Thinking Of Flying EnFemme? 
Proper ID and the Airlines 
By Allison Marsh  

Some of you may have wondered about the photo ID practices of
airlines in this time of tightened security. My recent experiences
may give you some insight. 

My mate and I just returned from a 12-day trip to Orlando via American
Airlines. It was the first time in several years that I have flown
any way except en femme. (Actually it was kind of fun to play boy
again and pretend to be a regular guy through a family reunion
and wedding get-together.)  

Phoebe and I were both flying on Senior Citizen coupon books, where
you buy four vouchers to exchange for one-way tickets anywhere the
airline flies in the US. Our travel agent had warned us that AA
is the ONLY airline still verifying identity of it's senior citizen
travelers who use the voucher books. They did ask to see my driver
license when we left Seattle. I think half the reason is that my
male name is used predominantly for females, and they wanted to
make sure I wasn't riding on someone else's reduced price ticket.

They didn't ask Phoebe for photo ID. But when we left Orlando to
return home, they looked at me and said, I guess I don't need
to see your ID. That suggested they were principally concerned
that I was old enough to be using the senior rates. 

Flying En Femme 

In a recent article by an airline security person who is also
a TV he wrote, NEVER try to pass on a phony ID. Airlines
do offer special rates for specific groups of people, and they
often check to avoid fraudulent use of such tickets. The
most he says can happen to you is that they might ask you to step
aside and give some verification that you are who you say you are,
even though the picture doesn't seem to match your apparel. They
are used to seeing TVs and TSs whose pictures don't match. Don't
be embarrassed. They don't care how you dress, as long as you are who
you say you are.  

I reprinted part of that article in my column in the Emerald City News,
and was later told that it had helped one of our members avoid
the mistake of using a phony ID while traveling. The great humor
of that trip was that he traveled as a man to New York on business,
packed a second suit case of girl things to use on a one-week
stop-over in his home town of Chicago -his first attempt to pass
away from home.  

He got to New York, finished his business, checked his baggage for
Chicago, but the only bag that was downloaded in Chicago was the
girl's stuff. He found himself unexpectedly en femme for the entire
week while all his male clothing went on to Seattle. He told me
he had a perfectly wonderful time. Great confidence builder. And
by the time he was ready to fly back to Seattle, he didn't give
a damn what the picture and sex on his driver license looked like.
But he was also aware that the airline security people wouldn't give
a damn either.  

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