas.


I will give you one word of warning and this you have to play by ear. It is illegal to use the ladies rooms in Vegas unless your ID says female in most cases hotel security If caught will escort you to the front door But technically they can call metro police and press charges. Odds are 90% they won't . And how well you pass has allot to do with it. Also don't stand in the stall you don't want a woman seeing your feet facing the wrong way. I know of one TG that started a conversation with a women who was touching up her makeup and she ran straight to security. I myself have never had a problem to date, So don't let the above info scare you, And remember self confidence is 90% of the battle. As far as gay bars no problem but be discreet and try to catch it when its not packed. A few clubs have deva rooms for drag queens.

Well All for Now Have Fun
If you have any Questions Email Me and I'll try to answer.

With Love
Barbra Lynn

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