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TO........Samantha Atkins
SUBJECT...Dr. Biber on TV
DATE......12:23est   Jul-17-92

	Here is the referral information you requested regarding SRS surgeons.
         CISHSXGLDL9:SURGRY.001                            June 1990

The  following  is  a  listing  of  Doctors  who  perform  gender 
reasignment surgery,  and relavant comments about them their work 
and  their  clinics.  Also  is a number of  helpful  comments  on 
selection  from  Tara C and Jackie K.   These are  personal  per
spectives  and  are  only  meant as a guideline to  help  you  in 
selecting a program.  Factual information is the latest available 
as  the date of upload and where possible is dated. - Jennifer W. 
Anyone  having  more complete or current information is asked  to
submit that information to my attention at UID (72467,3063) or by 
mail to PO Box 1417, Troy, NY  12181.
The criteria for selecting a surgeon has a lot of points, but one
of  them  should be the surgical technique used,  as  the  latest
inversion  techniques  give very good results with a  minimum  of 
post op complications.  One should select a surgeon with care, as 
you  are  going to have to live and function as a woman (M to  F) 
for the rest of your life,  based on his or her surgical  skills. 
- Jackie K
The  patient's common sense and diligence are far more  important 
to   uncomplicated  and  successful  results  than  any  of   the 
particular surgeons' techniques or programs.   The surgery itself 
is just the beginning of the revision...plan on giving yourself a 
good  6 to 8 weeks of convalescence,  *and* be prepared  to  find 
yourself  not 100% recovered for 6 months (99.9%,  yes...but that
last  0.1% gets really tedious!) ...don't push or  rush  yourself 
too fast - Tara C
You may want to check for future uploads in this series under the
name  SURGRY.002,  SURGRY.003 etc.   These files will provide  in
depth descriptions of each clinic's techniques,  proocedures  and 
prices as they are recieved, as well as post operative care.
Some doctors you may want to stay away from.  Two are refered  to 
here.   One  is  a  famous  surgeon at U of  Pennsylvania  who  I 
personally would NEVER allow to touch me,  as I personally know 4 
of his botch jobs.  The guy is even on television. Another with a 
reputation  as  a butcher runs a clinic and does surgery  out  of 
Tijuana,  Mexico, with a front organization for referals based in 
Southern  California.   (Note  - this surgeon was  convicted  for 
medical malpractice in 1989 and is believed to be serving time at 
this  writing - JW)  So ask the people who have been  there  when
you go for surgery! - Jackie K.
1) Dr.  Stanley Biber, 406 First National Bank Bldg.,Trinidad, CO
81082 - 719-846-3301 & 719-846-3302 (Marie Pachino) 719-846-9213
(Mt. San Rafael Hospital) His Surgical rate is $3800 as of 3-89,
with additional  hospital  and associated costs expect a  total
bill without  complications and  extra surgeries  of  about
$10,000. "Biber is the most experienced, and one of if not the
best M to F surgeons around." - Jackie K.
2)  Dr.  Yvon Menard,  1003 Est St. Joseph, Montreal
514-288-2097, QUE H2J 1L8, Canada is good,  reportedly uses same
technique as Biber, but has limited  patient base and long
waiting list.  $3500 US  est.  its unknown just what this figure
3)  Dr. Micheal Seghers, Avenue DeBroqueville 60,1200 Bruxelles,
Belgique.  Belgium  - Costs reportedly are the  lowest  available 
including the travel expenses.   Caryn, director of the Ingersoll 
Center  and authoress of the book the Belgium Experience  writes:
"My SRS was done by Dr.  Seghers in Brussels Belgium in 1989.  He
is a plastic surgeon.   He trained in the US some years ago.   He
is  about 50 or so and has been doing SRS for 21 years.   He does 
between 50 and 100 per year.   I feel that he is the best.  (Most 
post-ops  feel  that  way  about  their  surgeons,   tho').   The 
functionality  and  aesthetics of his work  are  unequalled.    I 
know of 15 girls who have gone to him since April  88.   EVERYONE 
of  them  is pleased with his work."  For a copy of THE  BRUSSELS 
EXPERIENCE  write  the  Ingersoll  Center,   1812  East  Madison, 
Seattle, WA 98122.
4) Dr.  Ted Huang,  C/o Collier Cole Ph.D, Rosenberg Clinic, 1130 
Rosenberg, Galveston, TX  77550.  Costs reportedly are similar or 
a little higher than Biber.  Technique is the same as Biber. "Dr.
Huang  is  certainly competent and experienced.   Dr  Haung  does 
about  8 to 10 a year,  all his SRS patients come to him  through
the  Rosenberg Clinic the whole program is an autonomous part  of
the  Univ.  of Texas Medical Branch.  I think he's done a  couple
hundred over the last dozen years or so". - Tara C.
5) Dr.  Bergman,  Ohio State University  Hospital,  Columbus,  OH
43216.  Results  reportedly  are  similar  to  Biber  and  Huang.
Price  Structure Unknown.  "Bergman ...  has done a couple  dozen
over  the  past 10 years or so,  and seems  competent  enough.  a
friend went to him and she is doing pretty well...he had told her
he  would be doing some 'touch up' when she had healed  from  the
first  surgery,  other  than some anticipated  internal  scarring
which causes her some pain everything was fine". - Tara C.

6)  Dr.  Alan Neal Wilson M.B.  B.S.  F.R.C.S.,  Detroit  Medical 
Center, 573 Fisher Theater Bldg., Detroit, MI  48202.  Intestinal 
Loop  program.  Reportedly his prices are very high.   One report 
was  in  the $50,000 range.   He works in  conjunction  with  Dr. 
Donald  Brown  (Psyc).   Wilson  reports that his  is  the  third 
largest clinic in the US per HBIGDA.   Referal clinics which work 
in  conjunction with this program for inpatient referals  include 
one run by Justina Williams, and one by Lydia/Hunt.  
7)  Dr. Melnick, Montesorie Hospital, 111 East 210 St.,Bronx, NY.
Pricing, Technique and patient comments unknown.
8) Dr. Milton Edgerton, Dr. John Kenney -  University of Virginia 
Medical   Center,   Gender   Identity   Clinic,   PO   Box   376, 
Charlottesville,  VA  22908.   Pricing structure unknown.  In the 
past  they reportedly used the Intestinal loop procedure but have
abandoned this for the Biber type inversion.  Patient Comment not 
available.   This  clinic  apparently  does quite a  bit  of  FTM 
9) Dr.  J.W.  Futrell,  University of Pittsburgh Medical  Center, 
Pittsburgh, PA.  15261.  Information Unknown.
10)  Dr.  Azid Hashmat,  555 Prospect St.,  Brooklyn,  NY  11238.  
Information Unknown.
11)   Dr.  Charles E.  Horton,  400  W.  Brambleton  Ave.   #300, 
Norfolk, VA  23510.  Information Unknown.
12)   Dr.  David Leach,  Henry Ford Hospital Endocrinology Dept., 
Detroit,  MI  48202  (May work in  conjunction  with  Dr.  Wilson 
above.)  Information Unknown.
13)  Dr. D. V. McConnell, 1300 Chapline St., Wheeling, WV  26003. 
Information Unknown.
14)   Oklahoma  Memorial Hospital,  Gender Reassignment  Program, 
Oklahoma  City,  OK  73104.   This hospital is excellent for  FTM 
surgery,  however it is unknown if they do MTF.   Price structure 
is unknown.
15)   Dr.  David Raezer,  2 Bailey Rd,  2nd  Floor,  Yeadon,  PA.  
19050.  Pricing and technique information not available.
16)  Dr.  David Wesser,  37 E.  28th St.,  New York,  NY   10016.  
Pricing and technique information unknown.
17)   Dr.  Edward Falces,  1150 Bush,  San Francisco,  CA  94109.  
Surgeon  fee (1987) $5500.   Associated hospital and  other  fees 
bring  the  total  bill  to the  $15,000  - 20,000  neighborhood.
Patient comment not available.  
18)  Dr. Laub, Palo Alto CA.  Complete address unknown, will only 
accept patients from his gender program for surgery.   Price  and 
technique  information  not  available.    Patient  comments  not 
19)   Dr Gerando & Son.  New York City.   Address Unknown.   This 
Father - Son team are reportedly good.  They are the ones who did 
Renee Richards surgery.  Pricing Structure unknown.
20)  Dr. Eugene A. Schrang, 240 1st St, Neenah, WI 54956
phone: (414)-725-6661 Pricing and technique reported to be similar
to Dr. Biber.
I'd  like to recognize the efforts of Jan Redbear who did much of 
the  preliminary work in compiling large parts of this   list  in
Pleaase note, the address given above for Dr. Wesser is no longer
valid. I hope to have his new address for the next update.
                       <end of listing>
I hope this information helps. As you can see, it's not entirely up to
date so you'll have to check out all leads for accuracy. There may also
be some surgeons who have come on the scene since this listing. If you
should discover any, or any innaccuracies, please let me know.

--- Maximus/2 2.01wb
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