Ramblings from a Rainy Day

By Barbra Lynn

Some Old, Some New, Some Very Blue

Birth  (c) 1996
Window Box (c) 1996
Infinitum (c) 1995
Fatal Flash (c) 1969
The Stool (c) 1972
Golden Moment (c) 1967
Falling (c) 2004


Once upon a sunny morn my father watched a H-Bomb born

Great beauty in fury lit the sky in milliseconds mushroom high

Fire went up and ice came down fear not my friends do not frown

For you see safe you are those gamma rays don't travel far

Time had passed a child was born but gender wise the soul was torn

They poked and prodded flipped a coin this tiny flesh they would adjoin

They cut and stitched for hours that day the child would pray the other way

For the boy they made was girl at heart her life in confusion from the start

She learned quite fast to wear a mask and write her feminine epitaph

For forty years she locked away the girl from the light of day

Fearing god and world scorn she prayed and pleaded to be reborn

She cried in silence night and day father free me from this prison stay

In darkest moment cell opened wide mask cast off freed inside

In light she now would proudly walk damn you all who chatter and talk

For hell I lived through on this earth to satisfy your foolish worth

Now I shall walk the rest of my days a girl smiling in suns ray

No more tears in the dark god loves all who seek his heart


Window Box

You who sit upon the rules think you've picked out all the jewels

See only beauty in window box carefully picked no weed or stalk

Diversity is god fray, for his pleasure the book doth say

Who are you to laugh and jeer, and reclassify what god put here

By bigots rules you will not budge, he said it so, you will be judged

Be careful of the rules you make, they'll bite you back make no mistake

Beauty comes from the soul, judge the cover see a troll

A four leaf clover you cherish well, but grant not humanity the same they tell

I say my friend be not a fool, for one day he may apply your rule

On that day you may be the weed, plucked out, removed, destroyed of seed



To you who believe in evolution four billion years to solution

Do you know when time began in infinitum or by plan

Gods had all the time existing many eons in persisting

If you will seek to endeavor divide four billion into forever

Then take that number and tell me true

How much more time has god than you

Fatal Flash

When the earth has turned ah sour seconds from the fateful hour

Few admit to be at fault but time is now soon to halt

Mans unleashed his blinding light and mother earth's in shaky flight

The clouds of doom hang overhead Oh dear God Oh God thee end

The Stool

As I sit upon this stool wondering if I've been the fool

Trying to sort my crazy life now lost in quandary confusion and strife

Many steps i took were wrong could put them to a country song

hindsight's clear the future not bartender HEY! another shot


The Golden Moment

On pink satin sheets she lay in golden light at break of day

I wonder if she dreams of me I gave my heart so easily

The sunlight shimmers on her hair so innocent do I dare

I caress her softly skin so fair and kiss her lips with tender care

She wakes she smiles I dreamed of you now I know this love is true



In  dream I fell from high for the life of me I knew not why

Twisting turning plunging down truly feared I'd hit the ground

A crazy thought twigged my head my dream my dream I can't get dead

I thought maybe if I tried to fly a moment later I was soaring high

Now I pray to dream again of soaring heights that will not end

So if you dream your falling down give it some thought and turn it around



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