Out on the Town ( Vegas En Femme )
 By Barbra Lynn
Last Updated: 07/01/2003
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* Bars & Clubs * Updated 08-2004 *

Most Gay Bars in Las Vegas are accepting of TG's and CD's. I have been to all, and have had few problems. My advice is to Dress With Class, As very few places want you showing up as a Drag Hag !!! Be Advised that most places don't start happening till after 10:00 p.m. excepting the beer bust nights. Information on the weekly goings on can be found in any Gay bar by picking up a free copy of the Bugle or Out Magazine both published by the same Co. ... Las Vegas Bugle

The Paradise and Naples corner Has Gipsy's, Icon, Freezone, Tramps and Buffalo, It is a popular intersection because of the close proximity of the above Clubs and Bars. It is located one block North of Tropicana on Paradise, which is about 1 mile east of the strip.

The Commercial Center has Badlands, Cobalt, Spotlight and The Las Vegas Lounge.. Also two Swinger Clubs (Red Rooster & Greendoor) are on either side of Badlands. If you pass real well a few girls have gone to them..

Note ..I try to keep this listing current but things keep changing so fast. To get the latest up to date happenings I suggest picking up a copy of the Bugle at most any gay bar..

Spotlight Lounge

One of our newer Lounges geared more toward locals. Located at 957 East Sahara Ave, In the Commercial Center. (702) 696-0202


This bar is probably the more popular with the Crossdressed crowd, In fact the crowd is quite diverse.  It is located at 4605 Paradise Rd. and Naples. It has recently been remodeled and is now quite classy so if you haven't been there recently check it out. It features a dance floor that seems well used most every night. Cover charge starts between 10 &12 pm depending on the crowd they start the cover when the place hits 80% capacity and drop the cover when it drops below. (702) 733­9677

Icon  (Used to be Angles­n­Club Lace)

This Bar is located  4633 Paradise Rd.and Naples. It is a cruise bar and usually starts going a little bit earlier than the dance bars. Usually the crowd starts here and migrates across the street to the Gipsy (702) 791-0100

The Buffalo

 It's accepting of Crossdressers even though it is generally a Levi & Leather bar. It is fairly laid back and is a good place to unwind or wait for a cabby back home. It is also located at  4640 Paradise Rd. and Naples.

The Freezone

Is a new addition to the nightspot scene It's not only a great bar. Located at 610 E. Naples and Paradise, directly across from the Buffalo. It's Gay Lesbian TG TS & Drag.

The Eagle

Is another Levi­leather bar located at 3430 E. Tropicana, about 4 miles East of the strip. (702) 458­8662

Las Vegas Lounge

Las Vegas only Transgender Bar / Club more Transgender than Drag (Some Striping & Lap Dancing) Located at 900 E. Karen, Part of the Commercial Center. (702) 737-9350.

Rainbow Lounge

(Opening October 1-2004)Located at 900 E. Karen H-108 Part of the Commercial Center. (702) 735-0885

The Backstreet

Is a country western bar and is accepting of Crossdressers located at 5012 S. Arville Rd., about 1 mile west of the strip on Tropicana. This Bar has Country Western Dancing and they also give Dance Lessons..  So get out your cow girl boots and have fun.. Check the Las Vegas Bugle for details or give them a call (702) 876­1844

The Back Door Lounge

By Day a Neighborhood bar. By Night a Drag Bar.. Drag Shows are Heavily Latino Featuring Oscar. There is a cover during the shows. Located at 1415 E. Charleston Blvd. (Parking in the back)  (702) 385­2018

Badlands Saloon

A Country Western bar at 953 E. Sahara Ave. #22, Inside the Commercial Center. Badlands has Friendly Bartenders and a  unique motif you can spend a day just scoping out the wall decor and odd knickknacks. and it gets quite packed on the weekends and is T - Friendly (they put up with me what can I say).  (702) 792­9262

????? (Formerly  Sasha's then Tramps now who Knows)
 Let You Know next time I get down there... Located at 4640 Paradise RD and Naples


A Neighborhood bar with a Dance Floor. Monday night is the popular night here, with a liquor bust from midnight to 3:00AM..  This bar has a quite attractive atmosphere and is Located close to the Liberace Museum at 1775 E. Tropicana (702) 736­9494


A recently remodeled bar .. The bar ha gone through allot of changes it now seems to be catering mostly to a blacks but last time i went there they were Accepting of Crossdressers.Located at 4371 W. Charleston Blvd. (702) 385-3539

Snick's Place

One of the older gay bars in Las Vegas For the mature crowd. Located at 1402 S. fourth St. (702) 385­9298


We Have two Quite Famous and funny female Impersonators on stage in Las Vegas

* Kenny Kerr Show  *
If you remember back this was the Boylesque show that headlined
at the Silver Slipper. Kenny Has Been Moving around allot and can
sometimes be found doing specials at some of the local clubs

* La Cage, At the Riviera Hotel *
Frank Marino no intro. need here unless you have been in a coma
for the last few years. Frank dose get around more recently on the
Lisa show impersonating her and her motherhood.
Frank Morino Fan Club

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