My Views on Religion
By Barbra Lynn
Updated 07/01/2003
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Quit Trying to rewrite the Bible and learn to understand God
And Yes Transgendered do go to Heaven : Just read on it's covered

My Personal Struggle With the Scripture

Well to start off with one rarely seeks the Lord when things are going well.

To Start with my life got turned upside down and I became a seeker. I had bordered between Agnostic and Atheism most of my life, but always had a deep intrigue with ancient history and archeology. I also had looked over most major religions. I found myself turned off by most organized religions. But then someone said the bible is the word of God not the church. So thus started my search of the word, I mean who am I to disregard God without studying his book.

Well one of the first things I found being a ancient history buff, Was that as a history book the bible was coming up 100% accurate and the archeology was backing it up, Also allot of biblical history threads end in the scripture but continue on in ancient history books. Now still being a total skeptic and having a whole list of contradictions I was told existed in the word I started to research them back to the original language of the scripture. I found they boiled down to "Unsupported Church Doctrine, Miss Translation, Outright Stupidity".

With that out of the way now I had to find proof that the word was written by the hand of god not man. Now how do I do that ? Well we almost deified Jean Dixon for predicting Kennedy's death and that was a one shot deal what If the prophecy of the bible was correct what are the numerical odds on predicting thousands of historical events in the order that they happened. If I say that the golden gate bridge will fall, Well sooner or later it will but if I tell you what will happen just before and just after the odds on me being correct jump against me drastically.

Now as the bible gives few dates we have to go on order. And that only holds up if we know for sure the scripture was written before it happened. We have two things to help with that one is Mosra Code it is like a cyclic redundancy test used by your computer to make sure the a program has not been corrupted only very high Levite Priest knew how to use the code and by it they could assure that not one jot or tiddle had not been changed from the original scripture. Second we have the dead sea scrolls namely the book of isah verified to be 250 yr. before Christ. Having Verified the age of the scripture with the above and allot of other proofs I'm not going into here we have a basis to look at prophecy. Well guess what 95+% has been fulfilled and I'll be darned if it wasn't in the proper order. Let me add one thing here Nostridamis made many prophecies but not in order and sooner or later some event will fill one of his and the golden gate will eventually fall.

Now we get to the hidden Prophecy and imbedded names just recently discovered. There are many books out on this new discovery, The premise is if you take all the spaces out of the Hebrew text and program a computer to pull letters out at evenly spaced intervals it starts printing names dates and world event throughout history even the secular word has been astounded by this. Now any one of the above produces tremendous odds against it's accuracy but all together the odds go into numbers that make the national debt look small. Yet it has all been totally accurate. Now add to this that the bible has 66 books and 44 authors yet none of the above varies one iota from book to book. It comes down to either each scribe of the bible had a Cray computer ( That's the super computer the National Weather Service uses to predict the worlds daily weather) or God dictated every word they wrote. At this point my vote goes with God as no archaeologist has dug up a Cray....

Could You Write Just Two biblical Paragraphs?

Now let Me summarize these impossibilities that is if your going to say man wrote The book. First we have an accurate history book. Second we have a prophetic book in which 95% has been fulfilled Already. Third and you Have to understand in Hebrew ,Greek and Aramaic they had not invented numbers yet so letters were used to represent numeric values somewhat like Roman numerals only slightly different in that they used the entire alphabet. Therefore all words can be looked at as numbers. Well what they found if the values are added up in the original language whether broken up by verse chapter or book it always equals a number equally devisable by seven. Fourth just recently discovered in Israel if you program a computer to scan through the text removing every 5th or 10th or 22nd character a weird thing happens it starts printing out names dates peoples deaths and even the names of their assassins if applicable. Ipsak Rabine' s death was found a year before his death and the date of his death was right on the money and so was the name of his assassin.

So now I pose onto you write a paragraph tell a small piece of history assign every letter of the alphabet a numeric value i.e. a=1 b=2 Z=26 now also write a second paragraph with future prophecy you might have to go see a physic for this one. Then imbed into that text the name of five people who are going to die in the next six weeks and whether they will be murdered or die of natural causes using every 5th letter of your paragraph. Then when your done with that make sure that if you add up the numeric value of any verse paragraph or the whole document that it equals a number equally devisable by seven Good Luck!!

Now who wrote the bible?.. And the above are just a few of the hidden aspects of the word.

It's Not The Sin

Now getting on to what concerns us the most The horrid verses in the Septuagint (first Five books) Man shall not lay with man, Man shall not wear the cloth of a woman and visa versa. "By the way these two are not in the 10 Commandments" Well I've got news for you it is Sin. But there is one thing your Sunday morning preacher forgot to tell you. There are 3000 give or take a hundred or so sins in the bible and Our Lord Jesus said if tho think it tho hast committed it. Now lets analyze this for a second. lets take a few simple sins, If you see a person in need i.e. hitch hiking starving etc. a you do nothing "SIN". You walk out your front door and you fantasize about your neighbors wife car or even envy his front lawn "SIN". Well the point is the Lord made sure every man walking the earth sins every day multiple times even the most religious. Although there are a few pompous asses that would have you believe otherwise. Let me state one thing here there are two main types of sin. The first type are what I call Internalized sins, they are sins of compulsion and obedience and between you and God they harm no one but your relationship with God The second type are sins against your fellow man they bring pain and suffering and are the central theme of the ten commandments and our lord frowns more highly on them. THE POINT "And here I am referring to internalized sin!!!" If we are all sinners then god doesn't care about the nature of your sin, It's Immaterial in fact the only difference between your sin and anyone else's is ours is more visible to the general public. So forget the Sin Quit focusing on it. Let Me put it to you this way, Take the four most prominent sins you commit and for the sake of this test lets say they are not sins and remembering if tho think it you commit it and that there are still 2996 sins left. So without your top four sins do you think you could go one day without sinning. The reason I'm showing you this is because to many people including allot of gay churches are denying certain sins and trying to rewrite the bible to alleviate their conscience. A sin denied is one unrepented for, And can do you tremendous harm. Our Lord says a sin repented on the name and blood of our Lord Jesus is washed clean and I shall remember it no more. The burden of sin was death Christ freed us from that burden but only through repentance in his name. To reinterpret the bible to say a particular sin is not a sin, Can only harm you and what are you going to do about the other 2999 sins. And to dwell on one sin in the midst of 3000 can only make you forget to repent for the other 66 sins you committed that day. As long as you walk in the flesh you will never be without sin.

Then What dose the Lord Want. Well now we have to dig deep into scripture and a few ancient documents so here goes. First of all, Angels were created in paradise they were given everything and god assumed they would always love him. When god created the universe to him it was about the same as the fish bowl in your living room, And in the beginning no creature on this earth had a soul including man. The interpreters of the bible used the word Adam and man interchangeably man was created on the sixth day Adam on the eight. Adam had a soul.

Now why was this, Well getting back to those Angels that would always love god, Well Lucifer gods first and most beautiful angel turned against god and one third of the host of heaven followed. Our lord had a slight population reduction problem. Now wanting to replace the angels he lost, The aquarium came under a new purpose. The lord decided to test the new souls to find out if they would love him before he let them in heaven. So he took man and breathed a new soul in him and thus started the lineage of Adam and he let Lucifer and the fallen angels live to set the stage for the test, As there can be no test without a choice. And what is a demon just a fallen angel.

Well back to if sin is immaterial, Then what dose Our Lord Want. News flash He has only one question;

"Do You Love Me Enough To Ask Me To Forgive You"

Now let put this in perspective. First God is fair he never lived as a man so in all fairness he sent his son to live as a man and experience all the problems of life on earth. Then god turned over the judgment of mankind over to Christ. Then you ask what was the reason for the old testament. It was laid out for One to show you what sin was. Second to prove that we were all sinners and would fall way short.

Lets put it in earthy terms your Birth father finds out you broke the neighbors window . "For god is also your Father and Creator" Anyway your father confronts you. We have a few choices here, First we can lie and deny it, Well god knows the truth and probably so did your father, Not a good option. Second we can say screw you, turn your back and walk out as long as you were out of arms reach, Your never really out of gods reach but he gives you all the way up to your last breath to ask to be forgiven. Your earthy father generally won't wait that long. Third if you truly love your father you fess up and ask to be forgiven and promise never to do it again, And in a week or two you go right out an break another window. Can I be forgiven again for the same sin. "Christ was asked the Question how many times shall I forgive my brother". Answer was 7 X 70, That being from the mouth of our Lord then how many more times shall thy heavenly father forgive you.

Now god dose not lie Christ said he who calls upon the name of the son of god shall never perish. There are no ifs, butt's, or's, or any qualifiers in that verse. And he also gives you all the way up to your last breath to show him you love him. Now at the risk of having over simplified things the above being true will not get you front row seats in heaven. All the works in the world won't get you into heaven only love of your heavenly Father and faith in his son as your rightful judge. But works plus love will get you everywhere just remember we are all in sin even the most righteous which a few righteous seem to forget. Love not sin is gods concern. Sin was only created so he could see how you would deal with it.
With love or Contempt.

I will leave you with a few very pertinent verses :

"Judge not others lest ye be judged by your own rules "

"Let He who is without sin cast the first stone"

"Any one who turns a child from me it would be better if they had never lived"

This is one of my verses: " The government will tell you three lie's to get you to disregard the truth, Lucifer will tell you three truths to get you to believe one lie !

The definition of a witch in the bible is one who consorts with spirits, For you know not the spirit that communes with y ou. And angels of darkness will present themselves as angels of light and they will tell you three truths to gain your trust, Then comes the one lie and it may be the one that cost you your soul. (referring to the story of the witch of endor)

Just Remember Once you fall in love with your Lord for that is surely what happens. We become his bride and are promised ever lasting life. If you let Lucifer make you so ashamed of yourself that you turn from God he has won and this is truly not what God intended. The Lord loves you and wants that no soul should be lost though he knows some will.

This earthly life is just a test so the lord can find out if truly love him. For he knows if you love him here on earth with all its trials and tribulations you won't turn against him when he brings you into paradise. Remember he is your father you are his son, Talk to him as you would your earthly father honest and with love. Remove the sin from your life you can control and ask for forgiveness and help for the ones you can't.

One other tidbit; Souls have no gender for gender is only necessary for procreation and only God can create a soul, But I imagine in paradise God allows you to take on a feminine or masculine appearance of your choice, After all heaven is paradise.

And for those who say god does not make mistakes ( or was it really a mistake)

 I was born intersexed with a virgina and undesended testis, A doctor decided my birth defects should be fixed and 10 day after birth I was given sex reassignment surgery, My Female parts removed and I was declared a boy.. Problem was they removed the wrong parts as my brain was female, All psychological tests I have taken rate me as about 85% female in thought patterns... Now a little insight... Major Point  !!! All babies start life as a female!!! if the baby has a Y chromosome many hormones  go into effect during fetal gestation that change the female into a male, The changes are not only physical but also mental and in that arena three aspects are altered ( Personal Image, the reflection you want to see in the mirror ) ( Personality Expression, masculine or feminine ) ( Physical Attraction, the gender your attracted to sexually )... Now a Mother experiencing  excess stress, taking certain drugs or consuming a excess of certain food with high phytoestrogen levels can alter all or part of how the brain transforms to a male persona leaving some of us with something less than a full male psyche and a few of us with mixed genitalia ....  There are other causes related to various chromosome disorders. Do a search on intersexed  will get you a few good sites.. Anyway you look at it .. It's 80% nature and only 20% nurture weather your struggling with just mental or mental and physical aspects

All IN All, "Its not our fault"

God know what your dealing with.. Be yourself and don't feel condemned, Myself I really don't know which sex I was supposed to be I'm sure a DNA test would tell me but short of that I could not tell you which life was a sin, Living as a Male or a Female

With Love
Barbra Lynn

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