Barbs Wishes Hopes & Dreams

My first dream just recently became reality a lot of skipped meals and shear tenacity and I finally got into a solid size 7 dress. I celebrated by going out in my spandex white lace dress that hung in the closet waiting for this day.

The next landmark was getting this website up. If your reading this I must have succeeded I thank god for that and a few good Friends .

Now If the Website just makes enough money to support itself, That would be a little icing on the cake. Don't worry I'm not going to turn this thing into a pay site or club there are to many of us out there teetering on disaster because of a few ambiguous genes and need the info provided here so I want to keep this site free and available to all. But donation will be eagerly accepted. just email and Ill tell you where to send it.

I hope to make this site among the very best TG information spots on the web. and to also provide any of my sisters out there planning a vacation in Vegas some safe and sane information on stepping out in Las Vegas.

With Love
Barbra Lynn

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