A Modified Harry Benjamin Scale

A Modified Version of the Harry Benjamin Sex Orientation Scale (S.O.S.) 
Modifications to reflect changes since initial publication, by Anne E. Curr, Ph.D., Sc.D. 

Sex and Gender Disorientation and Indecision

(Persons Born Genetic Males) 

List Of Types : 

Normal sexual orientation and identification, heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. The ideas of "dressing" or "sex change" are foreign and unpleasant. Includes the vast majority of all people. 

TYPE I - Tranvestite (Pseudo)

TYPE II - Transvestite (Fetishistic)

TYPE III - Transvestite - True

TYPE IV - Transsexual - Non-Surgigal

TYPE V - True Transsexual - Moderate Intensity

TYPE VI - True Transsexual - High Intensity

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Original version: Harry Benjamin 1966, Julian press 
Modified version: Anne Curr 1995, Basic Books 
Reposted by: Las Vegas TG Web

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