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We Are Family

We, as an entire community, should thank our lucky stars for the World Wide Web and Chat rooms. We finally have a "forum" to say what we want, or rather, a forum to say what we need to say and we don't have to be concerned with persecution while we're doing it. I, for one, have met more great T-Girls since I've been computing than all other means combined. I've been able to feel the triumphs of my sister's good news and I've also been there when the worst news came down the "line". For whatever reason, we have been given this opportunity to express ourselves and we should make the most of it (until Uncle Sam finds a way to intrude and spoil it!)

I'm not here though to knock the government or the censors (although I surely could). I'm here to applaud all of my sisters on the WWW and try and give them support and advice on living a more fulfilling TG life. So let's get down to what us G.I.R.L.S. should be, could be and, will be doing on-line.

Image of T-Girls

The basic public perception of us T-Girls is one of disdain. To try and associate a logical reason for their disdain is impossible. There is no logical reason for it. In attempting to figure out where our detractors are coming from - it seems to be that - we are automatically associated with "Homosexual Drag Queens". The ladies of "Drag" have there own lifestyle but it usually doesn't fit in with T-Girls. They are different. Strict Victorian women are different. GG's who work in construction are different. SO WHAT! We all are different in our own peculiar way but we have our own identity and I don't believe we should be thought of as solely "Drag Queens" just as we shouldn't be lumped into a pile with "female construction workers". As a matter of argument, let's break that down - "Homosexual Drag Queen". First of all, not all transgendered girls are homosexual and, in fact, the majority are heterosexual. Second, the majority of us don't wear "drag" - we dress as a response to our feminine feelings. And third, the majority of us won't be crowned 'queen" of anything - we just want to be left alone by our detractors. (By the way, there is nothing wrong with any of the people or lifestyles which fall into any of the categories mentioned above. We all have our own lives to live and no one should be able to dictate what we do or with whom we do it). So than it seems that any of you "hoochies" who continue to help "feed the dis-illusion" of what transgenderists are - are doing the whole community a disfavor. WE ARE PEOPLE! We just dress better than most! A lady should act like a lady at all times for the simple fact that one has her self-respect and her self-esteem. We aren't all about SEX, as the general theory would go. We are about GENDER and we should be trying our best to put our best "pump" or "mule" or "thong" forward while on-line!

A Whole New World

We need to take ourselves seriously. When we absofrickinlutely accept ourselves we usually find a way to get accepted by others. It's true in all aspects of our lives. It should hold true for our gender indentity. Imagine a world where all T-Girls could be putting their creative energy and time toward a cause which doesn't deal with whether one is accepted for their appearance or not. If, as most studies show, eight to ten percent of the world's population of males crossdress, (to some degree) than that would be about fifty million G.I.R.L.S. who could work toward defeating AIDS, or CANCER, or MS, or we could even save a tropical forest or two, instead of fighting over mascara and panties. With the world at our fingertips, we should be, could be and, someday will be making a difference on another front.

Chat Room Ettiquette

While in a private chat such as POWWOW or other similar private chat options feel free to pour your heart out, complain, or be your bitchy self. There is a time and place for everything. When you visit a public chat one should keep in mind that our sisters from all over the world are "strutting" in to chat about the upside of our community. We all need to keep our chins up and to look at the glass as half full. All T-Girls want is to "have fuh-un..ohhha yea G.I.R.L.S. just wanna have fun". We all need to be there for a sis in a time of need so don't get this G.I.R.L. wrong. I'm just saying that we want to be happy for you and not worry about you. Always Always Always treat your sisters with respect and dignity. Always Always Always chase the "horndog" out of the room. "Horndog"? A horndog is a guy who horns in on a ladie's chat expecting something (Gee, I wonder what) to happen that will enable him to release his days tension. This person has no interest nor has no compassion for us girls but is here because of his "dis-illusionment". Say goodbye to all horndogs...but be a lady about it!


We are a True Family of Sisters
We Have an Image to Keep Up
Accept "Us" and We'll Be Free
Be a Happy G.I.R.L. in Chat Rooms

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