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I am currently seeking employment in the Las Vegas Area although a Change of Location would be considered. My abilities are as follows and a complete resume is available to legitimate offers.

Honorably discharged US Navy Electronics Technician

My abilities run  the gambit from component level electronics to electromechanical to mechanical .. I have a basic understanding how most all devices electronic both digital & analog or mechanical function which gives me the ability to quickly figure out and adapt to most any project presented to me that coupled with a rapid learning curve makes me a good choice in a world of rapidly changing technology

PC hardware: Computer Tech 15 years experience from Bread-boarding to Custom built systems including knowledge of Commercial and rack mount systems SCSI, CD juke box, Scanning, Digital graphics, Industrial control, Computer controlled bi-directional interactive cable TV systems. Ability to Install most any hardware or peripheral device and maintain hardware software updates. Well Skilled in PC diagnostics, Device contention problems and Crash recovery.

PC Software: DOS, Win31, 95, 98, WinNT4.0, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop4.1 and various other digital imaging software including graphics arts ability, Most Symantec Products, Basic LAN experience I am presently in the process of getting cert.'s. Ability to set up and install most any software and integrate it into the system including setting associations, path's and other desktop settings including registry editing. Web authoring , Web Design including a Basic understanding of Java & CGI, As you can see this site is completely conceived & composed by Me,

14yrs experience CATV, MATV, CCTV, and full Bi-Directional digital interactive CATV, Video Surveillance, Cable system layout and setup, Video systems, Digital switching, C, Ku, DBS satellite installation and setup. DA's and Timebase correctors, Cyrons and Text over systems, Knowledge of setup operation repair and maintenance of commercial video audio - satellite - camera's - VCR's - projection TV.

Other Abilities: Machinist & Fabrication "Mill & Boring Mill, Lath, Surface Grinder.   Internal combustion engine performance modification and blueprinting Including many hours on flow bench, Extensive knowledge of most forced induction systems, Automotive electronics, Basic welding gas, mig, tig.

Hobbies: Robotics and High voltage plasma physics , 60's muscle cars

Very high mechanical aptitude and ability to grasp new concepts rapidly

Thank You For Bearing With Me. Complete Resume available upon legitimate request. If You feel you could use someone with my qualifications please email me with a contact phone number.

Barbra Lynn

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