Date a Man who Cross-Dresses?

San Francisco Chronicle 02/05/93 QUESTION MAN/By Conti

Julie, 35, accounting clerk

I would. Marry him? Sleep with him? I don't know. But if he was nice and interesting and funny and smart, why not date him? If it's just a date, why not? It's just a date.

Danette, 22, women's studies major

Sure. Why would it bother me? Actually, I'd be more attracted to someone who would be more open and flexible to their sexuality than the standard macho man.

Katherine, 26, food server/poet

Yeah. A man who does would be more in touch with his feminine side and wouldn't be afraid of it and somehow I take that to be creative. We could swap clothes.

Randi, 28, legal asst.

No. If a man wants to put on my pantyhose, I'd be uncomfortable. They'd be something deeper there if he likes wearing women's clothing that I wouldn't want to get into.

Judy, over 50, stockbroker

Garter-belt type thing? If it was during sexual play, yes. Some of the best lovers have done that. They're freer and more expressive. It can be erotic for both lovers.

Martha Wilson, 41, sociologist

If he does it in the bedroom, that'd be all right. It wouldn't thrill me, but I'd be curious what it did for him. If it did something for him, I'd go along with it.

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